Five Reasons Why StartPage Could Threaten Google Monopoly

Startpage keeps your online searches private every time you browse the web. Startpage has no advertising trackers and users get to control all of their own data. Dubbed, ‘The world’s most private search engine’ Startpage certainly confers many benefits to users. Startpage is based on solid privacy guidelines. The same cannot be said of Google.

For example, the founders of this fully anonymous search engine set out to make it difficult for companies to secretly collect users’ personal data. In the interests of increased privacy, anonymity, and online security, Startpage brings an entirely new perspective to the search engine scene. Startpage is based on the assumption that personal data should remain that way, and not be used as Big Data for companies to harvest without user consent.

From a technical perspective, Startpage cannot beat Google search results. Therefore, this anonymous search engine is paying Google to remove IP activity and tracking. The effect of this combination is a private search engine with no bothersome advertisements.

Plus, if you’re shopping online you typically have to worry about product recommendations based on past purchases. The goal of Startpage founders was to create a fully private search engine. Various high-level media giants including The Daily Dot and the New York Times have sung the praises of this anonymous search engine. This begs the question: how can Startpage provide value-added benefits to users?

Startpage is Not Owned by Google and is Separate from It

Unlike many innovative startups and established tech enterprises, Startpage is not owned by Google. In fact, it’s an entirely separate company. This is important since it means that none of your personal data or browsing history will be shared with Google. Startpage should be thought of as a third-party intermediary service which submits queries to Google. As such, Google doesn’t know what you’re searching for.

Your IP address is hidden from Google, marketing companies, and trackers. Once you login, your search results will be obfuscated by the Startpage address. The good news about this is that you will always receive generic search results and not personalized search results. You have more choices that way. Startpage has a strict policy of complete anonymity. No tracking cookies are used, your IP address is never recorded, and details of your searches remain anonymous.

Startpage Private Search Apps are Available for Anonymous Searches on the Go

Startpage apps are available for Android and iOS devices. These apps run off all devices with guaranteed privacy in place at all times. The apps guarantee zero data collection with fully secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. After a set time delay, all of your search history will be deleted. If you close the app, or suspend its usage, the same will happen.

All search terms, tracking cookies, and IP address information are invisible to websites you visit. The apps guarantee improved results, advanced search functionality, and full privacy features. This proxy service uses a simple technique to complete searches: it copies the web page you intend to visit onto the Startpage server, making it easy for you to see it through Startpage and not Google.

Of course, websites you search for on Google will not know that you’re using a mobile device and they may not display optimally. That’s the beauty of the service – you’ll see it working on your mobile devices and websites will be none the wiser.

There Are No Filter Bubbles in Place

Search engines like Google routinely monitor your browsing activity to provide you with search results tailored to your needs. To be fair, these search results are based on what Google thinks you want to see. The problem with this type of system is that you are boxed into what is known as a filter bubble.

You’re continually being fed results that Google thinks you’re interested in seeing, not what you may want to be seeing. By using Startpage you don’t have to worry about the filter bubble anymore. It’s like moving from a fishbowl of results to an ocean of results. This independent search engine makes it easy for you to search for anything with complete freedom and undistorted results.

You Won’t Feed Google’s Big Data Pool Anymore

The age-old expression, ‘knowledge is power’ certainly holds true with companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The world’s premier tech companies routinely collect private information from users for personal gain. There are many examples of this, including Equifax, Transunion, Facebook, Lyft, Uber and scores of others.

You may be surprised to learn that Google is in the mix too. Whenever companies have too much information about you, it’s extremely dangerous. They can get hacked, they can share your personal information with government agencies, or they can create profiles of users for sophisticated marketing purposes. Startpage threatens to upend all of this. Big Data companies are geared towards maximizing their own interests, not yours.

Startpage has made a conscious effort to slam on the brakes, so that governments, marketing companies, and search engine giants cannot access your personal data. Search engines are designed to help people find data, goods and services, and information online. But when you search, you’re volunteering information that can be used to build a profile of you.

With Startpage you get anonymous view and lots of privacy features with this search engine. Google simply doesn’t stand a chance with a standalone Startpage service.

Full Transparency and Visibility Assured

Startpage is big on transparency of operations and full visibility of services offered. Online privacy has been coming under attack for several years now. The world’s premier social media services and search engines don’t do a good enough job of protecting users from falling victim to these nefarious practices.

The people behind Startpage are dedicated to protecting their own online privacy as well as yours. That’s why every search on Startpage is always private. Based in the Netherlands, this company believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. They don’t collect any personal data and they don’t record your IP address.

They also don’t save any identifying cookies or tracking activity. None of your search queries are recorded, and there is absolutely no profiling system for tracking user data. If Startpage is sequestered by government to volunteer details of your data, they cannot do that since they don’t have anything to transfer.

This company does not comply with surveillance program requests, and they respect an individual’s right to be forgotten in the EU. Viewed in perspective, this company espouses full transparency and that bodes well for users.

What are your thoughts on Startpage vs Google? Would you switch over to Startpage knowing that they don’t track any of your activity online? Share your thoughts with our community of security-conscious users.