DefenceVPN Review

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DefenceVPN Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

DefenceVPN: Simply the best VPN?

DefenceVPN is a relatively new Canadian VPN company that looks promising in a lot of different aspects. However, there are areas where the service requires a lot more work in order to sustain itself in the competitive VPN market.
DefenceVPN is known to offer many exciting features and services at a reasonable price. The service has been getting better over the years, but there is still room for improvement.

Is My Privacy Protected with DefenceVPN?

First of all, DefenceVPN is located in a country that is not considered ideal for a VPN service in terms of offering privacy to their users. However, the VPN service, unlike many other VPNs in the same situation, outsources its servers to foreign locations, which enables it to have a no-logging policy.
“We don’t log here at DefenceVPN, that way your information is totally secure from third parties”, is the company’s statement on logging. In addition, on their Privacy Policy page, the company states, “DefenceVPN does not store or log any traffic or usage from its Virtual Private Network (VPN). We do log total data used during a session, stored by username. We do not keep traffic logs, incoming or outgoing timestamps, IP address’s during a session”, which gives us great confidence that this is one of those VPN services that can be trusted for the level of privacy offered.
However, DefenceVPN accepts that they do collect personally identifiable user information through online forms when they order products and services from the company. In addition, they also collect information on how their website is used by users, which is quite the norm in the industry.
Although they accept that they use the collected information to contact users regarding their products and services and to enhance user experience, they add, “At no time will DefenceVPN’s database of users ever be sold to any entity for the purpose of marketing or mailing lists. Personal information will not be sold or otherwise transferred to our business partners”, which seems acceptable.
Additionally, DefenceVPN also offers a kill switch feature, which further enhances the level of privacy you get to enjoy from using the VPN service.

How Much is DefenceVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Like many other VPN services, DefenceVPN also offers three different subscription plans for users to choose from: Monthly, 6 months, and Yearly. The Monthly plan is priced at $5.99 per month, and billed monthly; the 6 months plan is priced at $5.49 per month billed $32.99 every 6 months; and the yearly plan is priced at $4.99 per month billed $59.99 annually. The pricing seems a bit on the higher end, even with the annual plan, because there are VPN services that charge considerably less for long-term plans.
All these plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee, which means you can request a refund for your money if you are not satisfied with their services or features. Since there is this money-back guarantee, the VPN service doesn’t offer a free trial, which is quite a disappointment because we have seen VPN services that offer both options.
When it comes to making payments, DefenceVPN currently accepts payments only via credit card and PayPal. They do say that Bitcoin support is coming soon.

DefenceVPN Speed Test

DefenceVPN has 22 VPN servers located in 15 different locations around the world. It is important that you choose your server carefully because different servers support different features. For instance, if you are looking for P2P capabilities, only the servers located in Bulgaria are P2P friendly.
When it comes to speeds, we tried testing with servers in different locations at different times and noticed that the overall speeds were above average. Yes, the speeds were quite inconsistent among servers. However, the performance was acceptable and you shouldn’t have a problem with streaming or browsing. Also, as mentioned before, when you connect to the P2P friendly servers, you shouldn’t have any problem using those capabilities as well.

How is Customer Service at DefenceVPN?

DefenceVPN has three different customer support options for users to reach out to their team. First, you will be able to see a Support Chat box on the bottom right corner of the website’s main page, which can be clicked to send a message. However, support staff was not available when we tried to use this means.
The next option is to open a support ticket, for which you will first need an account with the VPN service. Response to your ticket can take several hours, depending on their availability. The last option to contact the team is by sending an email to the ID available on their website. The lack of 24/7 customer support is a huge drawback for DefenceVPN. However, there is an FAQ section which we found to be comprehensive, and there are also manual setup guides for you to use.


The website of DefenceVPN has seen many changes since the company’s inception, and we like how it is designed overall. The whole design of the website is professional and all the menus are properly laid out to make access to information easy for users.

The signup process with DefenceVPN is also simple. You will first be required to choose a plan of your choice, after which you will be prompted to choose a payment method. Once this is done, you will be taken to a page where you need to enter details such as your email address, username, and preferred password to complete your order.
The VPN service can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices, and the company is working on releasing their iOS app soon. In addition, it can also be used with wireless routers and streaming media consoles.
As discussed before, the VPN service has servers located in 15 countries, including the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and more. One of the exceptional features offered by the service is that there are certain servers that come with double encryption, which means your data is encrypted twice, giving you a higher level of security.
Some of the other features offered by DefenceVPN are:
• Automatic kill switch.
• Hands free setup.
• Double data encryption.
• P2P friendly.
• No logging.
• 5 simultaneous connections.
• NAT firewall.
• Unlimited bandwidth.
• Auto Connect.

Is DefenceVPN Safe?

Firstly, the whole website of DefenceVPN is SSL secured. When it comes to the VPN protocols supported by the VPN service, OpenVPN is the only protocol supported by DefenceVPN at present. Although this is a good thing, because this is known to be the most secure option available, the lack of support for other protocols could be troublesome for users with devices that do not support OpenVPN. However, on the security front, DefenceVPN scores high with its 256-bit AES encryption, in addition to industry standard session establishment protection.
Also, DefenceVPN offers DNS leak protection, and even during our testing phase, we did not detect DNS, IP or WebRTC leaks, which shows that the level of security offered by the VPN service is excellent.

Bottom Line

DefenceVPN has made many improvements to its services and features over the years, to meet the expectations of their users and has managed to succeed in the same. The VPN service is a great choice for those looking for online privacy and security, and even the features offered by the VPN will be highly useful for newcomers and veteran VPN users alike. By improving their customer support further and expanding their server count and locations, DefenceVPN will be able to become a much stronger competition in the industry.