OVPN.com Review

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OVPN.com Review

Updated on 07/01/2021

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Written By: Adam Dagan

What Is OVPN?

With so many countries trying to censor content on the Internet, for some people it became impossible to reach even the most used websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Others are battling with Geo-restricted websites or strict policies for downloading and uploading content.
The solution for this? Virtual Private Networks.
When you search for a VPN that fits your needs, you need to be careful, because not all providers deliver what they promise. With such big competition nowadays, it’s hard to find a reliable VPN.
So, what about OVPN?
This Sweden-based VPN has been on the market shortly, only since 2014, but nevertheless it looks totally promising. Its smaller base of customers is completely satisfied with their service, which was the main thing that made us put our trust into this provider.

Is My Privacy Protected with OVPN.com?

If you are searching for a private connection and anonymous browsing, this is the right provider for you. It’s all very well written on their home page. You can find the detailed privacy policy at the bottom of their website, while a short description of what they deliver in terms of privacy can be found on the front page. So what do they deliver?
OVPN does not store any kind of data, the only information they have on you is the email address, which doesn’t have to be valid, username and payment method. They do not store any payment information, which means that the only information they have on you is whether you used Bitcoin, PayPal or another method of payment. OVPN even encourages you to pay with Bitcoins, as it’s a more anonymous option.
“Writing permissions for the OpenVPN processes have been removed from the servers operating our VPN service. This prevents any user information from being logged at any time”. They further state that they believe that “privacy online is a human right”, and in order to establish full privacy, their servers are operated without a hard drive, meaning the company has no way of keeping logs. If they receive a court order you won’t be endangered, because they would have no information to give to authorities.
Moreover, OVPN is probably the only provider that goes one step further in the fight for privacy and has provided insurance to cover its legal fees. So as they say on their page, “If any party demands personal user information from the company, OVPN is ready to go to court and do its best to prevent that from happening”. Needless to say, you can count on them.

How Much is OVPN.com? Is There a Free Trial?

OVPN is not the cheapest provider. Compared to the best ones in the industry, even with all of the features included in the deal, it’s still a bit expensive. Although the price for the one-month offer does not differ that much and costs $10.99, you can feel the difference with the yearly subscriptions. If you decide on the yearly plan, you get a 36% discount, meaning you will pay $7 per month or $84 for the whole year. This is still too much, especially compared with other providers where you can get the same features but for half the price. So maybe OVPN could consider lowering the prices in the future, in order to become more affordable and attractive for potential customers. Furthermore, they have another quarterly plan, which is somewhat affordable and costs $8.33 per month or $24.99 in total.
The positive thing is that for all of the subscriptions, even for the monthly plan, you get a 10-day money-back guarantee.
You can pay for their service with a credit card (Visa, Master Card or Maestro), PayPal, Bitcoin and also in cash. However, before you pay, you need to make an account first.

OVPN.com Speed Test

OVPN does not offer a large number of servers, and sometimes this can be a crucial thing when it comes to speed. Overall it has 50+ servers in 7 countries (Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Norway and Great Britain). Nevertheless, this VPN provider focuses on security and quality over quantity.
When we tested the servers we were satisfied, however, if your number 1 reason for a VPN is P2P sharing or torrenting then we do not recommend OVPN. Although it passed the speed tests, showing best results in Europe, still, OVPN does not have “the fastest connection in the world” as many VPN providers claim to have. On their website, you can also see the traffic on all of their servers running in real time. Overall, you will notice that it shows good speeds most of the time, and while it’s not perfect, we were still very satisfied.

How is Customer Service at OVPN.com?

At the bottom-right corner of their website you will notice a chat interface, however, it does not work all the time. You can leave a message or a question by writing your email address as well as your name, and then all you can do is wait for a reply. Honestly, we were expecting them to have 24/7 customer support.
Other than this, when you click on the “contact” button, you will be given the option to write OVPN an email, or visit the FAQ which is very detailed and helpful. Furthermore, they also have guides which you can download for each and every compatible device. You can use this to easily set up your account without having to waste time waiting for their technical support.
On their contact page, you can also find the address of this company, which makes them more trustworthy and transparent.


Besides one of the best privacy policy we have come across, OVPN offers great security as well, supporting OpenVPN protocols. As mentioned before, they have a smaller number of servers, located mostly in Western Europe, in the United States and Canada, or 56 servers in 7 countries in total. Some companies have thousands of servers, so this is not something that OVPN can be particularly proud of. Apart from the servers, this VPN has over 2000 anonymous IP addresses.
OVPN has no limitations on server switching, speed, or traffic usage. Also, P2P and file sharing is allowed, meaning that it also supports BitTorrent and other similar apps. It’s also easy to install and use.
Furthermore, this provider has browser extensions that will strengthen your privacy and security even more. The add-ons are available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Vivaldi. OVPN is working on providing an add-on for Opera as well. With this, your IP address will be protected from possible leaks, but at the same time, you will enjoy the benefits of a WebRTC. You will also get rid of cookies and ads. A kill switch is also included.
On a side note, OVPN has features outside their price plans, such as buying a static IPv4 address for $3 per month, or the multihop add-on for $5 per month. With this feature, you will be able to anonymize your traffic through datacenters located in different cities.
Their web-page is simple and informative. It provides all of the information that you might need when searching for a suitable VPN provider. Overall, with these features, they almost compensate for the slightly higher prices, and it’s safe to say that we were satisfied.

Is OVPN.com Safe?

OVPN cares for the safety of its customers and they provide you only with the best protocols and encryption. They use a single protocol, OpenVPN, and you are bound to it. Many other VPNs have the PPTP protocol, but according to OVPN this is already an outdated solution and it provides very little security. The company uses AES-256-GCM behind a 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key in order to encrypt the data traffic. For even more advanced security, you can always consider paying the additional 5 dollars per month for the multihop, with which your connection will be encrypted twice.
OVPN operates without hard drives, so in case of a physical attack, your information won’t be endangered.
Finally, with this VPN you are safe from all kinds of possible leaks.

Bottom Line

OVPN is a decent VPN provider. Although a bit expensive, this VPN has nearly everything you need when it comes to securing your online identity. For those of you out there that want a VPN provider with impeccable security and privacy options, OVPN is the right choice for you. And for others, we still recommend it, just keep in mind that they still have to work on some things such as the number of servers and the speed. However, the bottom line is – OVPN won’t let you down.