Watching Ziggo GO Abroad in 2018 – How Can it Be Done?

Our apologies. Unfortunately, the video cannot be played at this time”.

“Unfortunately, this channel has blocked the video via Ziggo Go for copyright reasons”.

Is your Ziggo GO account showing one of these error messages when you try to watch your favorite TV shows or movies? If the answer is yes, I assume that you are traveling abroad, probably outside the EU.

How to watch Ziggo GO from outside The Netherlands

Unfortunately, Ziggo GO is only available for its users if they are accessing it with a Dutch IP address. Even if you already have an account, when you travel abroad none of the content will be available to you. But if you want to reach your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere, not just the Netherlands, there is only one solution. By using a Virtual Private Network.

Ziggo GO is an interactive TV app from Ziggo. With up to 100 live channels, you can stream thousands of hours’ worth content in HD quality, with Dutch subtitles. If by any chance you missed your favorite show, there is also a replay option. This means that you can broadcast the content up to a week backwards. Ziggo GO is perfect for all ages, with content that can be appealing to all tastes. The app also has a really great user-friendly interface.

But as previously mentioned, the only downside is that their streaming services are Geo-limited.

And Ziggo GO is not the only example. Actually, a lot of streaming websites have implemented this in order to protect their content providers. The ban is usually due to censorship rights, and it works in a way where it blocks foreign IP addresses. But, are you really breaking any rules if you access this content while on your trip abroad? And presumably you already have an account, so why not watch content in your own language?

How Can You Access Ziggo Outside of the Netherlands?

If there is a way to mask your IP address and hide your location, it’s definitely by using a VPN.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s one of the best ways to anonymously use the Internet. The VPN will encrypt all of your Internet traffic, and mask your IP address. It means that you will be able to access Ziggo GO from anywhere in the world and watch the same programs, channels, and subtitles that you have in the Netherlands.

Using a Virtual Private Network is very easy. You just have to choose one that fits your needs, install it on your devices, such as PC, smartphone, or even your home router, and then connect to a server. These VPN servers are the main key to unlocking the preferred content. It means that if you want to reach content that is available only in the Netherlands, then you need a VPN service provider that has a server there.

The server will make requests in your name, by also keeping you protected and masking your IP address. A good VPN provider should also provide you with excellent speeds, as well great performance overall. So, if you want to access Ziggo GO from anywhere in the world, what should you keep an eye on when looking for a provider?

First of all, as previously mentioned before, you will need one with a server in the Netherlands. Moreover, the VPN provider should be fast if you want to have a flawless experience.

Additionally, make sure that the one you choose will keep you protected on the Internet. It means that it must have excellent security protocols and encryption, as well as a zero-logging Privacy Policy. Try to avoid free VPN providers, because they are not the most trustworthy option. Instead, invest in your privacy and online security and find yourself a worthy VPN, even if this means buying a more expensive one.

Best VPNs for Unblocking Ziggo GO

Not every VPN provider can get past Ziggo GO IP block. These streaming services are using an advanced technology that can block most VPN service providers. Therefore, you will have to make the right choice.

Luckily for you, we can help with that.


CyberGhost is a Romanian provider that has over 2000 servers around the world. More than 100 of these servers are located in the Netherlands, which means that you shouldn’t worry about reaching the content on Ziggo GO. Additionally, CyberGhost is a great choice when it comes to speed. You won’t have problems with buffering, which is crucial when you are streaming content. CyberGhost has military-grade encryptions, as well as great security protocols. Additionally, the provider offers up to 7 simultaneous connections, which is a great number compared to the industry’s standards.

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VyprVPN is among the best providers in the industry, especially when it comes to bypassing Geo-blocks. The company has its own proprietary Chameleon protocol, which helps VyprVPN to avoid restrictions. Moreover, their servers/hardware are personally owned, operated and maintained by them, providing their users with great speeds. Needless to say, VyprVPN has servers in the Netherlands, which can easily give you access to all of the country’s content and much more.

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As one of the leaders in the industry, ExpressVPN has a lot to offer. From a great number of servers in around 90 countries around the world, including the Netherlands, to blazing speeds. As one of the best streaming options worldwide, ExpressVPN is also a great choice for this country. Accessing Ziggo GO will no longer be a problem. With the provider’s great security features, no matter where you are, ExpressVPN will keep you safe and protected.

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