Terms Of Service

1. Terms of Service

Using this website means automatically accepting the terms and conditions we’ve outlined in addition to all regulations and laws, as well as those that are in place at a local level. You should stop using this website and the available resources immediately if you aren’t willing to comply. All VPNPros material found on any of our web pages is protected under both copyright and trademark laws.

2. License of Use

If for personal, non-commercial use, VPNPros permits the temporary download of information and software found on our website. This is not a transfer of title ownership, rather the temporary granting of a license; therefore, no user may:

  • Make use of any materials for the purposes of any and all kinds of commercial use
  • Edit the materials to remove any of our copyright and/or other ownership notations 
  • Replicate our materials on another website or send them to another person
  • Duplicate or alter our materials
  • Edit or deconstruct any materials downloaded from our website

Any temporary license in place can be terminated by VPNPros entirely at our discretion and without warning. All downloaded materials owned by us must be destroyed and removed from your possession immediately.

3. VPNPros Disclaimer

VPNPros does not and will not ever make any warranty, including limited warranties, suitability for purpose, the infringement of copyrighted property, merchantibility, any other form of rights violation, nor any other unlisted form of warranty. We do not warrant accurate, reliability, or possible results of our materials on our website or any content linked to VPNPros.

4. Limitations on Usage

VPNPros, our suppliers, and affiliates, under no condition, can be held responsible for the loss of profit, loss of site function, or loss of data, through the use of or inability to use the materials available on our website or other such materials. The above statement also applies to any entity that has put their notification to us in writing. Such limitations may not apply to all users due to the regulations of particular jurisdictions as well as individual warranties.

5. Accuracies and Content Revisions

We do not take responsibility for any errors and inaccuracies found on our website, in terms of photographic, typographic, and technical information. We do not warrant that any of what is found here is up to date, nor accurate. We may make updates and add additional content to our materials without prior warning, at our own discretion. We are not required to keep all materials on our website current.

6. Linking

VPNPros is not responsible for the content found on any website that is found to be linked on our website. We can not be expected to check this ourselves, nor can we perform these checks routinely to ensure safe and consistent linking. Plus, the links are generated based on the nature of our services and, therefore, are not an endorsement.

7. Modifications: Terms of Use

VPNPros reserves the right to make any modifications to our terms of use and terms of conditions upon our own discretion; without warning or notice. The most recent versions of these disclaimers are applicable to all uses of our website.

8. Usage Laws

Any and all claims made against VPNPros are governed by the State of New York and all laws that are concerned with it, without conflict of the law provisions. Our T&Cs are applicable to all usages of our website.