IPjetable VPN Review

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IPjetable VPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

IPjetable VPN Review

IPjetable is a French-based VPN that has been around since 2009. Although many VPNs start off on a high note and fade away after some time, IPjetable has been very consistent in offering its service to its users. Any VPN can offer the basic service of hiding IPs and unblocking restricted content, but it takes a special type of VPN to offer more than the basics. Let’s dive in and see if IPjetable VPN brings more to the table than other VPNs.

Is My Privacy Protected with IPjetable VPN?

IPjetable’s Privacy Policy is written in French so the common user might not be in a position to understand it, but it does claim to not keep any logs. The service provider seems to be reliable as soon as it states that it keeps no logging data or metadata on paid package subscribers. Besides, the fact that the service’s infrastructure is located in Europe makes it more anonymous and independent from legislation operation.
IPjetable is an appropriate service for you provided that your business or private life is closely correlated to France. All the server locations offered by the company provide their customers with French IPs while technical infrastructure is placed in the Netherlands
Besides, IPjetable seems to have immunity from legislation operations that might be committed over your online activities. No third parties participate in the process of your data security, so you may be fearless about any interference into your private life.

How Much is IPjetable VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

When talking about packages it should be mentioned that the price is comparatively low and helps you to save some money. The process of client account registration is easy and safe enough, since no additional personal data, such as your first/last names or country are required.
Unfortunately, due to multiple YopMail one-use experiences, IPjetable doesn’t provide a free trial version any more with YopMail email address. There are three paid packages:
3 months plan costs €15 per three months.
6 months plan costs €30 per six months.
12 months plan costs €60 per year.

The packages can be paid with PayPal or credit cards using the service’s paysite, which is not as good for your anonymity as crypto-currency, for instance, but still convenient for many European customers.
The subscription process is pretty easy and time-saving. For you to subscribe for the VPN you need to enter your email address and read the terms of usage. Your email is confirmed not to be used for any commercial needs. After the confirmation letter is received, you are to pay for the services with PayPal and download the app for the system that your device runs.

IPjetable VPN Speed Test

When it comes to speed, IPjetable does not disappoint. IPjetable VPN never has any struggles with speed or restriction with the bandwidth that is available to its users. The speed and bandwidth provided by the service is well enough to download large files, to make unlimited VOIP calls, to perform torrenting, streaming tons of HD content, and for multiplayer online gaming.

How is Customer Service at IPjetable VPN?

While most think that good support is only necessary when installing a VPN, there are many other instances where you might need customer support. Connecting to a specific server, changing your security protocol, and configuring a VPN on your router are all instances where support can come in handy. I check each VPN to see if support is available at all hours (even late at night), how fast they respond, and if they answer our queries.
Provided that you need some additional information on the service, or the official website doesn’t give you a full awareness of the output, you are able to contact the support team via email or by using general contacts. If some problems with the settings of the VPN occur, you can read some articles of the theme.


With IPjetable, users are given the opportunity to connect two devices simultaneously with one account. This means that you can enjoy the anonymity that IPjetable offers on your phone as well as on your laptop or any other device combination, for no additional cost. It also provides users with unlimited download speeds and traffic limits, which are features that users who stream HD Videos online would appreciate.
• Competitive Pricing
• Zero data log policy
• Supported Protocols, Operating Systems & Devices-IPjetable VPN is supported by PPTP protocols. It is compatible with Windows (7, XP, Vista), Max OS X, Linux (Ubuntu), iPad, iPhone, Android as well as DD-WRT routers.
• Free trial period for every new participant
• Offers simultaneous connections on multiple devices
• Unlimited traffic
• Server Locations and Site Access- IPjetable VPN has servers at just one location- Amsterdam in Netherlands. Though the choice of server locations is extremely limited, but by subscribing to this service, one can be able to unlock premium Dutch services such as Spotify, RTL, Rara, Deezer, Film1, Sport1, TVLab and MTV Netherlands from any country in the world and also can access Facebook, Twitter, Vonage, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, and Google Voice.
• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 1
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – No
• Devices per license – 2

Installation is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the on-screen download instructions to set it up and connect with its user-friendly software. VPN experts can also configure the software manually by following the instructions online.

Is IPjetable VPN Safe?

IPjetable VPN creates a secure tunneling pass through which all your generated traffic is encrypted and becomes unreadable for any adversary. The safe channel is made by PPTP and up-to-date OpenVPN protocol. Any customer is able to choose between servers supporting either of the protocols. IPjetable VPN software application is managed by the IELO SARL company, with its headquarters in Geneva (CH) and technical infrastructure in Amsterdam (NL). IPjetable guarantees full protection against Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) which is mostly used by hackers and agencies to monitor your Internet traffic and spy on your data and information online. It also supports websites enabled with SSL, (i.e., websites that begin with https:// instead of http://). Using Facebook as an example, enabling secure browsing settings protects users against the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

Bottom Line

Other than all the hacker attacks and identity thefts committed these days, people are still not aware of online protection. Thus it is known that with the popularity of social platforms has increased the number of mobile devices, and the network has become even more vulnerable to attacks.
Today even an average user should be trained to stand against multiple online threats. As it has been reported, the most popular attacks of this year are social net, mobile, targeted hacker attacks, insider targeted attacks, insecure outworking, top managers ignorance of the problem, identity thefts, computer fraud, and many more.
In compliance with the latest research it is true that any average customer needs protection no less than a digit-head user. One of the most effective technologies applied for network protection is a VPN service. IPjetable is one of the outputs presented on the market of the service that requires your attention.
IPjetable does all this for you but I wish that the service offered something a little more extra to set it apart from these other VPNs. Overall it’s a great service though, and it is pretty efficient but its services are too basic. I also wish there was a translation of its terms of service for the non-French speaking users so that they know what they are signing up for.