OverPlay VPN Review

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OverPlay VPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Overplay VPN: Can it give you the freedom you expect?

Virtual private networks offer multiple features that benefit many users, but it is very important to find a service provider that delivers a complete package. Individuals and business users should be aware of all the features offered by a VPN, which is why we are reviewing them in detail for all of you.

The Smart DNS service offered by Overplay VPN service is the main highlight of this company. A full scale package is offered by this service provider, which makes it one of the versatile and innovative VPN services in the market.

Is My Privacy Protected with OverPlay VPN?

The official statement as mentioned on the website of Overplay VPN states, “Overplay, Inc. does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service.” We cannot give assurance on this, but considering the transparency of the company, we can certainly believe this statement from the company to be true. Connection and usage logs are not collected and stored in any way. It is also not sold to any third parties, which is another good thing for ensuring privacy of all the subscribers using the network.
The service provider of Overplay VPN is based in the UK, meaning that the company is required to follow all the internet terms and conditions that are in place in the country. The company must abide by UK laws and jurisdiction, which are not as strict or secure like the laws in the US. According to these laws, if the legal authorities ask for a user data, then the company will be forced to give away all the information they have. Considering the fact that it does not maintain any logs, we can be sure that none of those data will be provided to the concerned authorities.
Overplay Inc. is one of those companies that take your security and privacy very seriously, which is why it is so popular among individuals and business users alike. Some users may have doubts on the plain and straightforward statement mentioned by the company, but you have to trust them and we mean it. The company is also strict about the usage policy of its subscribers, and if they find you performing certain illegal P2P sharing or doing anti-social activities through their network, they would immediately terminate the connection. A kill switch feature is not available; but on the whole, privacy protection offered by them is very good.

How Much is OverPlay VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Overplay VPN offers two different pricing plans, one is Smart DNS subscription and the other is Smart DNS + VPN membership. Let us look at each of them:

  • Smart DNS – It is priced at $4.95/month, and $49.95 for a year’s subscription, which is a 15% discount on the usual price. Uncensored internet connectivity with privacy and no limitations can be enjoyed by the subscriber. Parental control features are offered to the user.
  • Smart DNS + VPN – Under this plan, the subscriber would get all the features offered in the above plan, in addition to encryption for added security and privacy. This will cost you $9.95/month, and $99.95/year, which comes at a 16% off. Multiple device connectivity, easy setup, no ISP throttling and high-speed network connection are some of the highlights of this plan.

If you are looking to unblock video and audio contents streamed in various countries, then you can go for the first subscription plan. Those looking to enjoy an encrypted internet access can go for the second type of membership. Both these plans are pricey, which is a major drawback. A free trial is not available, but a 5-day money back guarantee will let you test the service.

OverPlay VPN Speed Test

Speed test results were done on some of the popular Overplay VPN servers and all the results were not very exciting, but users could access websites and stream videos without much trouble. US servers of Overplay VPN seem to be good in terms of their upload speeds, but download speeds were cut in half when compared to the normal internet connection. IP leak tests turned out to be highly positive and commendable because no leaks were detected, which means the network is encrypted really well.
In terms of security, this is a feather in the cap for Overplay VPN because no DNS, IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks were detected. All the major video streaming websites can be unblocked easily using Overplay VPN servers without any restrictions on speed and connectivity. California-based servers operated at a download speed of 11Mbps and upload speed of 1.1Mbps, London servers had 10.4Mbps download speed and 0.33Mbps upload speed, Australia servers had 4.29 Mbps download and 0.22Mbps upload speed. These numbers are not amazing but decent.

How is Customer Service at OverPlay VPN?

Overplay VPN offers three different forms of customer support, which are a FAQ section, Email support and live chat support. You will not be able to find the live chat support on the website, so in order to reach it, you need to fill out “Submit a request” form with your details and questions you might have. After entering all that, you’d be redirected to the 24X7 live chat support section, which will give you answers to the issues you might have. The support staff handling the live chat section is highly skilled and experienced with resolving issues, even more complex ones.
The FAQ section has lots of sub-sections, which will help you find the right answer related to the issue you might be facing. The knowledge base is very extensive and should be more than enough for an everyday user. Any technical issues you may have can be sent to the email support team via the FAQ section, and you can expect an answer within a day or two.


The Overplay VPN service provider has a lot to offer to its subscribers, and although the pricing is hefty, you can get the following lineup of features:

  • Unrestricted internet connection.
  • No ISP throttling.
  • Windows and Mac OS X custom software.
  • Excellent VoIP support platform.
  • 3 simultaneous connections.
  • Unlimited bandwidth range.
  • No usage restrictions.
  • 650+ server access.
  • Shared IPs.
  • Multiple protocol options.
  • 5-day money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited server switching.

The servers operated by the company are located in more than 50+ countries, which is a wide access range for the subscriber, relative to the competition. Subscribers can easily sign up for any of the two subscription plans and install the app on their devices easily. VPN client software for Windows and Mac is excellent and the user interface is intuitive and reliable. All major VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards are accepted. PayPal is also accepted, but cryptocurrencies are not accepted yet.

With more than 10,000+ shared IPs on offer across the world, subscribers have the option of selecting one particular server from the extensive array of servers operated by the company. No restrictions are placed on the server access and switching, which is a good thing. Apart from the official VPN client software for Windows and Mac, subscribers can also setup VPN on their routers, gaming consoles, Linux and other OS platforms. Smart DNS is also easy to setup on all major devices and you can also change the settings in the DNS server software. Features list of Overplay VPN is pretty good, but when considering the price at which these are offered, we wouldn’t say that it is the best in business.

Is OverPlay VPN Safe?

Overplay VPN service is known for its exceptional security and high-speed internet connection. OpenVPN protocol-based internet connection is offered as standard for all the users connecting with the servers owned and operated by the company. The users also have the option of choosing between PPTP and L2TP protocol network connections. Both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption-based networks are offered and you can select from one of these two. 256-bit encryption is the most secure, but it reduces the network speed.
Overplay uses PPTP 128-bit AES encryption, 256-bit AES encrypted L2TP and 128/256-bit AES encrypted OpenVPN connection. Along with high security features, the backing of SSL security encryption along with Blowfish 128-bit makes it one of the most secure internet connections. If you are looking to get maximum security without worrying about its side effects, then you should be using OpenVPN protocol 256-bit AES encryption as your preferred protocol connection.

Bottom Line

Overplay VPN service does have a lot of good things, which makes it one of the best and you can find this service surely at the top 10 in terms of the security and features it offers. In terms of pricing, it is a major setback because, when comparing its competitors, the prices are bit on the higher side and not many offers or discounts are provided, not even in the case of long term subscriptions. If you use Smart DNS along with the encrypted network, it should be the perfect combo you ever need. Overplay VPN is definitely not for new subscribers, and it turns out to be an above-average service provider.