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Our statement that discloses everything regarding our a customer’s Privacy and data.


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What Information Do We Store?

Anyone that uses our site beyond casual browsing will have some of their information stored in our database. The way you use our site dictates what information we collect, whether that’s just your name and email address, or you end up sharing your phone number, also. 

Unless you change the permissions or reject them upon your first visit, Google’s DART cookies will use your details to create targeted ads based on your browsing history. You can change whether or not you allow your information to be used for this purpose by heading to Google’s privacy policy on ads and content.

How Do We Use Your Data?

There are only a handful of reasons as to why we will use your data. These include:

  • Improving the performance of our website based on feedback
  • Providing personalized site experiences 
  • Sending important emails about updates to our website

How Is Your Information Protected?

Without your permission, your data will never be passed on to any third party, and will only be done so on the basis of enhancing our site’s performance and user experience. Should you choose to sign up for our newsletter, in order to stay up to date with company news and developments, you can also unsubscribe at your own discretion by following the instructions laid out by your chosen email provider. 

All information is processed and stored through a secure server any shared data is transmitted via SSL. No financial information will ever be stored by us.


Cookies are used on our site in order to ensure personalized performance for our users and to track site traffic to create an overall better experience for anyone that visits our site, both frequent and one-time users.

Do We Sell or Share User Information With Outside Parties?

Under no circumstances do we sell, share, trade, or pass on information that can be used to identify anyone that benefits from our website. The third-party affiliates that contribute and aid in the quality of our website, however, may receive this information but under total confidentiality. None of these companies are permitted on any level to retrieve and store such data on behalf of us nor can they use it for any purpose other than to support us in improving the overall quality and performance of our website. In total compliance with regulation, non-identifiable data that’s available to us on our users may be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

Third-Party Linking

The materials on our website may include linking or affiliation with third parties that have privacy policies of their own. We do not bear any liability or responsibility for the differentiation in what can be found in said third-party privacy policies and any contradictory, conflicting information that may be observed. We do, however, welcome concerns and queries regarding these contradictions from our users in order to uphold the standards and consistency of our reputation.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

All materials on our website are designated for anyone aged 13 years or older. In compliance with COPPA, no information is stored on anyone under 13 years of age.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about any of the information found in this privacy policy, simply head to our contact page to learn the best ways to reach us.