Unblocking WhatsApp in China: Here’s What You Need to Know

Internet censorship is old news when it comes to China. As a matter of fact, the government has been doing this for many years now. Even some of the biggest social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, were banned in the country. The netizens of the People’s Republic of China have been blocked from accessing Facebook for almost a decade now, ever since the platform was completely shut down in 2009.

An addition to the list of censored apps in China was made, when in 2017 WhatsApp was targeted by the government and later completely banned. Chinese users have been trying to find ways to unblock the app ever since.

The country has been in the spotlight many times now, making it look as if the government is trying to end all means of communication. However, the main problem is not the communication on the app itself, but the fact that it is entirely encrypted. This means that the government has a hard time controlling its citizens and the content that is going through this messaging application. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, protecting its users from surveillance of any kind. No one, not even the app owners, can see the messages or files sent through the app. Needless to say, it was a thorn in the eye for the Government.

However, as much as governments and organizations around the world try to take control of the Internet, there will always be someone fighting them. And in this case, the main opponents are Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers. The harder a government or organization tries to censor content, the stronger these VPNs get. And vice versa. It’s a waging war over Internet freedom, with an uncertain outcome.

With this said, there is a possible solution to accessing WhatsApp in China.

Using a VPN provider is a great way of bypassing the restriction on the app. And not just on WhatsApp, but on most of the restricted content found on the Internet. VPNs work in a way that they change your IP address and encrypt all of your data. The IP address assigned to you by the VPN provider will make it appear as if you are accessing the content from another country, one where WhatsApp is not blocked. The network also creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the server you are trying to reach, running all of your requests away from prying eyes. This means that the government won’t be able to track you or see what type of content you are accessing.

However, it’s important to note that China uses a much stronger type of censorship, unlike many other countries or organizations. Unblocking the banned social media platforms or messaging apps, including WhatsApp, will require additional effort. This means that you have to find a provider that actually works in China and can get around their “Great Firewall”. It’s a strong protective measure that can only be bypassed by using an even stronger VPN provider.

And with the latest events, including the VPN ban in China, it has become even harder than it once was to access the Internet freely. The government has a blacklist of VPN providers that are unreachable for Chinese citizens because they are also blocked. With this said, if you are trying to access WhatsApp in China, your options are limited.

However, there’s still hope for users in China, because there are still some decent VPN providers left on the market. You can check the following suggestions since they are some of the last good VPNs left working in China. Not only will they unblock any content, but they also offer great speed, security, and privacy features. Everything that you need in a VPN provider.


As one of the best providers in the industry for many years now, we didn’t expect anything less from ExpressVPN. Once again, the provider showed how to easily fight and win the Internet censorship war. By using this provider you will effortlessly access WhatsApp and unblock any other content. It’s a great investment for users all over the world, especially those living in countries with strict Internet regulations. ExpressVPN has over 2000 servers in 94 countries. It’s great for users that want to access Geo-blocked content from all over the world. Besides, it’s one of the few providers left on the market that can unblock Netflix and similar streaming services. It’s a reliable provider with some of the best speeds on the VPN market. A small downside is the price, which is slightly above the industry’s average. However, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, enough for users to test if this provider really fits their needs.

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Currently, Asia and the Middle East dominate the VPN market, with China being third on the list. It’s an extremely tough market for a VPN service provider to enter, but once it does, it’s one of the most profitable at the moment. The competition is low, but the need for the service is at a very high level. Fortunately for Chinese users, NordVPN is one of the few providers able to go through the Great Firewall. This VPN provider has implemented an advanced solution, which allows users to use their services within the county’s territory and reach content from all over the world. With NordVPN you will get a double layer of security, the best military grade encryption, and excellent privacy features. It’s extremely affordable and has a great 30-day money-back guarantee.

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VyprVPN is a respected provider in the industry, offering all of the features mentioned above, but with one drawback – a lower number of servers. However, on a more positive note, VyprVPN is actually considered to be the fastest VPN for China, making it ideal for users in that country no matter their preferences. Needless to say, it can bypass China’s Great Firewall and unblock WhatsApp. What’s unique about VyprVPN is their proprietary Chameleon VPN protocol. It’s the main key allowing VyprVPN users to experience a fully uncensored Internet connection. The protocol makes VyprVPN a great choice for countries such as China, Russia, Turkey, and even Iran. Besides, using Chameleon will improve the speed and the overall experience for the users.

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