Nord VPN Review: is it really that good?

In this article, we’re taking a detailed look at one of the most respected and established VPN services, NordVPN.

We’ll walk you through the benefits and disadvantages, the pricing packages available, the top features, and so much more.

Available on:
“Very Good”
Servers in
59 Countries
30 Days
$3.71 Per
Plans & pricing

Nord VPN Review: is it really that good?


Very Good
Servers in
59 Countries
30 Days
$3.71 Per
Plans & pricing
Available on:
Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Internet security and privacy are some of the top concerns in the world of online technology. With so many cyberattacks and government restrictions, it’s challenging to enjoy the best streams, torrents, and online gaming servers worldwide.

To combat these issues, many people are turning towards virtual private networks (VPNs). However, the internet is saturated with several options, and it’s hard to tell which one would suit you best.

NordVPN delivers top-notch security to protect your information while granting you access across several platforms. You’ll enjoy fast server speeds with numerous servers across international countries. Furthermore, it doesn’t log your browsing activity, so no one will be able to spy on you.

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Pros & Cons

  • Top of the line privacy and security
  • Connect up to six different devices on various platforms
  • Fast and consistent internet speeds
  • Cryptocurrency and cash are accepted as payments
  • Strict no-logs policy means your personal data is safe
  • Kill switch ensures privacy
  • Over 5,000 servers across 59 countries
    • Works with:
  • Torrenting is only supported on some servers
  • Apps can be slow because of server connections
  • Configuration for OpenVPN is not user-friendly



NordVPN has different packages varying in length and price. It’s excellent value for the quality of service you receive. You can have a one-month plan, and it’ll cost you $11.95, with no discount offered.

A one-year plan has a total cost of $59.00, which is $4.95 per month. This gives you 58% in savings when compared to the one-month option. With a two-year cover, you’ll pay a total of $89.00, which comes to $3.71, which is a 68% discount on the shortest option. The two-year package also includes three free months.

The longer you choose to sign up for, the less you’ll pay in the long run. NordVPN boasts a risk-free 30 days when you sign up. If you’re not satisfied with the features available within that time frame, you’ll get a full refund. If you commit to a more extended period than that, you can’t get your money back if you change your mind after that initial 30 days are over.


“Very Good”

NordVPN has over 5,400 servers worldwide, and all maintain consistent and fast speeds, which is essential for user experience. NordVPN is powered by Nordlynx, which serves to optimize internet speeds at all times. This VPN provider doesn’t limit your speed, but sometimes VPNs can impact performance to a certain degree. 

Sufficient internet speed will make sure there are no limitations when you’re using NordVPN. Without a VPN, an ISP may be able to manipulate certain connections to censor or block content. Speed impacts everything you do on the internet, and the NordVPN package makes running at an optimal level with your privacy protected straightforward. Proper internet speed lets you browse and stream all the content you want at the highest quality available.

“With NordVPN, you’ll not have to worry about bandwidth limits slowing you down. It gives you a seamless experience, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or downloading.”

outstanding security and consistent speed and reliability


NordVPN is successful primarily because of its servers. With over 5,400 servers in 59 different countries, you’ll get the fastest speeds available to you with unlimited bandwidth. Having numerous servers in various countries ensures you always have a trusted connection.

With NordVPN, there are no concerns around data caps limiting what you do on the internet, and having many servers ensures a stable and consistent connection consistently.

Additionally, this allows NordVPN to facilitate services in countries where the internet may be limited or manipulated, giving a route to those who would otherwise be incapable of accessing certain online content.

Data Caps Unlimited
Number of servers Over 5,000
Top download speed reached 98Mbps
Server locations Over 80 in 59 countries
Simultaneous Connections Up to six

NordVPN will also allow you to have up to six devices connected simultaneously through the same account. This means that you’ll be able to connect using as many devices as your router can handle.

User Experience

NordVPN provides one of the most accessible and easy to use platforms on both desktop and laptop. One of the most appealing features is the Quick Connect button. It makes NordVPN straightforward to use for anyone unfamiliar with how VPNs work. The Quick Connect permits you to change servers by simply clicking on a map.

If you’re unsure about what location to select, NordVPN keeps its specialized servers at the top of the list, ensuring you can get connected as quickly as possible.

NordVPN also has apps designed to enhance the user’s experience no matter what platform they’re on. It does a solid job making sure anyone can use its VPN and get the services they’re expecting. NordVPN also provides plugins for both Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

The NordVPN mobile apps will share many of the design features seen on the desktop or laptop. This makes sure users can transition to mobile without running into any unnecessary obstacles.

NordVPN works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. NordVPN makes sure that compatibility won’t be an issue regardless of the device you’re using. Having that seamless transition, along with an easy-to-use interface, puts users in the best position to enjoy NordVPN’s services.

However, on the mobile app, you may see some differences between Android and iOS. While on Android, you’ll only be able to use OpenVPN. iOS users also have the option to use IKEv2. Apple has a more strict security policy than Android, limiting it to Onion Over VPN and P2P for specialty servers. With Android, you can have access to Double VPN, dedicated IP servers, obfuscated, and P2P.

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  • English (US)
  • English (UK)
  • Japanese
  • English (AU)



Having a no-log policy is one of the most essential features of a VPN. It means you can remain anonymous, and your data won’t be tracked while you’re on the internet. NordVPN was developed in a privacy-friendly country, making sure it has an honest and straightforward no-logs policy.

You can rest assured that all your sensitive information will be safe, and it’ll be impossible to identify you while using the internet. This allows you to overcome many obstacles that could arise from an ISP that uses and tracks your data.

While split tunneling for your desktop is something NordVPN doesn’t have, the browser extension can function similarly

Your browser traffic is encrypted through the add-ons provided. As is the case with split tunneling, any apps used outside of the browser extension will continue to route through your local IP address. The browser extension will automatically route all your apps through the VPN, which you can adjust by changing the default settings and adding your trusted apps to the list.

Encryption is one way that NordVPN gives you additional security that’s not found with most VPNs. NordVPN runs all your traffic through two servers rather than one. This makes it impossible to track anything you’re doing online or log any of your data. Additionally, with NordLocker, all your files will be encrypted before you share or upload them to the cloud. Remember, you can only share files with people who have NordLocker installed.

Browser extensions are another beneficial feature covered by NordVPN. The browser extension is what allows NordVPN to have the function of split tunneling. Having browser extensions available for both desktop and mobile devices can help you have a user-friendly experience regardless of the device, without having to make unnecessary adjustments.

A kill switch may not be the first thing you think of with a VPN, but it’s one of the most powerful security features at your disposal. The purpose of the kill switch is to ensure that all traffic can remain protected if your connection becomes compromised. It will prevent any DNS requests or your IP address from being leaked, and it’s a feature for both mobile and desktop. Keep in mind that the kill switch is automatically set up for mobile devices, but you’ll need to turn it on for desktop.

NordVPN currently uses hard drive storage rather than RAM. This means that all data from servers is stored on a physical hard drive, so it can only be erased manually. It may be a bit concerning to some users that physical storage needs to be cleared. That being said, NordVPN is planning to incorporate a RAM system to ensure users don’t have concerns about their anonymity.



ExpressVPN has world-class customer support, with your first port of call being the website. On offer here are dozens of guides, FAQs, and articles that cover some of the most common problems and issues you might encounter with the service. 

Many will find the answers they need in these articles but, If your problem is a little more complex, you can opt to contact customer support via live chat or email. The service is available 24/7, has fast response rates and you’ll get to speak to a human being and not a chatbot.

How to install

  •  Log into your router – check the product manual or ask the service provider if you need more details
  •  Configure router settings to redirect traffic to the VPN
  •  After configuring, test your VPN to make sure the connection is working


If your problem is a little more complex, you can opt to contact customer support via live chat or email. The service is available 24/7, has fast response rates and you’ll get to speak to a human being and not a chatbot.

Service Agents

The service agents are happy to cover all topics and will discuss your issues in detail until a resolution is found. They’ll even be happy to tell you which servers are the best for streaming services in different countries.


Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

With NordVPN, you’re getting an established and well-trusted VPN. This company is renowned for offering features that are unique and difficult to find elsewhere. With more than enough servers scattered across the globe, it has all the accessibility while being one of the easiest to use VPNs on the market.

NordVPN provides the extra features for additional protection while ensuring you’re able to stream, browse, or game on any device. With the possibility of unlimited connections, even on WiFi devices, NordVPN serves to give you more than just seamless internet access. It helps to improve any experience you might have involving the internet.

With some of the easiest-to-use features, browser extensions, and apps for mobile and desktop devices, you don’t have to worry about getting confused when switching between. NordVPN keeps everything simple for you while providing the most reliable speeds you can find. You’ll get the protection needed to stay safe on the internet, no matter where you’re located.

Go with NordVPN


How much does NordVPN cost?

With NordVPN, the longer you subscribe, the better the deals get. There are subscriptions as short as one month available to you. However, as you increase the length of your subscription, the prices come down. Right now, it can be as little as $3.71 per month.

Which NordVPN server is best?

Determining what the best server is will vary depending on multiple factors. Your location is the most relevant, but different servers will also perform alternate purposes better. Whether you’re browsing, streaming, or gaming, there’ll be a server suited to your needs.

Will my ISP have a problem with a VPN?

Your ISP shouldn’t have any issues with you running a VPN, but most will be aware of the fact that you’re using such software. That being said, the security features mean your ISP won’t be able to track what you’re doing, even if they can tell what VPN you’re using.

How can I delete my account?

With NordVPN, deleting your account is easy. You’re able to go to the website and fill out a form at any time. It shouldn’t take too long to do, and there’s clear information about what you need to provide to delete the account.