Watch Red Velvet’s Upcoming Redmare Broadcast

The wildly famous South Korea pop group Red Velvet has announced a broadcast of their Japan REDMARE tour that can be watched online. Fans outside of Japan, be prepared and get a VPN before April 11th!

Are You A True ReVeluv?

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 and have been known for their dual style music concept. ‘Red’ stands for their pop style songs and ‘Velvet’ for their R&B style songs. In later music releases, Red Velvet merged the different styles together.

Quirky, mysterious, sultry, fun; they seem to be able to pull any concept off.

Since April 26th, 2017 the mutual love between Red Velvet and their audience has been officially cemented and Red Velvet fans have been known as ReVeluvs. The fandom name blends the words LOVE and RED VELVET.


Besides making hit songs they excel at making amazing music videos. Whether it is being Femme Fatales in suits, pastel-colored street-style cheerleaders, or dark haunted melancholic characters. They’re incredible!

After three years of only male K-pop groups touring North American, Red Velvet became the first girl K-pop to tour the US and Canada. Tickets sold out pretty much immediately… K-pop fans in North America were obviously yearning for more female sounds.

Missing the tour doesn’t mean you missed seeing Red Velvet perform live because they are streaming a concert from their REDMARE in Japan!

Watch The REDMARE Broadcast With A VPN To Japan!

The Japanese website WOWOW is streaming a REDMARE concert on April 11th!  

First though, it is necessary that the website thinks that your computer is located in Japan. This can be done by connecting to a server with a Japanese IP Address.

A subscription to a VPN is needed to do this. Not just a VPN will do, you will need a VPN with servers in Japan.

Best VPNs to Japan


To watch the REDMARE concert, ExpressVPN is a good option. The provider is known for its very fast speeds, which is great when you are buffering or downloading or streaming the REDMARE concert from Japan.

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As the name might already suggest, Cyberghost is great when it comes to privacy. They have a no-log policy. So if privacy is important, because you’d not quite ready to come out as a ReVeluv, Cyberghost is a great choice

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NordVPN might not have the most servers in the world but it’s a clear winner for the amount of servers Japan with 104! So finding a server to watch the REDMARe concert won’t be a problem.

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In Conclusion

In order to watch the REDMARE concert tour by Red Velvet, you need to subscribe to a VPN with servers in Japan.

After connecting to a server in Japan you can sign into the WOWOW website and watch the convert broadcast on April 11th.

Then, it will be time to fully embrace being a ReVeluv!