Why Is VPN a Great Choice for Families?

More than half of the world population currently has access to the Internet. And from those 4 billion people, approximately 25 percent use Virtual Private Networks. The numbers are growing as the need for privacy rises. However, the percentage is still quite low. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the possibilities that a VPN can offer, or the threats of not owning one.

Although VPNs are currently mostly used in countries with strict rules and censorships imposed by their government, they have definitely found a use in our everyday life and households all over the world.

As a matter of fact, Virtual Private Networks are a great alternative for families, for many reasons. Most of them support more than one connection at a time. Usually, the number varies from 3-5 for most VPNs. If you are lucky, you will also find a low-cost VPN provider that simultaneously works with up to seven or eight devices. This is excellent both for parents and kids. It allows them to use and enjoy all the advantages of these helpful and secure tools.

Your Information Will Be Secured

Starting off with the basics, Virtual Private Networks were originally invented with the safety of information in mind. As they developed, VPNs become much more than just a software for a reliable connection on the web. Nevertheless, this still remains one of their best qualities. VPNs can create a secure tunnel between your network and their VPN servers. The connection is encrypted and doesn’t allow other people to see what you are trying to access. This means no more snooping from your Internet Service Provider or government, nor harmful cyber-attacks. That way your or your children’s private information will be safe and sound, and no one will be able to steal valuable data, such as your credit card credentials. With a VPN provider, your online purchases will be secure, with no chance of a man-in-the-middle attack.

You Can Get the Best out of Online Purchases

Since we’re talking about online purchases, did you know that retailers usually set their rates according to the competition and the average living standard in a particular area? This means that the same product can be found for a lower or higher price on their website. You can use Virtual Private Networks to access the same retailer from another location and compare prices. It’s a helpful tool that will aid you in getting a fair deal, and eventually save money. The same rules apply to all kinds of things, including airplane tickets, and even getting a better deal on Black Friday.

You Will Have Secure Communication and VoIP Privacy

VoIP privacy or Voice-over-IP is a means of communication over the Internet. It’s easy, affordable, and effective. The problem is that it’s very insecure. If someone wants to intercept your phone call, it can easily be accomplished. An unknown person listening to your conversation is not pleasant, isn’t it? We use the Internet and all the advantages it gives to us to make our lives simpler. Online communication is one of those things.

When this is compromised by third parties that want to harm your privacy, then you need to take some measures to stop this from happening. When you communicate through a VoIP, the voice data is scattered across various channels. When a third-party intercepts one of these channels, it’s easy to have access to all your Internet calls. Unless you use a VPN, which will create the abovementioned tunnel, and make your traffic incomprehensible.

Besides, you can communicate with anyone from anywhere. If your workplace has blocked your means of communication because of the company’s policies, you can use a VPN to reach your family while on a break. Or even better, if you live in a country where the government has banned apps used for communications, you can easily bypass them. For instance, in some countries around the world, Skype is restricted, and the only way to reach it is through a reliable VPN provider.

Online Gaming Will No Longer Pose a Threat

Every kid enjoys video games, and sometimes even we as adults like to spend our free time gaming. It’s an enjoyable activity for the whole family. However, the reality behind online games is troubling. As a parent, or a gamer yourself, you would want your family to stay safe and protected. But cybercriminals are everywhere, and there is no guarantee that you or your child won’t fall victim to them. Virtual Private Networks can help by keeping your information safe. They will also make DDoS attacks impossible, and your entire network will be encrypted.

You Will Avoid Embarrassing Moments

Many of us have been there, at least once in our lives. You were researching a topic that was humiliating for you, and then Google suddenly starts showing you advertisements on the same topic. If you are not careful, your search engine will track you, and use your search history to make these ads pop-up whenever you visit a website. So, unless you want other family members to find out about it, you need to stop your search engine from tracking you. VPNs, especially the ones with a built-in ad blocker are an excellent solution to this problem. They will protect you and your loved ones from embarrassing situations, which we all know can happen from time to time.

You Will Be Able to Watch Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

This is the best thing when it comes to VPNs. They can unlock any Geo-restricted or censored content. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Kodi, sports channels, and many more. Reaching better entertainment content is the number one reason why people around the world use Virtual Private Networks.

So, no matter what your preferences are, you and your family will be able to enjoy everything from sports to the latest episodes of your favorite TV drama. And with the possibility to use a VPN on more devices simultaneously, your whole family can be connected to their desired device. Your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or TVs. Whatever you are using at the moment.

So, are you still thinking about it?

Do yourself and your family a favor and get a Virtual Private Network. But be careful. Not all of them are worth the money. You need to choose carefully.

What to Search for in a VPN?

Every person has their own individual preferences, but when it comes to protecting your family, you need to take the next few things into consideration.

First of all, it’s best if you choose a VPN that supports simultaneous connections, at least five. Moreover, make sure that the provider has only high-grade security and Privacy Policies. Protecting your family should be of the utmost importance at any time. If you are a TV fanatic and want to have access to content from all over the world, then it’s better to search for a provider that has numerous servers in as many locations as possible. Keep in mind that these servers need to have good speeds, otherwise you won’t have a very pleasant experience. Last but not least, the VPN must be compatible with all of your devices at home.

Personally, I would recommend IP Vanish or NordVPN as they both fill out the criteria.