How To Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians Anywhere For Free

Need to catch up on KUWTK? Find out how and continue to bear witness to the Kardashian’s undeniable influence on pop culture.

The season 16 finale of the Kardashians: what happens after the truth comes out about Jordyn Woods ‘cheating scandal’? The Kardashian family friend having kissed Tristan Thompson, the now ex-boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian?

Was she then called fat by Khloe? See for yourself, but Khloe has received backlash already.

KUWTK has been airing since 2007, for over a decade. The Kardashians are everywhere, endlessly talked about – their influence is far and wide. The Kim Kardashian App lets you rise to fame and fortune in their virtual red carpet adventure. It is only one of the ways she is amassing mountains of cash.

Fake butts, thigh gaps and time-consuming contouring make-up: Kim Kardashian seems to be responsible for instituting new impossible beauty standards. One could say The Kardashians are a crossdresser’s dream image of femininity come true.

Are you Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Whether you want to watch the latest season or have access to all the show’s 16 seasons, check out the rest of the article to find out how.

So Why Are The Kardashians Are So Famous?

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian and her family came to be so famous and who they really are? You are not alone.

Turns out their Armenian late father Robert Kardashian was an LA lawyer and businessman man representing the infamous OJ Simpson in the ‘90s. Not only that, they were friends, with Simpson even staying at his house to avoid the media. During the Simpson murder trial, Robert Kardashian gained national recognition. In 2016 the TV series about the trial, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, was released by FX and gained critical acclaim.
Kris Jenner, mother to the Kardashians and Jenner-Kardashian half-siblings, seems to have played a big managerial role in the lives of the Kardashians. Kris was even involved in publishing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and surrounded herself with famous people.

Interesting detail: Kris Jenner was friends with OJ Simpson’s murdered ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

From her LA connections Kim Kardashian, daughter of Robert Kardashian, became a stylist and friend to socialite Paris Hilton in the early 2000’s. Also, Kim allegedly invited the paparazzi along to a movie date with boy-band boy Nick Lachey after he and Jessica Simpson had split up. Then, in 2007 a sex tape of Kim Kardashian was leaked.

Kim Kardashian: From Sex Tape To Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur

When recording for KUWTK started in 2007, it was right after the leaking of the sex tape. The question remains whether celebrity sex tapes nowadays would still make a similar impact with porn being readily available everywhere. So the tape happened, now what is so attractive about the Kardashians that keeps people coming back for more?

Perhaps it’s the fact that the Kardashians in the beginning didn’t seem to have any visible talents or accomplishments is what gives people hope that they too can accomplish a lavish lifestyle ‘if they just try hard enough’. Is it the American Dream? Is it that people favor the Kardashian glamour instead of facing the unhappiness in their own lives? On the other hand, we might feel good by watching them because we feel ‘better than’.

It seems fairly clear that Kim Kardashian is a PR mogul, a marketing genius, crafting her identity carefully to sell whatever next thing. From the continuous results she has yielded, it looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing. However many wannabe’s there are, just copying her physical features and paying to take an Instagram pic on a private plane that will never leave the tarmac will probably not result in the desired money and fame.

Kardashian Controversies, Or Not Really?

Kim Kardashian started dating famous rapper Kanye West in 2012, when she was still married to Kris Humphries. The high-profile wedding of Kim and Kanye in 2014 was dubbed ‘wedding of the year’ by different media outlets. Step-father Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner in 2015 and appeared as a female icon on the much talked about cover of Vanity Fair.

KUWTK is also famous for showing interracial relationships. Some argue the Kardashians have somehow steered clear of any real controversy, to their own benefit. Kim has actually been hailed as the Princess of Prison Reform and is found regularly at the White House for the good cause.

Some wonder why the Kardashians just can’t be more honest about their plastic surgeries. From the start of the show in 2007 to now it seems they have undergone quite the transformation. Do you want to see for yourself how they have changed over seasons? Find out how next.

How To Watch KUWTK Anywhere

If you want to watch season 16 of KUWTK online, E! Online is your BFF. It only works in the US though. With a decent VPN, you can for sure overcome this geo-restriction. When connecting to a server to the US, access will be all yours! Access Hollywood! Check out our VPN suggestions below.

If access to all seasons is a must, try Hulu in the US, or Hayu. Hayu is a subscription-based video streaming service available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Hayu is all about reality TV. For using Hulu outside the US, connecting to a US server is necessary. Read here how you can extend free trialsusing VPNs.

Best VPN’s For Connecting To The US


Speed is important for streaming without buffering or drops in quality. For fast speeds, ExpressVPN has you covered. This is the most famous provider for streaming content without geo-restrictions. It might be pricier than others, but it works like a charm.

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For privacy and cybersecurity, NordVPN is a great choice. They have a strict no-logs policy. With 1608 servers in the US, there’s plenty of locations to connect to. A downside of NordVPN is that you can’t pay using Paypal.

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With Cyberghost it’s possible to get Hulu. It is also one of the few leading providers that offers a free trial for a day without needing to fill in any credit card information. So together with the Hulu you could check out the whole thing for free.

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In Conclusion

There’s different ways to keep up with the Joneses, er, Kardashians. Use a VPN to connect to a server in the US to watch KUWTK on E! Online. To watch all seasons, use Hayu or Hulu.
It is unclear what the future is for the Kardashians in television. Perhaps more spin-offs? With a reality TV star currently in the White House, who knows what’s next.