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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert VPN Review

One of the coolest things about the website is that they have included YouTube instructional videos for installation and configuration of their products. It’s just another cool way this bare bones, sugar shack company uses minimal expenditure for maximum effect. Right away I just kind of like these guys. There’s no pretense. The YouTube narration is in English with a thick German accent.

Is My Privacy Protected with VPN?

Security, encryption, and leak-safe private networks are the hallmarks of They are professional and knowledgeable, and the engineers seem to be running the business, not the sales people. The Windows, Mac, and Linux download clients offer inter-networking with networking tools native to each operating system. This allows users maximum customization and maximum security.

How Much is VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

There is no free trial with this product. They offer their plans in Euros, but the prices have been converted to United States dollars for this review. A month for the VPN (which they bill as 31 days, not the month as a literal, which would include February, which is only 28 days) is $9.29. Their next offer is two months, which lists for $16.72. Next come the quarterly (three months if you need that explained) and that goes for $23.69. The six-month purchase is $29.33. The final offer is a year for $78.00. It’s a nice economy of scale that accounts for many variables and offers significant savings the more you commit.

Each offer is good for three devices, a modest one. VPN Speed Test

The company has 18 servers in six countries. Speeds are decent, and even with the heavy encryption there would be little or no loss of speed for most home users. Speed is not the chief characteristic of this offer, security, technical depth and competence is, but that doesn’t mean it’s slow.

How is Customer Service at VPN?

Support is great. They use YouTube videos to gracefully explain all their products, how to download them, install them, and customize them. On top of that, they have a top-quality documentation suite that is like an undergraduate class on networking, the Internet, encryption, and exactly what a VPN does.
Again, it’s another example of the sugar shack simplicity and elegance. They answer every question you might have in an easy to understand way even if you’re not that technical. They express themselves very clearly.
Installation instructions can be found by clicking through their documentation, which is an excellent example of information architecture. Maybe it’s all my years of technical writing, but these German geeks nail it.


The website has the simplicity of a sugar shack in the Canadian woods, a place maple syrup is refined with fire and cauldrons. Old school simple.

Their payments are PayPal, Bitpay, Paymentwall. Talk about consistency with these guys. Everything is sleek minimalism. There is no option for credit card or debit payment. Right out of the gate they’re thinking about your privacy and security, but like great novelists, they don’t tell us; they show us. You’d have to be dense to miss their confidence.
The prime offerings are OpenVPN, proxies, Socks, and unlimited emails. Here’s their brilliant rational for the mailboxes:
Often individuals use one email for everything, or even worse, they use the same password with associated services. Link all activity to one individual If that email/password is compromised all services are potentially affected. This is why we setup a Mail server running imap(s)/pop(s)/smtp(s) and a client that can be used on the go. We also got the domain Each user can create as many email boxes as (s)he wants to. Any [email protected] can be used, unless another user already got it.
By far, one of the coolest things about this company is their commitment to Linux. They offer a download client for Linux that integrates with the native networking applications that are the base components of the Linux distribution.

Is VPN Safe?

They boast of military grade ciphers. Don’t believe me? Listen to them:
Military grade ciphers secure your traffic.
Their encryption is second to none. It is safe to say this is a highly secure VPN.

Bottom Line

This is a lockbox of a VPN offering. You, your data, and your emails are safe. This is an excellent option for anyone who requires secure data with minimal risk. The unlimited mailboxes are a great offer for keeping with their security focus. The prices are not great, but they are fair. You get what you pay for. The fact that their clients are available on every major operating system sets this company apart. It’s not often that a VPN company compiles a Linux client.