Amaze VPN Review

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Amaze VPN Review


Below average
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Amaze VPN: A VPN or proxy?

If you are looking for a proxy service rather than a full-on VPN service, then Amaze VPN could be what you need. Available for different devices, this service has a mix of positives and negatives to be considered.

As previously mentioned, Amaze VPN is basically a VPN proxy that masks users’ IP address and allows them to access websites and web services that are otherwise blocked. Yes, the name itself is quite misleading. Where does this VPN proxy stand on the market? Let’s find out!

Is My Privacy Protected with Amaze VPN?

First things first, Amaze VPN does not have an official website. Yes, this is perhaps one of the very few service providers we have reviewed so far that does not have a website of its own. Information about the service can be gathered only from their Google Play page, which is where you can also download and install the same. The fact that the proxy service doesn’t have a website leaves us concerned about the company’s credibility as a service provider.
Moving on to the VPN proxy’s Privacy Policy, since there is no website, we couldn’t find Amaze VPN’s Privacy Policy anywhere on the Internet. All we could find was the app developer’s privacy policy, which stated that they do collect user information and might share the same with third parties based on circumstances.
Although the VPN’s description states that Amaze VPN “is the most trusted security, privacy and access platform”, the fact that we do not have any information on their logging policy, user information sharing policy, and Privacy Policy in general keeps us worried.
However, Amaze VPN as a free VPN proxy service, if all you need is just a service that lets you unblock your favorite websites and web services and you have other solutions to obtain online privacy and security, could be an ideal service for you.

How Much is Amaze VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The one great thing about Amaze VPN that, in some cases, lets us focus beyond its negatives is the fact that this is a free VPN proxy service. The service calls itself an “unlimited free VPN”, which means you can use it for free for as long as you want. However, the free plan does come with drawbacks. When you use the service for free, you will come across many ads while using the app. Also, the server options available to you would be limited, and the speeds of those available servers will be relatively slow as well.
Fortunately, Amaze VPN also lets users go for their VIP plan, which gives you access to faster servers and unlimited data, with no ads. This plan can be subscribed to on a monthly basis or a semi-annual basis, priced at around $2.98 and $9.70 respectively. The pricing could change at the time of your download. The service accepts payments with credit or debit cards, as well as with the Google Play gift card.
Taking into account that this is mainly a proxy service, the pricing is certainly high, especially when compared to the pricing of some of the mainstream VPN services available today.

Amaze VPN Speed Test

Amaze VPN, on the whole, has only around 20 servers operating in a few countries around the world. As discussed earlier, since this is only a proxy service rather than a complete VPN package, its main job is to let you bypass restrictions and access your favorite websites and web services without any trouble. What this means is that the service would help you access video streaming content online, which obviously requires high speeds.
However, with such a limited number of servers, speed is definitely not an area where Amaze VPN amazes us. Moreover, the speeds of the servers available with the free connection are even slower, which could sometimes prove totally useless for streaming. If you subscribe for the VIP plan though, you could experience some improvement in speeds and also enjoy unlimited bandwidth to stream content.
Amaze VPN, however, does not support P2P or torrenting, which is another disappointment from the service.

How is Customer Service at Amaze VPN?

Once again, since there is no website available, we couldn’t find any contact information about the proxy service. All that was available was the app developer’s email ID, which we know will be of no use when it comes to customer support. Whether you need help, require more information about the service, or wish to register a complaint, there is absolutely no way you could contact the team, which is a huge downfall. The only thing you can do is post a review on Google Play, which again doesn’t seem to obtain any kind of response from the team.


Since Amaze VPN is mainly a proxy service, there isn’t much you can expect from it in terms of features.
First of all, the Amaze VPN app is available only on Google Play, which makes it obvious that only Android users can use the service. The app itself is very basic, with just the options to select a server, get the VIP subscription, rate the app, and share with friends, and yes, loads of ads.

The service has around 20 servers operating in countries like the United States, Canada, France, India, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
When it comes to features, you get to enjoy:

  • Access to your favorite content.
  • Access to blocked apps and websites, including Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, etc.
  • Browse the Internet anonymously.
  • Switch between servers with ease.
  • 100% free service.
  • Secure your Internet traffic.
  • Change your IP address.
  • Unblock videos and games.
  • Protection against online trackers and hackers when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Is Amaze VPN Safe?

Although Amaze VPN mentions in its features list that it protects users against online hackers and trackers when using public networks, and secures their online traffic, there is no clear information on the type of protocols or encryption methods used by the service to achieve the same. While the service works well as a proxy, we are not sure whether it can be trusted when it comes to attaining high levels of privacy, security and anonymity on the Internet.

Bottom Line

Amaze VPN would be a good option for you if you wish to mask your IP address, circumvent geographic restrictions, and gain access to your favorite content online, whether it is videos, games, or websites in general. However, if you need a whole package wherein a single service can help you bypass such restrictions while also keeping your identity private and secure, you should probably go for a different service provider.