MyIP VPN Review

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MyIP VPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

MyIP VPN Review

MyIP VPN is based out of the United States and offers VPN access in Canada, the United States, France, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, and Italy. It has been around for a while and made a name for itself in the few years it has offered its service. Let’s see what exactly it has to offer.

Is My Privacy Protected with MyIP VPN?

MyIP does not keep any logs or any records of its user’s activities as stated in their Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy
Here at we believe in anonymity and are empowering all of our users to take charge of their online security not only through the product we put forward, a reliable, strongly encrypted VPN service, but also through a rigorous procedure of storing minimal data securely, with the sole purpose of keeping our VPN service operating and running smoothly. We conduct our business on a zero-logging policy, we do not keep records of your browsing activities, the websites you visit or the content you access.
MyIP’s systems, processes and servers do not retain any sensitive/ personally identifiable data, by design.
Data we collect at signup.
The purpose of this data is to complete the order.
The reasons we collect this data are as follows:
• to complete the order
• to process your transactions
• to operate and maintain our services
• to communicate with you, for customer service purposes or for debugging
• to keep you updated about any relevant information relating to the service
• for marketing and promotional purposes
• to find and prevent fraud
• for compliance purposes, or other legal rights
• to improve or personalize our Services
Data associated with Payments
Our billing platform is WHMCS and we have 3 payment gateways which we use in order to process payments.
Intuit (which we only enable if you can’t complete the order with any of the traditional payment methods mentioned. We then disable it and do not keep your information in our files.
Information included in Connection Logs
We keep a bare minimum set of data like the date you connected and from which IP. We collect that data through Radius (GDPR 2018 Compliance Statement of Radius).This minimal data is necessary for us to help you in case of a technical issue, solving connection problems or if you need to overturn a region-specific problem like accessing a website that has Geo-restrictions.
We do not keep logs of your browsing activities, websites visited, outgoing traffic or content accessed.
Information about bandwidth
All VPNs come with unlimited traffic as a feature, irrespective of how that bandwidth is used. We only keep a record of the total bandwidth consumed by you to make sure every user gets the same high level of speed and experience with his/her service. If there is a reason to suspect any abuse of our service by any user where the user is found consuming an unnatural amount of bandwidth we reserve the right to contact that user and ask them to explain what is going on.
Information included in DNS Queries
We do not keep records of DNS queries of our users.
Information included in Stats & Diagnostics
We collect minimal statistics to ensure superior performance of service and customer assistance. All data collected for the aforementioned does not include personally identifiable user data. We monitor crash reports to have a clear understanding of the service and events that may occur in the application.
Data collected from Emails or LiveChats
For live chat support we use Tawk. We do not store any of the information contained in the chat on our server. – Tawk’s Privacy Policy
Cross Border Processing
The data that travels through your VPN travels through our global servers, which might or might not be in your country of residence. When we transfer information through 3rd party service providers we do it in a secure manner. We have data protection agreements signed with them, so that they can’t use that data in any way, shape or form without consent.
Access to Personal Data – Internal Security Procedures
Access to personal data is limited even within the company and we document any action that the data security responsible is taking. In case of an unlikely data breach we inform customers about the incident within 72 hours from its occurrence.
All public and private keys and passwords are secured using strong cryptographic algorithms where necessary.
If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the data subject.”

How Much is MyIP VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Our My IP VPN review unveils that the provider boasts a very budget-friendly pricing structure. There are three plans available: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Regardless of what plan you choose, you receive the same set of features. The only difference are the discounts you receive with longer subscriptions as shown below.

MyIP VPN Speed Test

These are the speeds I registered during the tests.

As shown above the speeds are pretty decent but that is entirely dependent on your location.

How is Customer Service at MyIP VPN?

Our MyIP VPN review discovered that the provider offers a number of helpful customer support solutions. These include Live Chat (available 12 hours only), Ticket System, Knowledge Base, and Online Troubleshooter.
The Live Chat is possibly the best place to get a queries & issues addressed instantly. However, if the live chat is offline, all your queries are sent to the support team as messages who then reply to your queries in less than 12 hours.
The ticket system is well-designed and allows for selecting the relevant department you wish to talk to. You can also prioritize your query to ensure a faster response. We were also impressed by the knowledge base, because of its detailed answers and simple interface.


As we’ve already mentioned in this My IP review, My IP works with all major platforms, but what is also highly important is that it protects all well-known and frequently used browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Avant Browser, Lolifox, MyIE, and Maxthon.
My IP protects your online identity by switching your real IP address with a fake IP. It uses Smart DNS Proxy to change your IP address. DNS Proxy doesn’t require any additional software, which is why My IP can be used on different devices and not only on computers. You can protect your router, Xbox and even TV and access Hulu, Netflix or Pandora in case any of these are blocked in your country.

Smart DNS Proxy also protects you from any IP leakage and keeps your real IP address safe from hacking. A VPN can sometimes get disconnected and your information can leak in those situations while you are completely safe from incidents like these with DNS Proxy.
My IP also works with SSL connections, which provide you with encryption and additional online protection. There are fewer fake IP addresses that support SSL, so you might need a bit longer to find one, but if you’d like some extra protection, it’s definitely worth a try.
One of the biggest advantages of My IP is the number of IP addresses they offer. There are more than 1000 fake IPs all over the world available. Your real IP address can be covered by an IP from China, New Zealand, Brazil or Latvia. These fake IP addresses are located in 111 cities in Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, so you can rest assured that all your traces will be completely covered.

Is MyIP VPN Safe?

My IP employs the OpenVPN protocol (both UDP & TCP) in all its local apps and when you configure it manually using the OpenVPN Connect app. Chosen primarily for its renowned mix of speed and security, the OpenVPN tunneling protocol remains one of the few that the NSA and China have not compromised.
OpenVPN can also be used with both 128bit and 256bit encryption keys, allowing you to do what you want on any device of your choice. My IP uses strong 256-bit AES encryption (military & banking standard) by default, while authentication is conducted using 2048-bit HMA5 keys. The feature was confirmed in an email from My IP Representative Mike R.:
“… We use the strongest method available, which is OpenVPN protocol, with a 256-bit encryption using a 2048 bit key…”

Bottom Line

After carefully reviewing this VPN I think that it does offer a great service. I would definitely go for this VPN because the speeds are great, customer support is fast and efficient and most importantly it is secure and private.