Okay Freedom Review

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Okay Freedom Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

OkayFreedom VPN Review

OkayFreedom from the German company Steganos is an easy-to-use VPN service that  hides your online activity from eavesdroppers, secures data being transmitted, and allows you to spoof your IP address to view content that is restricted to a certain geographic location. The VPN technology ensures that all traffic is encrypted and not visible to third-parties even when the user is on an open network, such as the wireless network at a coffee shop, hotel, or conference center.

Is My Privacy Protected with Okay Freedom?

Privacy Policy
OkayFreedom is a virtual private network service (hereafter: “Service” or “VPN Service”), which can route Internet traffic via a computer (a so-called VPN server) to various regions. This enables a user to hide his IP address from tele media services and encrypt data traffic. This service is made possible by software (hereafter: “Software” or “Product”), which the user installs on their computer. The Service is offered by Steganos Software GmbH, Storkower Str. 158, 10407 Berlin, Germany (hereafter: „Steganos“). The following Privacy Policy applies to the use of OkayFreedom and is part of the Terms and Conditions.

No data storage when using a VPN server
The OkayFreedom service saves neither addresses nor content accessed by the user, the IP address that OkayFreedom assigned to them, or the user’s own IP address through which they are using OkayFreedom. As a result, it is not possible for Steganos to ascertain the content that an OkayFreedom user has accessed. Neither the IP address of the user nor that of the accessed servers are saved.

Pseudonymous user-ID instead of e-mail address
Personal data (e.g., email address) isn’t required for the use of OkayFreedom’s free version. For billing and load balancing purposes, OkayFreedom determines which data volume (only the amount of data transmitted, not addresses or content) belongs to which pseudonymous user-ID. The pseudonymous ID is derived from the hash value of the computer’s MAC address on which OkayFreedom is being used and is not traceable to a particular computer or user.

De-coupling the payment process from the pseudonymous user-ID

Collection and usage of data by Steganos
(1) Within the framework of OkayFreedom’s free-of-charge offering, Steganos will only use the user’s voluntarily given e-mail address for the provision of offers / services described here (see Terms and Conditions). In particular, Steganos utilizes the user’s e-mail address to send updates, newsletters and/or current information. The user can unsubscribe from the newsletter.

(2) Steganos wishes to offer the best service possible to its customers. Under certain circumstances, therefore, the software asks customers whether it may transmit their e-mail address to Steganos to inform them about product innovations and special offers. The transmission is voluntary and happens only with express consent of the customer. To save the customer the effort of entering their e-mail address, the Steganos software under certain circumstances tries to gather the address. Should the customer agree to transmitting their e-mail address but later decide against receiving further information by Steganos via e-mail, they can unsubscribe with no justification required.

(3) Steganos automatically records certain information of users of the www.okayfreedom website that cannot be attributed to them, including IP address and browser type. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE USE OF THE OKAYFREEDOM VPN SERVER; WHICH STORES NO DATA OF THIS TYPE.

Dissemination of information to third parties
Steganos does not pass along users’ personal data to third parties unless the user previously has provided their express consent or unless there is a legal obligation to do so. An exception is made for certain technical service providers who have been carefully selected by and are under instruction from Steganos to carry out certain tasks. Such tasks include (for example) the distribution of newsletters (processing of project data), the collection and processing of anonymous data for usage patterns or integration of partner programs, as well as the collection of information about software errors that have occurred for the improvement of the OkayFreedom website. NEITHER STEGANOS NOR THE COMMISSIONED DATA PROCESSOR SHALL GAIN ACCESS TO WEB ADDRESSES OR CONTENT VISITED BY AN IDENTIFIABLE USER IF AN OKAYFREEDOM VPN SERVER ROUTED THEM THERE.”

How Much is Okay Freedom? Is There a Free Trial?

Pricing is a little complicated. OkayFreedom is free for users up to 500MB per month. To get more, users can pay for premium access, which is $5.95 per month for 5GB, or invite up to five more people to use the service and receive an additional 100MB per user. Premium users can also invite up to five more people, to get 500MB per user to reach the bandwidth cap of 10GB per month. It might just be easier to pay for the premium flat service for $11.95 per month and not worry about bandwidth restrictions.

That’s actually a pretty good deal compared to some of the other services on the market. Unlike HotSpot Shield, OkayFreedom does not display any ads on its free version. It offers more bandwidth than proXPN, making it a more appealing product, pricewise. Bulk pricing also kicks in for annual subscriptions, as opposed to going month-to-month.

Okay Freedom Speed Test

I conducted speed tests of the OkayFreedom VPN service through the Windows app. I used IPLocation.net to detect the physical location of the servers accessed for the test. The USA server was found to be in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and the Canada server located in Montreal. I tested both servers on a connection to Miami and compared them to speeds on the same connection without a VPN active on the line.
For a transatlantic speed test, I compared the speeds on a connection to a test server in London with and without the OkayFreedom United Kingdom VPN server managing the connection. IPLocation reported that the UK server was located in Gloucester.
In each test case, five test runs were performed with testmy.net from the Dominican Republic.
The performance of the VPN wasn’t so great. The USA VPN server dragged down the average speed of a connection by 26%. The UK server lowered the average speeds on the transatlantic connection by 19%.
The test websits ipleak.net and doileak.com gave information on the detected IP address of my connection and the DNS servers that the system accessed. IPLeak saw my location as being in the United Kingdom. The site examined the DNS servers used by my computer. The website detected access to 57 DNS servers, all in Belgium. DoILeak only found two DNS servers, both in the Netherlands. However, neither IPLeak nor DoILeak detected my real location, which was in the Dominican Republic. So, OkayFreedom successfully hid my true location.

How is Customer Service at Okay Freedom?

You can get the information needed about the service by visiting the FAQ/support section on the website or contacting the company through e-mail. There is no knowledge base or live chat options provided by the company website. The guidelines for usage are provided within the program and the software can be unlocked using the licensed key.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 12
• Number of servers – 40
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – No
• Devices per license – 1
• Free plan options available
• 30-day money back guarantee for paid plans
• Works in all browsers
• Works with torrents

Is Okay Freedom Safe?

The company uses OpenVPN client, which is the most secure protocol available at present.  Your connection will be encrypted using 128-bit BlowFish encryption, which makes it highly secure for the users. OkayFreedom does not keep the details of the websites the users are visiting through the service. It is not possible for third parties to understand who the users are that are using the specific IP addresses. There is absolutely no need to worry about privacy when you download OkayFreedom VPN for Windows. The data protection is done in accordance with the German policy.

Bottom Line

OkayFreedom is very easy to use, so it will suit people who don’t want to fuss about networking technology and just want a VPN that does the job. The company contradicts itself on the subject of torrenting. The main page of the website says that file sharing is allowed, but the Terms of Service says that it isn’t. It would be better to err on the side of caution and choose a different VPN if you particularly want protection for downloading.