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Every provider that features on our website has been scrutinized objectively and reviewed by a team of knowledgeable, cybersecurity experts. In order to offer the most detailed analysis, as well as maintain the trust we have established with our readers, every VPN has been tested extensively in-house. The accuracy of our review process takes the utmost priority, and this is something we’ll never sacrifice.

However, in order to fund our website and be able to pay our team of writers, we participate in affiliate programs that operate on a click-through-revenue basis. This is what ensures we can keep VPNPros operating to its full capacity, and to the level that our readers have come to expect from us. What’s more, this is how we maintain our global reach and understanding of the VPNs that are available and the regulations in each country that affect their operational abilities. That being said, this does not grant favor to any VPN provider in our reviewing process nor does it alter the conclusions that our writers come to.

Should you wish for us to explain our affiliate program process further, you are always welcome to contact us.