My Private Network VPN Review

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My Private Network VPN Review


Servers in
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90 Days
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

My Private Network VPN Review

With the VPN services provided by My Private Network you can literally become a virtual resident of another country, allowing access to websites that would ordinarily be blocked or just inaccessible from your ‘real’ location. In fact, this is perfect for anyone looking to have a private and secure virtual network from anywhere in the world to the country of your choice. This service will ensure that all your Internet traffic is encrypted. You will bypass a country’s Internet monitors, and even have enhanced security when using public Wi-Fi. Essentially, this service is a way to use the Internet and still be protected and ‘invisible.’

Is My Privacy Protected with My Private Network VPN?

Offers the privacy you have been looking for. When it comes to privacy, the biggest factor is that your VPN provider shouldn’t keep the record of your Internet activity. doesn’t keep user logs. But you should be aware of the fact that they maintain firewall records. But firewall records only keep information like bandwidth usage and dropped connections.
Privacy Policy
What information do we collect?
We try to collect as little information as possible, but you do need give us a few things so that we can provide our services. They are:
A username and password, chosen by you and used to connect to our services.
Your email address, so that we can contact you.

In addition to this, we collect certain information automatically when you use our services:
• If you purchase a service from us, we will record the transaction information against your account. Please note that all payments are processed via 3rd parties, ie PayPal, Stripe, Gate2Shop, BitPay or our banks. We do not hold or store any credit card information ourselves.
• If you contact us via an email, support request or survey — you may disclose additional information which is also retained.
• When you connect to our services, we record the time and date of your connection and disconnection. This information is retained for seven days and then purged from our systems.
• When you use our website(s), we record meta data concerning your connection and the pages you visited.
How do we use your information?
We use your information to:
• Provide you with the services you have requested
• Communicate with you concerning our services
• Manage and monitor our services

With your consent, we may also use your information to send you information on our services including promotions and special offers.

Our legal basis for using your information is as follows:
Contractual Necessity: In order to provide you with the services you requested.
Legitimate Interest: In order to advise you of issues, updates, news, offers or promotions directly related to our services.
Who will it be shared with?
We will never rent, sell or share your information with any other party, except where your information is required to carry out a process initiated by you directly, ie:
• Paying us via a third party ( PayPal, Stripe, Gate2Shop, BitPay )
• Responding to our request for feedback ( TypeForm )
• Contacting us for assistance ( FreshDesk )
Your information, your choice
You can withdraw consent for our marketing emails and alter any of your information at any time, either by logging in to our client area — or by contacting our support department — [email protected]
Your right to be forgotten
If you would like us to remove your information, just send an email to [email protected] and we will delete your account.

Note: If you have purchased a service from us we have a legal obligation to retain this information, but we will close your account and you will no longer hear from us.”

How Much is My Private Network VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

My Private Network offers three plans with two different types of subscription. The first is a single country subscription that permits access to VPN servers of only one country that you get to choose, while the second, the global subscription, provides access to all of its servers in 44 countries worldwide.
For the single country subscription, there is a monthly, quarterly, and annual plan. The first is available for £4.97 ($6.98) a month while the annual plan, the most cost-effective of the three, is £3.97 ($5.57) monthly.

Once again, these plans permit access to a single country of your choice, a choice you have to make at the time of purchase and stick with until renewal time or until upgrading to another plan.
Similarly, the global subscription has the same plan durations at expectedly higher costs. Specifically, the 1-month plan is available for £8.97 ($12.59) while the annual plan, again, the most cost-effective, is £7.17 ($10.06) monthly.

Additionally, My Private Network offers a free VPN service with limited capabilities. Below you can see a comparison of the features presented in the free plan as compared to the annual single-country subscription plan.

Limitations of the free plan include a maximum speed of 1Mbps, no country selection and only one connection per account. For some users, this solution may be just right, depending on the application for which the VPN is being used.
My Private VPN lets you try out their services for free for three days. All that is needed is create a username and password and state your email address. No additional information or input of payment methods is necessary. However, be aware that once you choose and activate the free trial option, it is unclear whether or not it has indeed been activated. This is because you are presented with a choice of a single or a global subscription as seen below. If you choose one of these options and continue the process, you will eventually be asked to pay.

My Private Network VPN Speed Test

The company does throttle, or block, some specific types of traffic. However, this is very limited to specific ports and types of traffic including SMTP spam emails and also torrent websites. However, there are still a few specific country servers that do allow torrent traffic. These limitations seem to be reasonable and should not really slow you down or limit your online experience. You will have enough unlimited bandwidth and plenty of speed for streaming and downloading movies or TV or even connecting to online games and VOIP services.

How is Customer Service at My Private Network VPN?

The best support feature that My Private Network offers is an incredibly comprehensive knowledge base. This is broken down into sections to make searching through the questions easier. Of course, you may still have some questions after this, so feel free to send the company an email by completing the form on the support page. It is also possible to connect with the company easily via social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


As we have already mentioned in this My Private Network review, this VPN lets you enjoy the benefits of the most sophisticated SSL protocol with the highest-level encryption and it is compatible with a wide range of platforms. However, while you can configure My Private Network VPN on as many devices as you like, you can only use it on up to 5 devices at the same time.
Downloading torrents is an option with My Private Network, but only if you connect to their servers in Russia and Malaysia. Torrenting attempts from servers in other countries are automatically blocked due to copyright violations.
Once you establish a secure VPN connection, you get to enjoy an ad-free environment while browsing the Internet. This feature is useful not only in terms of security but also in terms of navigation.
Your subscription also brings you MyTelly, a Smart DNS service which automatically redirects your connection based on the requirements of the content you wish to access. This is a feature that is most appreciated by fans of live streaming.
Recently, My Private Network has introduced the possibility of paying via BitPay. This option lets you stay anonymous even during the purchase of the VPN and it is a truly welcome improvement of their service.
Apart from unlimited bandwidth, this service boasts an impressive number of servers in as many as 44 countries. That means that you can not only enjoy limitless traffic, but also great speed and great choice in terms of connecting to the server that best fits your needs.

Is My Private Network VPN Safe?

As we all know, most people use VPN for a secure Internet connection. Security has to be the biggest reason for people to opt for a VPN. Accessibility is another strong reason. If security is the biggest reason for choosing a VPN connection, then you shouldn’t compromise on that at all. The strength of the encryption will tell you the security of the VPN service. A secure VPN service will have a very strong encryption. There are multiple security protocols to deal with and make sure that you choose the best. However, the speed of the connection can take a hit when you go for a connection with strong encryption. provides protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IKEv2. The encryption of PPTP is weaker in comparison. And OpenVPN provides 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest.

Bottom Line

My Private Network has good points, including its commitment to privacy, the ease of use and its security. Unfortunately, their speeds are disappointing and the fact that they are based in the UK, may cause concern for privacy conscious users. We hope to see them expanding their selection of features and improving speeds in order to provide a top quality VPN solution.