BartVPN Review

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BartVPN Review


Servers in
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

BartVPN review

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are now the go-to tool for most internet users, especially for those looking to protect their privacy, security, and anonymity online. With hundreds of offerings on the market, how do you find the one that’s the right fit for your needs? They have all kinds of features, security and privacy policies, and of course, price tags. You need to choose the best option, and we are here to help you in doing that.

BartVPN is a relative newcomer to the VPN industry. The VPN service claims to secure users’ internet connection, preventing hacker attacks, enabling anonymous use of the internet, and giving them the freedom to access blocked content. But, does it deliver?

Is My Privacy Protected with BartVPN?

Firstly, BartVPN starts its privacy policy just like any other VPN service, with the statement, “ your privacy is our top concern ”. Looking at this statement, any visitor would probably think that the VPN service takes users’ privacy seriously and therefore wouldn’t log user activities and other information. But, you would be shocked to know that that’s not the case with BartVPN. Yes, this VPN service logs user data, which includes users’:

  • IP address
  • Browser type
  • Type of software used
  • Access dates and times
  • Visited web pages

This is quite extensive, and though the company states that they do this to improve the site’s functionalities, this isn’t ideal for a VPN service provider. In addition, in its Data Retention Policy, BartVPN states that they “ may retain your personal data information indefinitely ”.

With all this said, we can conclude that in terms of privacy, BartVPN would not be the most suitable choice. If you are looking for a VPN provider that offers better protection of your online activity, which is supposed to be private, or you are just concerned, this is definitely not the right VPN provider for you. Furthermore, the company also mentions that they “ do not rent or sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for any purposes ”, which doesn’t really matter after knowing their privacy and data retention policies.

How Much is BartVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

BartVPN offers three different pricing plans, two for home users and one for business users. Home users can choose between a monthly subscription plan and a yearly subscription plan, while business users only have the option of a yearly plan.

For home users, the monthly plan is priced at $9.99 per month and the yearly plan at $79.99 per year. The yearly business subscription plan is priced at $249.99 and comes with features apt for businesses and teams.

Comparing the pricing with other VPN services in the market, BartVPN may not be the cheapest of all, but is quite decently priced to say the least.  The VPN service doesn’t offer a free trial, but there is a 7 days money back guarantee.

The various payment methods support by BartVPN are PayPal, Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

BartVPN Speed Test

For some reason, BartVPN has only limited number of servers located in about nine countries around the world. Keeping in mind that while VPN services almost always slow down the Internet speed, server count usually improve the chances for quality speed, depending on which server you use. If your VPN provider offers a higher number of servers, this means that you also have a higher chance of getting the best speed for uploading and downloading.

But, even with limited number of servers, BartVPN is one of the few VPN services that is able to deliver great speeds. This high speed combined with unrestricted bandwidth makes this VPN service an ideal option for downloading, streaming, gaming, using VoIP services, and also for sharing large files. Though the VPN allows P2P sharing, you may not be able to do it with some servers, like those in the US or UK.

How is Customer Service at BartVPN?

Email is the main model of customer support offered by BartVPN. When we were on the website, there was something that looked like a chat box at the bottom right corner of the screen, and the first impression we got was that they have a 24/7 live chat. Unfortunately, that was not the case as no representative was online during the time, and we were prompted to leave a message to receive a response later.

Other than email, there is a Discussion page and Blog. The Discussion page is where you can share your ideas and comments on the VPN service with a global community. When it comes to the blog, however, we weren’t able to access the page even after trying multiple times.

The lack of 24/7 customer support from the VPN service is definitely a letdown, and the fact that email is their only means of support is also disappointing.


Starting with the BartVPN website, the website is simple, decent, and user-friendly. All the basic information you would look for are laid out clearly; however, there are some vital information missing, like the types of protocols used by the service.

The VPN service can be used on Windows and Mac computers and on Android devices. There is no mention of the website about its compatibility with iOS devices; hence, we assume that the service is currently not available for your iPhone or iPad. The interface is highly user-friendly and it is easy to change the settings whenever required. Server selection also happens automatically, which is another notable feature, especially for new VPN users.

For both the monthly and yearly plans, BartVPN allows 2 simultaneous connections, and this number goes to 10 for business users, which is the norm. Other features offered by the VPN service are quite basic, like online freedom, security, invisibility, etc., and there is no exclusive or unique feature that is worth a mention.

Unfortunately, for those prices they are offering, they should include more advanced features, or at least a higher number of simultaneous connections. Another letdown when it comes to features, is the lack of a Kill Switch.

Is BartVPN Safe?

When it comes to analyzing the level of security offered by a VPN service, the first thing we look for is the types of protocols the VPN supports. With BartVPN, we couldn’t find information on the different protocols the service uses to ensure user security. What the company does mention is that they support both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption standards, which leads us to believe that their primary protocol is OpenVPN.

Nevertheless, with 256-bit encryption as an option, you can be confident that you are under the protection of the highest security standard in the VPN industry and carry out your online activities without any concerns.

Also, we weren’t able to detect any DNS or IP leaks when using the service, which is once again a plus.

Bottom Line

Getting straight to the point, if you need a VPN service that can protect your privacy at all times, BartVPN isn’t the solution for you. However, if privacy doesn’t really bother you and your main focus is on streaming, gaming, VoIP and other services such as these, BartVPN could be the VPN service you need. By extending its list of features, providing more comprehensive customer support, and especially improving its privacy policy, BartVPN can become a serious player on the VPN market.