Fastestvpn Review

Available on:
Servers in
33 Countries
7 Days
$1.11 Per
Plans & pricing

Fastestvpn Review


Servers in
33 Countries
7 Days
$1.11 Per
Plans & pricing
Available on:
Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

FastestVPN Review

FastestVPN comes loaded with several features. While it might not be the fastest in the market as its name says, it certainly has several qualities to attract buyers. Excellent for unblocking services like Hulu, it can easily be a favorite among movie and TV lovers.

Is My Privacy Protected with Fastestvpn?

Ever read the privacy policy of a VPN service? Most of them are long, boring, and hard to understand. Not with FastestVPN. They tell you exactly what they store and what they don’t store. And it’s written in a simple way so you don’t have to go through pages of a long and boring drawl.

They clearly mention that they don’t keep any logs. None, nada. Your IP, the server you connect to, the websites you visit, the content you stream – none of them are stored. So you stay anonymous whenever you connect through FastestVPN.

All they keep is the email address that you use for registration, and that’s understandable. And if they get any warrants, they won’t be able to provide any user information since they don’t keep it in the first place.

They’re located in the Cayman Islands which don’t have any mandatory data retention laws.

When you go anonymous on FastestVPN, you’re truly anonymous. They make sure of that by providing a kill switch. A kill switch makes sure that your identity stays hidden even if the VPN connection drops. If there’s ever a problem with the VPN and the connection drops, it immediately disconnects the internet, making sure your IP is not leaked to the website you’re on.

It also blocks malware and adware, making sure you have a safe online experience. Combine that with 256-bit AES protection and NAT firewall and you have a VPN that takes your security seriously.

FastestVPN also allows torrenting on all servers. This is something not all VPN providers offer. So if you want to stay secure online and hide your IP, FastestVPN could be a good choice.

How Much is Fastestvpn? Is There a Free Trial?

They have three plans:

  • Monthly plan at $10 per month
  • Yearly plan at $29.95 ($2.49 per month)
  • 3-Yearly plan at $39.95 ($1.11 per month)

They also have a 5-year plan that costs just $49.95, which means you pay only $0.83 per month. That’s super cheap.

FastestVPN also offers a lifetime deal that comes at $80 and you get to use the VPN for as long as you want. Sounds like a sweet deal.

However, most lifetime deals are no good so I wouldn’t exactly recommend going for it. Lifetime deals last great for a few months or a few years. And after that, the quality of services deteriorates.

I’m not saying FastestVPN is going to do that. But this is what generally happens so be wary of lifetime deals. You can go for the 5-year or 3-year deal instead and enjoy nearly-free services.

There’s a 7-day money back guarantee with all their plans. While they don’t give a free trial, the good thing about money back guarantees is that they let you experiment with the VPN without risking your money.

They have several payment options including credit cards, PayPal, eWallets, and others. They don’t have the option to pay via cryptocurrencies so your Bitcoin wallet isn’t any good here – a bummer for privacy enthusiasts who like paying through cryptocoins to stay anonymous.

Fastestvpn Speed Test

The VPN offers high speed connections and promises unlimited bandwidth. However, if you read the name and assume they are the fastest in the market, you’ll be mistaken. The speeds are good but there are VPNs with better speeds.

Their speeds are better on EU servers but dwindle when you use faraway servers such as those from Singapore. But that’s the same with most VPNs – geographically closer servers offer better speeds.

Both download and upload speeds are good and they support P2P on all servers. This is a thing that not all VPN companies offer. Most of them have limited servers for P2P but with FastestVPN, you can have peer-to-peer connections on all servers.

These speeds are good for streaming HD content. However, since it doesn’t help unblock Netflix, it can upset some users. But the good news is that it can unblock Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

If you’re a gamer, you might be a bit disappointed because the latency can be a bit more than you’d want.

How is Customer Service at Fastestvpn?

FastestVPN comes with a 24/7 customer support with live chat facilities. This is a great thing because if your VPN stops working or if there are any billing issues, you’ll want a quick solution. Waiting for the customer support team to reply after a day can be too long of a wait.

They also have useful resources you can use to understand the VPN in a better way. There’s an FAQ section and helpful guides for installation.

You can visit their website and a live chat popup will open up. The agents there are helpful and answer in just a few seconds.

You can also email them at [email protected] and they’ll reply within a few hours. They’re not very prominent on social media but you wouldn’t need to contact them on Facebook anyway when they’re always available on live chat.


It’s packed with features. From a pretty decent network in 22 countries to a promise of 99.99% uptime, FastestVPN has a lot to offer.

It provides a number of protocols including IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Combine this with AES-256 bit encryption offered by FastestVPN and you have practically unhackable security.

FastestVPN also offers some extra goodies such as an ad-blocker and a malware blocker so you have a smooth online experience without pesky adverts. They also offer a NAT firewall that blocks all unwanted incoming traffic.

As it’s called FastestVPN, you might expect the best speeds. Granted, the speeds are good but they’re not the best. They’re good enough for streaming but they might slow down your gaming experience.

FastestVPN has apps for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, router, Linux, Kodi, and Fire Stick.

While it doesn’t work with Netflix, it can certainly unblock BBC iPlayer and Hulu. They have a rock solid privacy policy that states that they don’t log any details, ever. Since they’re not based in any of the spying Five Eye countries, they aren’t mandated by the law to log user details.

And for all these features, they have really affordable packages. Get their 5-year deal and it will cost you less than a dollar per month! At that price, you can connect up to 5 devices on a single license, which means you don’t have to buy a new license for each device. This brings the costs down even more.

Is Fastestvpn Safe?

With OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption, I’d say you’re pretty safe. They also have a kill switch to protect you from leaks in case the VPN traffic drops.

They also provide DNS leak protection. A DNS leak means your traffic falls outside the VPN secure tunnel. With the inbuilt DNS leak protection from FastestVPN, your traffic stays protected and there are no leaks.

Also, FastestVPN promises 99.99% uptime. This means all your actions are covered no matter what time it is. And if the connection does drop, you’ve got the kill switch to cover for you.

FastestVPN supports P2P so if you are a torrent lover, you’ll be happy with the ability to download and upload files along with high speeds.

They have apps for all major platforms and can also be installed on a router if you want to protect all your devices under one connection.

Bottom Line

Located in the Cayman Islands, this VPN doesn’t log any of your details. They offer the highest security standards for prices that are as good as free. Plus, it also lets you connect 5 devices to a single connection so you don’t have to buy separate licenses for each device.

With apps for all major platforms and 24/7 support, FastestVPN has a lot to offer. It comes bundled with all the necessities such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection to ensure your identity stays hidden.

High speeds, P2P support, and the ability to unblock Hulu and BBC iPlayer also make it an amazing choice for a VPN.

It also bundles an ad blocker, a malware blocker, and a NAT firewall to make it a complete security package. Also, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee so you can try it risk free.