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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

AnonVPN: Can this be the one VPN service you need?

AnonVPN is a company which was started by a group of developers with the aim of delivering one of the best VPN products to customers. In this AnonVPN review, we will find out whether or not they have managed to satisfy customers.

From the outset, we can feel that AnonVPN was started with the motive of providing the best security and anonymity. A voucher code payment system is the most exciting aspect of AnonVPN and we will discuss it later in the Pricing section.

Is My Privacy Protected with

The official statement of AnonVPN with respect to data collection, usage and maintenance is, “AnonVPN, LLC. only collects your email and password. We do not keep logs of connection times, activity, or origin IPs. What we don’t collect cannot be requested. AnonVPN, LLC. will only use personally identifiable information collected through our web site to contact users regarding only products and services offered by AnonVPN, LLC. We will NOT share this information with anyone. Period. Our system only monitors a connection if a user is having connection issues so that we can improve our services to you. Email and password details that are maintained on our systems are protected using industry standard security measures.”
Although they state to be following a no-logging policy, there is still a grey area which needs to be considered seriously. They even state, “Our logging policy is quite simple, we don’t log anything. We don’t log any activity of our users at any time. AnonVPN = NO LOGS.” All of these are good signs for a subscriber. The company could have been a bit more transparent, but these statements are enough to suggest that they don’t maintain logs.
There are no gag orders issued against the company, which means that no action has been taken against any of its users. A user’s Internet activity is not monitored, and the company does not have to abide by any kind of jurisdiction laws either. A kill switch feature is not available, which does bring down the privacy score a bit. A more transparent privacy policy would have given confidence and trust to the customer, which is very important in the VPN business.

How Much is Is There a Free Trial?

Before we discuss about the interesting voucher code subscription model, let us tell you about the different pricing plans.

  • 1 month – $9
  • 3 months – $19
  • 1 year – $69 and
  • Lifetime – $199

A prepaid subscription card payment is the only form of payment method available for subscribers to sign up for any of these membership plans. This particular prepaid card can be purchased from both local and online retailers. A voucher code is mandatory for signing up for this VPN and this code can be obtained from retailers. This particular anonymous payment process is there to ensure that the payment method used by the subscriber is not revealed to hackers or other online agencies in any way.
An anonymous payment method is not supported by some of the leading VPN companies worldwide either. AnonVPN also states that the no-logging policy combined with this anonymous voucher code payment gives the best level of anonymity and security to subscribers. On the flip side, there is no free trial or money-back guarantee on offer. Speed Test

Performance metrics of AnonVPN are not excellent but average. The number of servers operated by the company is small, and thus, users are exposed to data traffic. Speeds also reduce with server distance. AnonVPN might not be the straightforward option for those who predominantly watch movies and games. Server count, reduced speed, bandwidth and speed restrictions all limit the overall performance of the VPN service.
P2P sharing, torrenting and downloads are supported in general, but the speeds at which you can enjoy such downloads are still a question mark. Latency, upload speed, download speed and connection speed figures are also lower compared to industry standards. This is what you could expect from a mediocre service provider. As far as performance is concerned, AnonVPN is lackluster and requires plenty of improvements. A strong server backup and improved performance updates are the only way to deliver the best in class speed and performance.

How is Customer Service at

Straight off the bat, there is no live chat or phone support on offer and from a user’s point of view, we could not find the contact number of the company either. The email support ticket system is the only from of support that allows you to reach the support staff from AnonVPN. An FAQ section is available, but that does not have enough information for all VPN factors. The fact that email support is the only form of customer service available makes it one of the poorest customer service providers amongst the many VPN companies. Response times are also poor, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to have your issues resolved as soon as possible. A strong knowledge base section must be added to improve support as a whole.


AnonVPN website interface is not very intuitive, unlike that of its competitors. The design and layout are kept simple, but there is not much information on offer for a new visitor to understand more about the various offerings and so on. The top navigation bar contains all the key links you need to check out. There is no designated search tool either. Even professional users will find this web interface frustrating.

The signup procedure is a bit different from other VPNs. Here, you would get a voucher code in order to subscribe. A prepaid subscription card is available online and in several retail stores in several countries. You can check out the availability on their website using your zip code. After getting that, you need to enter an email address, a password and a voucher code to sign up. The process is a bit complicated, but for users who are looking to achieve complete security, this would be the best choice. Let us check out some of the key features:

  • No log policy.
  • Good download speed.
  • P2P sharing and torrenting are allowed.
  • GBIT servers.
  • Multiple protocols.
  • SmartDNS.
  • Servers in 9+ countries.
  • Multiple device support.
  • Port forwarding.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

As you can see, the features on offer are not extensive, which is one of the main drawbacks of AnonVPN. If you are an occasional user, then you’d have no problem utilizing this service, but this is definitely not the right option for extensive users. None of the advanced features are offered by this service provider.

Is Safe?

Multiple protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IPSec are offered by AnonVPN and it runs on TCD or UDP. All these options make it attractive for the user. Normal individual users can make use of PPTP, whereas extensive users with a priority on achieving security can connect using an OpenVPN. All the servers operated by the company are SmartDNS pre-configured. This is best suited for streaming services without being tracked or monitored.
The ability to choose between protocols would be appreciated by most subscribers. We did not find any leaks in the DNS, IPv6, IPv4 and WebRTC leak tests, which suggests how secure AnonVPN actually is. In addition to this, no logs are maintained, so the overall security and privacy are good when compared to other aspects.

Bottom Line

AnonVPN is a good choice for amateur VPN subscribers and is definitely not for experienced and extensive Internet users. Pricing, anonymity and security are good, but the lack of reliable customer support, no kill switch, no transparency, and so on, certainly bring down the value proposition. An anonymous payment method is also a good point, but overall there is a lot of room for improvement. AnonVPN has a long way to go in order to become one of the leading VPN service providers.