How to watch The Office US on Netflix globally

The American television sitcom The Office US will always remain a classic. Overcome geo-restrictions and find out how to watch The Office outside the US.

New Generations Of The Office Lovers

The 17 year old singer-songwriter Billie Eilish recently sampled The Office in her song ‘My Strange Addiction’, citing the show as ‘her strange addiction’.

Remaining ever popular, rumors of a reboot of the fiction shows keep circulating.

Fans mean business. If you’re thinking of joining the Facebook fan group, be prepared to answer the questions ‘what is the difference between a salesman and a saleswoman?’ and ‘according to Dwight, what happens if you don’t learn all of your rules?’.

While the fan-base seems to be ever expanding, the show is only available on Netflix for users in the US and Canada. But how can lovers of the show overcome this location problem?

Why The Office US Remains A Classic

While the show ended its run in 2013, new fans keep discovering the show. It’s a timeless classic.

Funny man Steve Carell is Michael Scott, the boss you love to hate in The Office. He loves his workers, or at least he says he does, but the relationship isn’t exactly mutual. While occasionally he seems to be good at sales, most of the time one wonders how he even got the job.

The show features great writing on the characters, Dwight Schrute is a never seen before piece of work. Having been raised on a beet farm without television, one fan-fiction theory proposes that he accepts everything he sees on TV as truth. Why wouldn’t Jim be a vampire?

Jim and Pam join forces to pull pranks on the overly-eager-to-please Dwight to fight office boredom. Hearts warm as these pranks prove fertile feeding ground for growing romantic feelings. Pam is already engaged, however. This can’t stop their feelings, or ours for that matter!

Fans love talking trivia and favorite characters. Whether it is uptight party-planning Angela, working hard or hardly working Kevin or Oscar cross-dressing on Halloween, we want to see them all again and again until infinity.

We all want to see Phyllis’ knitted gifts finally be appreciated.

If it seems that’s not possible because “title not available in your current region”, we’re to help.

So why is it not possible to stream The Office US in your country?

A device’s IP address tells Netflix and other streaming services in which country someone is and determines the content they have the rights to view. So being in Turkey means it’s not possible to see shows that are available only in the US. This is known as a geo-restriction.

People can get around this problem by using a VPN, which changes your public IP address. However, systems are changing fast and not just any VPN service will do if you want to stream successfully.

Choosing The Right VPN For Netflix Streaming

For the purpose of streaming Netflix without limits, here are the top VPN providers for Netflix streaming. That might seem a little overwhelming, so here is an additional recommendation for overcoming geo-restricted limits imposed on you.


If you’re only using your VPN to watch The Office then you just change your IP address to the closest country that can stream The Office. ExpressVPN has ultra-fast VPN servers across 94 countries giving plenty of options!

In Conclusion

It will be possible to watch The Office US once subscribed to a VPN service that will hide the IP address of your computer and overcome the geographic restrictions of Netflix.

However, since Netflix’ systems change all the time you will need a VPN that can keep up. Check out our comprehensive list for more great options.