Noodle VPN Review

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Noodle VPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

What Is Noodle VPN?

Keeping your Internet activity safe and private, away from prying eyes, can be difficult these days. Fortunately, there are ways to make this possible. By investing a few bucks in a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will be able to stay safe, remain private, and watch all those shows that were not available in your country, or simply use Skype. Everyone has different requirements when looking for a VPN. So what are yours?
As an American company, Noodle VPN has been a decent competitor in the industry for almost a decade now. Formed back in 2009, this company offers a variety of services, but will they suit your VPN needs? Let’s find out.

Is My Privacy Protected with Noodle VPN?

Before even considering to pay for a VPN service, read their privacy policy. Every VPN company tries to make a profit with sales, therefore promising all kinds of things, which later turn out to be false. Especially the “no data logging” feature. You will read it everywhere, until you read in detail the whole privacy policy and realize that what was promised will not be entirely delivered.
What came as a surprise for us, was that we couldn’t find this on Noodle VPN’s website. The only two sentences that were listed on the front page were the following: “Because of the special equipment NoodleVPN does not store any customer data and does not know what users are doing on the Internet. The only thing we known about users is their e-mail address and username.” It’s disappointing not to have a detailed privacy policy on your webpage, or making it difficult to find. When it comes to security and privacy, you need a transparent service, otherwise you won’t have a nice experience and the money will go to waste.
But if we decide to trust this company, then their privacy policy is nearly perfect. They keep no usage nor connection logs, meaning they won’t know what websites you opened, what and how much you downloaded, or when and for how long you used their services.
Later on, with the help of their customer service, we found out that Noodle VPN in fact does not have a privacy policy, but they reassured us that they “do not keep any Logs and their customers can be anonymously 100%, especially with Perfectmoney and Bitcoin payments”.

How Much is Noodle VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

It’s safe to say that they offer a variety of pricing plans that all are very affordable. While other VPN providers usually offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, Noodle VPN points out four pricing plans including: Dedicated, Static, CiscoVPN and Free.
They all include different features for a specific price, and after you click on one of them you will see the specifications of the offer. The lowest price is their CiscoVPN, for just $3/month, while the most expensive is the “Dedicated” for $8/month.
For example, if you opt for the first one, “Dedicated”, you will be given the full package of features, as well as a dedicated IP address, meaning you won’t need a new IP address every time you log in.
They offer a Free Trial as well, so if you want to make sure that this is the right VPN, you will have 30 hours and a limited 250Mb bandwidth. Unfortunately, their Free Trial is limited on 100 VPNs per day.
You also have various payment methods, including Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, LightCoin, etc.

Noodle VPN Speed Test

When using a VPN provider, your Internet speed might be a bit slower, but on a more positive note, the higher the number of servers, the better your chances for a faster connection are. With Noodle VPN it all depends on what subscription you get as they offer a different number of servers and protocols.
But, overall, this VPN provider passed the test for speed, showing better results than most of the VPNs’ we have worked with.
Because it offers unlimited bandwidth, you can use it for torrenting, gaming and streaming without any problems. Some of the users were not entirely satisfied with the servers, but all in all, Noodle VPN offers a good connection, especially when you take into consideration the low prices. They also guarantee 99% uptime so you can expect to get an uninterrupted service for long durations.

How is Customer Service at Noodle VPN?

To contact Noodle VPN there are two ways to make this possible, either sending an email or submitting a ticket. Their support consist of a sales department in charge of sales and billing, renewal and account delivery questions; and a support department that takes care of your technical issues and account problems. To connect with them, all you need to do is submit a ticket. For other questions that are not that urgent you can use email communication. The response is fast and they work 24/7.
Unfortunately, they don’t offer live chat, but taking into consideration their fast response, even without this, their customer service is on point. They also have an informative knowledgebase.
Moreover, their webpage is transparent, showcasing their address and details about the company.


When you open Noodle VPN’s webpage the first thing you will notice is the fact that it’s a bit crowded with information, while on the other hand it has a very plain design. However, scrolling through it, you will see all of their features listed, which is great for a first-time visitor and a potential customer. You can immediately see if what they offer might suit your needs.
Some of the features they offer include:

  • Ikev2 VPN, PPTP VPN, IPSec, Cisco VPN, OVPN (udp-tcp) on a VPN account
  • 5 multi logins with one account
  • Free App VPN Windows
  • P2P / Torrent allowed on Europe servers
  • 80+ Servers on 30+ Countries
  • Unlimited switching
  • VPN Disconnect protection

As mentioned before, they don’t store logs, they offer high speeds and let you pay with Bitcoin, Perfect money, Paypal or Webmoney. You can see a more detailed list of features when you check the prices. Each offer has them listed before buying.
This VPN is easy to set up and supports Windows x, iOS x, Android and Linux devices.
Overall the features are satisfying, but Noodle VPN could have done a better job of explaining what they mean and serve for, or at least some of them, as for a first time user this is not the most comprehensive way of introducing your product.

Is Noodle VPN Safe?

Other than the fact that Noodle VPN provides its clients with a private connection, because it doesn’t keep any logs, they also do great in terms of security. They offer exactly what you might be looking for in a VPN provider. They have a range of different protocols, more than most VPNs at least, including OpenVPN, Kerio VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and Cisco VPN.
Although IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP are the standard security protocols for a VPN, Keiro and Cisco are advanced, so not many VPNs use them. And what’s even better, they provide you with a secure encryption starting from 128- to 2048-bit, depending on which VPN protocol you are using. All of the protocols showed a decent speed, which is just another advantage and one more reason to use Noodle VPN.
All in all, the security is one of the best aspects of Noodle VPN, and it’s good enough to satisfy any user’s needs.

Bottom Line

This American VPN provider showed a really great service. They offer top-notch levels of privacy, security, features, and all this for relatively low prices. Although there is always place for improvement, especially when it comes to attracting potential customers with a nicely designed webpage, or improving the number of available servers, they still excel at what they do.
If Noodle VPN updates a few things that they are currently missing, maybe in the future this company will be one of the leaders in the industry. For now, it’s certainly something that we would recommend.