Norton Wifi Privacy Review

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Norton Wifi Privacy Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN Review

Norton WiFi Privacy provides optimum security together with the Norton Security program. This is optional—but affords users all-around security and protection against viruses and other malicious entities. Plus, users can look forward to enjoying highly-encrypted connections, anonymous browsing, and faster access to their favorite content.

What is Norton Wifi Privacy?

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy is a VPN that specifically protects users whenever they access Wi-Fi hotspots. The application secures users’ passwords, financial information, and personal accounts and passwords whenever they connect to a public Wi-Fi or an unsecured network.
With Norton WiFi Privacy, users enjoy protected online activities on their Windows and Mac machines as well as on their Android and iOS mobile devices.

Is My Privacy Protected with Norton Wifi Privacy?

Norton presents itself as zero-logs and although it doesn’t track your activity whilst you’re using the VPN, it does collect more data than we would like. You can find the list of information collected in the detailed Privacy Policy, which includes details of your device and browser along with your location and details of your WiFi and other network connections. Apparently, this data is used for troubleshooting and improvement purposes, but if this feels too much for you there are other less intrusive services available.
On the plus side, Norton doesn’t log your IP address when you connect and only stores your bandwidth data for 24 hours in raw form before rolling it into a summary daily number. However, it does retain this indefinitely for “historical and modeling purposes”, which seems a little unnecessary.

Privacy Policy
What This Statement Covers
This Statement describes the following general aspects of our collection and processing of Personal Data concerning you. Please refer to our complementary product and service privacy notices for additional detail specific to those products and services.
• What Personal Data we collect;
• How Personal Data is used and for what purposes;
• When and why Personal Data is transferred to third parties;
• How we maintain the accuracy, integrity and security of your Personal Data;
• How your Personal data is retained and destroyed;
• What individual rights available to you as it pertains to your Personal Data;
• Where applicable, how we may process the Personal Data of children under 13 years of age; and
• Who you can contact if you have any questions regarding the use of your Personal Data.

Personal Data We Collect
When you visit and use our websites, products and services, we may collect data or ask you to provide certain data, including Personal Data, about you as you use our websites, products and services and interact with us, for the purpose of helping us manage our relationship with you. “Personal Data” is any data relating to an identified or identifiable individual, and may include name, address, email address, phone number, login (account number, password), marketing preferences, social media account, or payment card number. If we link other data with your Personal Data, we will treat that linked data as Personal Data. We also collect Personal Data from trusted third-party sources and engage third-parties to collect Personal Data to assist us. This data may include:
• Contact details, such as name, mailing address, email address and phone number;
• Shipping and billing data, including credit card and payment data;
• Your transaction history;
• Data you provide to us to receive technical assistance or during customer service interactions;
• Data about other people that you may provide with any program or services including Refer-a-Friend;
• Data about your computer or device, including browser type and settings, IP address and traffic data relating to your Internet connection; and
• Symantec and Norton product performance data and details about how you use our products and services.
When you choose to provide us with Personal Data about third-parties, we will only use this data for the specific reason for which you elect to provide it. It is your responsibility to ensure that when you disclose to Symantec Personal Data of individuals other than yourself – such as your contacts, your users or other third-parties – you abide by applicable privacy and data security laws, including informing users and third-parties that you are providing their Personal Data to Symantec, informing them of how it will be transferred, used, or processed, securing appropriate legal permissions and safeguards required for such disclosures, transfers and processing. If you choose to provide Symantec with a third-party’s Personal Data (such as name, email, and phone number), you represent that you have the third-party’s permission to do so. Examples include forwarding references or sending job referrals.
If applicable, for more information about what Personal Data we process on a product basis, please refer to the relevant product and service privacy notices accessible below.

How We Process Your Personal Data
We use your Personal Data for the purposes outlined below as well as in the relevant Product Notices on the following grounds:
On the basis of fulfilling our contract with you or entering into a contract with you on your request, in order to:
• Create and manage your Norton Account, when you purchase from our online store and when needed to access communications and services;
• Create your Symantec Account (single sign-on for MySymantec, MySupport, PartnerNet, Symantec Licensing Portal, Customer Care and Symantec Connect), when needed to access communications and services;
• Verify your identity and entitlement to products or services, when you contact us or access our services;
• Process your purchase transactions;
• Update you on the status of your orders;
• Allow you to register products or services your purchase;
• Manage your subscriptions; and
• Provide you with technical and customer support.

How Much is Norton Wifi Privacy? Is There a Free Trial?

Norton offers a few different pricing plans to make choosing your ideal option as simple as possible. Each plan gives you access to the same features but differs in the number of devices that you can use the software with – you can choose between 1, 5 and 10, and these can be paid for monthly or annually.

The annual plans offer the best value, at $3.33 per month for 10 devices, saving you a hefty 50%. If you’d rather pay monthly, it’ll cost you $4.99 for 1 device, $7.99 for 5 or $9.99 for 10. You can also save money if you buy Norton WiFi Privacy and Norton Security together, but this is only an option if you opt for a 12-month subscription.
Norton offers a generous money-back guarantee in place of a free trial. If you are “not completely satisfied with it [the service] for any reason”, you are eligible for a full refund within 60 days (annual plans) or 30 days (monthly plans). We love that this is a genuine “no questions asked” guarantee with no hidden catches or restrictions, making signing up to Norton relatively risk-free in comparison to other providers. Norton unfortunately doesn’t offer as large a range of payment methods as most other VPN providers. You can pay using most major credit and debit cards or PayPal, but it isn’t currently possible to use cryptocurrencies or any international methods. Norton will need to begin accepting alternative means of payment if it wishes to further expand its global client base.

Norton Wifi Privacy Speed Test

If anything is common knowledge about VPNs, it’s that they can slow down your Internet connection. For the most part, this is an unavoidable fact of life. But there are a few notable exceptions, the most dramatic of which is PureVPN. This is the fastest VPN service I’ve tested, giving a significant boost to download speeds in my testing. Of course, networks are finicky things, so your mileage may vary.
In the domestic test, Norton delivered subpar results. It increased latency by 84 percent, the fourth-worst result I’ve seen. Norton took a slightly above-average score, reducing speeds by 6.3 percent.

How is Customer Service at Norton Wifi Privacy?

For such a reputable company, Norton has a lot of work to do when it comes to customer support in comparison to its rival providers. Live chat is available intermittently but wait times can be as long as 40 minutes if you want to talk to anyone that isn’t a salesperson. We were occasionally dumped out of chats because we didn’t respond quickly enough and the whole experience was just frustrating.
Norton were very keen to offer us support over the phone, but we’re not fans of that for technical issues because you can’t go back and re-read the advice they give you, plus it can be hard to make yourself understood. We also found it strange that there’s no option to email the support team. On-site resources are incredibly limited and surface-level, with FAQs only covering the most basic of issues. The good news is that the app is so simple and reliable that you’re unlikely to need much help.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 25
• Number of servers – 30
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – No
• Devices per license – 1
• Encrypts data sent and received over public Wi-Fi networks
• Offers security in browser and other mobile apps
• Blocks ad-tracking cookies
• Masks online activities and location
• Allows you to switch virtual locations to access Geo-restricted content
• One-year, one-device subscription

Is Norton Wifi Privacy Safe?

Norton is secure enough for casual users but not suitable for those seeking total online anonymity. All of the apps operate exclusively on OpenVPN, the most secure protocol, apart from iOS which uses IPSec. Despite claiming that it uses “bank grade encryption”, Norton actually only uses 128-Blowfish – our highest rated VPNs offer 256-bit AES encryption which is used by the federal government and considered unhackable.
The one major downside of Norton is the lack of any advanced privacy features. It’s very unusual for a provider not to include a VPN kill switch in the software, because this means that if the VPN connection were to drop without you noticing, your true IP address could be exposed. Norton doesn’t operate its own DNS servers and instead routes your web traffic through servers owned by a third party, which is far less secure.
You’re also not protected from DNS or IPv6 leaks, which we would usually expect to see from a provider of this size and reputation. If all you want to do is hide your IP address and stop your ISP from selling your browsing history, then Norton does a decent job without hurting your wallet.

Bottom Line

The software is incredibly beginner-friendly but almost to the point of being too dumbed-down, with no configurable settings on any of the apps. Customer support lags behind that offered by top-tier providers, and we really didn’t like the fact that agents sometimes took over 30 minutes to respond. The apps can be made to work at a push in China but there are much more reliable options out there.