How To Watch Season 3 Of Stranger Things From Anywhere In The World

The new season of Stranger Things is finally being released on July 4th, 2019. Find out how to watch it from anywhere and how to unlock other precious Netflix content with the help of a virtual private network (VPN).

Are You Ready For The Season 3 Release Of Stranger Things?

If you were wondering when Stranger Things is returning to Netflix, July 4th is the date, so the release coincides with the US Independence Day. The series is a big deal, one might be able to tell from this Stranger Things – themed huge Indiana corn maze.

The banding together of friends as kids for a cause is a big appeal in Stranger Things. It reminds us of our own fantastical theories of the neighborhoods we lived in as children. Sometimes as adults we seem to lose some of that joy of collective magical thinking so to engage with the 80s sci-fi splendor that is Stranger Things might be a good reminder of it.

Season two of Stranger Things left us with a number of cliffhangers, and it is a matter of waiting to see the return of The Mind Flayer, a kind of colossal smoke monster. Is Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner still alive? It seemed to be hinted at. More ‘number’ characters might start appearing. Also, there will be a time jump in the story because the child actors have aged and production isn’t fast enough to be able to keep with up with them coming of age.

So aside from Stranger Things, what other content can you unlock with geo-restrictions are out of the picture? And how to do it?

With Geo-spoofing Start Unlocking Netflix Content Wherever

There’s no reason to miss the new Stranger Things season. But even if Netflix is available in your country, there’s a lot of content inaccessible because of licensing of content being limited to certain countries.

A device’s IP address tells Netflix and other streaming services in which country someone is and determines the content they have the rights to view. So being in Turkey means it’s not possible to see shows that are available only in the US. This is known as a geo-restriction.

People can get around this problem by using a VPN, which changes your public IP address. A VPN with a server in the country where the desired show or film is available will be needed.

Some examples of content available in the US only are the film classics Cabaret and Cat on a Hot on a Hot Tin Roof. There’s also the documentary Prosecuting Evil about the last surviving lead prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. The TV series The Office US is only available in the US as well.

But it’s also the other way around, people in the US are also missing content available in other countries. Such as the much praised new arthouse film Shoplifters. It’s only available in Canada. And what about Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence? It’s only to be found on Germany and Switzerland.

There’s plenty of other content, wouldn’t it be fun to just find out and browse yourself?

With the help of a VPN, it’s all possible. However, not any VPN will do, because Netflix updates its systems regularly to detect VPNs. A VPN that can keep up with that updating is needed.

Best VPNs For Netflix


Speed is important for streaming without buffering or drops in quality. For fast speeds, ExpressVPN has you covered. This is the most famous VPN for use with Netflix. It might be pricier than others, but it works like a charm.

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With over 1800 servers located in the US, NordVPN takes the cake when it comes to connection possibilities. So it’s great if shows in the US are a priority.

You can secure up to six devices at the same time, so the whole family can find their new favorite new shows.

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Another great choice for Netflix is PureVPN. They support every major operating system, have 490 US servers including some optimized for streaming.

PureVPN is also really big on privacy. They are based in Hong Kong which doesn’t have strict data retention laws like the US or EU. This is good for staying anonymous and protecting your data.

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In Conclusion

Whether it’s to get access to Netflix at all and see Stranger Things or to access Netflix content unavailable in your country, the right VPN subscription will offer just that. It’s important to get a decent VPN though, not any will do. Once you have that solid VPN, all that’s left is to be amazed by all the offerings of Netflix in the world.