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NVPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

NVPN Review

NVPN is a VPN service whose strong point is keeping you private and secure. The VPN service provider is tagged ‘trustworthy’ by most users who have tried the service seeking to be protected from the many prying eyes of the digital world. Let’s see how it performed during the preparation for our NVPN review.

What is NVPN?

NVPN is a service the has no base in any specific country since you will not find anywhere a registered company. Its four administrators are spread all over Europe, and they strive every day to offer a complete online security solution. I will give you more details on that later on in the privacy section. NVPN has some high and low points, and in this review, we will go into detail to help you get a better understanding of the VPN.

Is My Privacy Protected with NVPN?

NVPN clearly states that it does not log any kind of data as its servers are optimized in a way to store no log of users. Therefore we are pleased to mention this fact in our NVPN review that the service is absolutely perfect for security and privacy oriented users to stream, download or surf the Internet without fear of being logged.

Privacy Policy
NVPN has and always will stand behind a strict no-logging policy. Further details below, are going to outline what this in reality means and how it gets accomplished:

Things we do not keep to operate the service:

[-] No logging of connected IPs
[-] No logging of IPs placing an order or accessing the members area
[-] No logging of session duration times, neither the quantity of connected devices
[-] No logging of visited websites, or any other activities on that matter
[-] No logging of consumed traffic amounts

Things we do keep to operate the service:

[+] Email (additional note: a working email is not always required, payment solutions like Paysafecard, Amazon, PerfectMoney and any of the Crypto coins (ETH, BTC, BCH, ..) don’t require a working email – account will be presented right after the order, regardless of the email)
[+] Payment transaction ID

All utilized protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec IKEv1 | IKEv2, Squid & Socks5 Proxy, sTunnel) are setup in a way to prevent privacy weakening / critical output (/dev/null). The minimal customer data needed (see above) is stored in a secure, outsourced cluster solution, which is entirely separated from the website and all other kinds of VPN related services.”

How Much is NVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Contrary to what the industry norm is, NVPN’s pricing is based on which type of IP you would like to connect to. In the VPN industry, you usually get to select between different plans where all the features are offered in every package with the only difference being the duration of your subscription.
But at NVPN, there are four packages i.e. monthly shared IP, annual shared IP, monthly dedicated IP and annual dedicated IP.
The monthly shared IP package is being offered at $6/month while the same package for a year’s worth of subscription will cost you $40 billed once.
If you want access to a dedicated IP for a month, you will need to dish out $8/month, while you want the same service for a year, you will be charged with $60.

The pricing plans include unlimited bandwidth, port forwarding, L2TP/IPSec protocol support, Sock5 Proxy and Squid Proxy multiple protocol support, Double VPN, torrenting support among other features.
Prices are reasonable, but we believe that the annual prices need to come down a bit considering the raw service they are providing. No doubt the VPN is good, but there will be few takers for it unless more features are added.
Another thing which caught our eye was that in any of these current packages, you get access to only one server. If you want full access to servers in 69 countries (totaling 5522 IPs), you would need to pay $10/month.
However, the provider does allow the user with maximum ease of payment by providing multiple payment options which includes PayPal, PefectMoney, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, PaymentWall i.e. Credit Cards, Yandex, Qiwi and more.
At the moment there is no free trial available with NVPN, however they do offer a 3-day refund in case you don’t like the service and want to bail out.
Refund Policy
We do have a 3 day money back guarantee here at NVPN. However, due to abuse, we ONLY refund if the service has been down, or the client is actually technically unable to connect to our service (excluding network maintenance and hardware upgrades). Refunds are solely handled on goodwill and our discretion.

Reasoning a refund with:

[-] I made a fault and ordered “accidently”
[-] My PayPal account has been used to place the Order without consent
[-] I have found another VPN provider in the meantime
[-] I don’t need it anymore
[-] I can’t access a particular website
[-] I’m getting “bad” speed (contact support – ask for a server switch)
[-] I didn’t know/read about the 2 days delay time with PayPal
[-] Paysafecards, Amazon Gift codes are excluded from a Refund possibility

There are NO valid refund reasons! Please do not order, unless you read and accepted the Refund Policy.”

We would really like to see some form of a free trial added with the service to make it more appealing to potential users and it will definitely help in funneling customers towards actually buying the plans.

NVPN Speed Test

The speed will depend on the protocol selected, but in general, nVPN offers fast and steady performance without disconnections. The proxies are significantly faster (since traffic they don’t encrypt the traffic by default) and are the ideal solution for gaming, or streaming, which require good speeds. Plus, if you use the sTunnel feature that nVPN offers, the proxies are secured with SSL encryption. This gives you the best of both worlds as you can enjoy speed and security. NVPN uses shared IPs (unless you opt for a dedicated IP plan) and the Anti-Port-Clash function, helps to avoid that two customers clash using the same port simultaneously.

How is Customer Service at NVPN?

The service has an impressive customer support function to the users. The provider has a detailed FAQ section that provides relevant information about different issues accordingly.
Users can also opt for the ‘Contact Us’ page where they can submit their queries through tickets. Likewise, you can select the knowledgebase section if you want to get the answers for your questions straightaway. However, we expect that the service will add a live chat feature in its armory to make itself more competitive in future.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 41
• Number of servers – 60
• Number of IP Addresses – 5558
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – Yes
• Devices per license – 1
• Allows Port Forwarding
• Encrypted Proxy Servers
• Unlimited Bandwidth and No Data Transfer Limits

Is NVPN Safe?

In terms of safety, nVPN scores very highly. Since its inception, it has been a VPN offering a strong level of security and privacy protection. In the development, the team factored all factors that can help prevent hacking, eavesdropping, government surveillance and other security and privacy concerns for intern users.
nVPN uses several protocols. They include:
• OpenVPN
• L2TP/IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2)Squid
• SOCKS5 Proxy
Significantly missing is the PPTP protocol. However, the protocol is weak and therefore being left out doesn’t take anything out of nVPN.
The Squid Proxy is a practical solution and its enabled by default. The protocol can be used by itself, or alongside OpenVPN.
To encrypt your traffic, nVPN uses the 256-bit AES-CBC in OpenVPN. SHA512 is also used to handle authentication and 2048-RSA for handshaking. If you wish, you can also opt for the 128 bit Blowfish-CBC with SHA 1. This protocol offers less protection but it’s quite useful in situations where you require more speed than security, for example, when gaming.
nVPN also protects you against Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This is done through an additional layer of security that offers stealth to overcome DPI in strict-censorship countries like China and Iran. This security is set up using OpenVPN over SSL, and all customers can use it to overcome censorships.
nVPN also has servers that are configured to support SSL encryption together with “sTunnel.” Further, the VPN allows you to set up your connection to use the TCP protocol with port 443. This helps evade restrictions put in place by workplaces, universities and schools.
You can also use the member area to open ports. Such ports get forwarded from your computer, and so you won’t need to set up your router to do this. There’s an Anti Port Clash technology that protects you from clashing ports with other users.
Honestly, nVPN offers so much in security than almost all big VPN names. If you are a technical guy focused on security and privacy, then this might just be the VPN for you!

Bottom Line

After having a closer look at the VPN for this nVPN Review, I was left with mixed reactions. The VPN is very convenient for security-oriented users.
However, the fact that you can’t switch servers as you wish makes it less attractive for those of us who like to travel wherever we want to use our computers.
Nevertheless, nVPN is a great VPN option if you just want to stay secure and anonymous while on the Internet. If so, make sure you choose the server nearest to you for the best speeds.