Boxpn VPN Review

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Boxpn VPN Review


Servers in
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

BoxPN: Does it really make you anonymous?

A lot of people sit on the fence for a long time when it comes to getting a VPN. Why is anybody’s guess. A VPN is one of the most essential tools every internet user should possess in order to protect their online privacy, security, and anonymity.
BoxPN VPN operates under a company called Edelino Commerce Incorporated, an IT company with its focus on internet security and privacy. The VPN service has been around for a long time and has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the industry. How good is it now?

Is My Privacy Protected with Boxpn VPN?

Is My Privacy Protected with BoxPN? Since the ownership of the VPN service has changed, a lot of changes have been made to the service. However, as of now, the company has a no logs policy. The VPN service states that their infrastructure is designed in such a way that its users’ activities are not logged. Hence, BoxPN will not store any information about you.
To maximize users’ privacy, the company collects information such as: Your email address – to send payment confirmations, promotional offers, and the like.
Payment data – to manage payments, signups, cancellations, and the like.
And they collect your submissions on their Contact Us page, Google analytics data, and cookies.
The service mentions that they do not need user’s name or surname, physical addresses, phone number or any other personal identifying information, and we will never ask our users for any personal data.
When it comes to the disclosure of your information to third parties, BoxPN states that it may disclose users’ personal information to third parties if the company is acquired by a third party (which is acceptable), and when they need to comply with a legal obligation or to protect the company.
As you can see, though the company states that it doesn’t store personally identifiable information, it does state that it may disclose user information to third parties, which leaves us concerned. As a result, BoxPN may not be the best VPN service out there for those looking for ultimate privacy.

How Much is Boxpn VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The pricing plans offered by BoxPN are simple and straightforward. You have three different plans to choose from: a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, and an annual plan.
The monthly plan was previously $14.99 and is now reduced to $9.99; the three months plan is priced at a rate of $6.66 per month, which comes to $19.98 every three months; and the yearly plan is priced at $2.99 per month, which comes to $35.88 per year.
All plans include the same set of features, things like unlimited speed and bandwidth, five simultaneous connections, multiple protocol support, wide network coverage, and access to more than 200 VPN servers. In some places it says 800 plus servers and in some it says 80 servers in total, which is quite confusing.
BoxPN doesn’t offer a free trial, but there is a seven-day money back guarantee, during which time you can ask for a full refund of your money if you’re not completely satisfied with the service. The current long-term pricing of the VPN service is affordable, but the monthly pricing is quite high when compared to the marketspace.
The VPN service supports a lot of different payment methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, WebMoney, UKash, and Perfect Money.

Boxpn VPN Speed Test

BoxPN is one of the few VPN services that has impressed us with its vast network coverage (if it’s true). The service alleges more than 200 VPN servers across several countries. Obviously, you would expect excellent speed from the VPN. From our speed tests, we found that BoxPN delivers great speeds when it comes to connection, DNS lookup time, uploads, and downloads. The servers in the United States delivered the fastest results of all. With unlimited bandwidth, server switching, and great speeds, P2P file sharing and torrenting with BoxPN is easy and efficient. Streaming videos online is also a breeze with the speeds delivered by BoxPN’s VPN servers.

How is Customer Service at Boxpn VPN?

From a VPN service that offers great speeds, affordable pricing, and wide network coverage, you would expect prompt customer service and delay-free customer service features. Unfortunately, BoxPN offers customer support only through their ticket system. Though the company states that its customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions, you can contact them only by submitting a ticket. They do respond quickly, in fact within minutes after submission of the ticket.
There is a Leave Us a Message tab at the bottom right corner of the website. When we tried using the service, there was no agent available to respond and we were required to leave a message and wait for their response. There is no phone number or other means of contact.


The BoxPN website looks great, neither too fancy or too simple, the layout is just right and finding information is very easy. The VPN service has everything laid out clearly, and you wouldn’t have to do a lot of searching to find what you need.
Signing up for BoxPN VPN service is a snap. Choose a pricing plan that you like, enter your email address, and choose a preferred mode of payment to start your own BoxPN account.
What really bothers us about the service is the number of VPN servers they claim they have. While in some parts of the website they mention 200 plus servers, there are sections where the numbers change to 80 and 800. This is unlike any other VPN service provider we have come across. Knowing the number of servers operated by a VPN provider is a must for every VPN user. With BoxPN you’re most likely to get confused on what they have on offer. Maybe they failed to update the information after the change in ownership, or maybe it’s just carelessness, but whatever the reason, it’s a big letdown.
Similarly, we also found a contradiction in the number of simultaneous connections the VPN service allows. On one page it says five connections, while on the other it says three connections.
When it comes to VPN protocols, BoxPN supports PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols. The devices or operating systems supported by the service are Android, iOS, Linux, Max, and Windows.
Though the features offered by BoxPN are good, the various faults and contradicting information we found on the website keeps us worried.

Is Boxpn VPN Safe?

BoxPN suggests the use of three different protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. The encryption standards used for each of these protocols vary.
For OpenVPN, the service offers both 160-bit and 256-bit encryptions, and this is known to be the highest encryption standard, perfect for those users looking for maximum security online. For L2TP/IPSec, BoxPN offers 256-bit encryption, but the speed here could be reduced.
In the case of PPTP, the encryption standard used is 128-bit, which is the basic so you’ll experience great speeds. Other than these standard protocols and encryption options, there are no other exclusive security features offered by the VPN service.

Bottom Line

Initially, BoxPN VPN did seem like a great VPN service, but as we dug deeper and went through the website, we came across a lot of contradicting information. Whether it’s due to the change of ownership or any other reason, it isn’t acceptable for a VPN service to be so lethargic. They need to step it up big time and start by updating their website. For now, BoxPN isn’t a VPN service we would recommend.