Tunnelbear and Windscribe VPN Services Comparison

Free VPNs frequently are not very reliable. Most of the “free VPN providers” offer only trial services as the actual VPN offer. These “free VPNs” are very limited in their capacity. They place many limitations on torrenting, bandwidth, and accessible servers. Two VPNs normally regarded as “free VPN” are Tunnelbear and of late the Windscribe VPN.

How reliable are these VPNs: Can one use them?

Although there are a few things we don’t agree with concerning Windscribe’s deceptive marketing activities, in this article, we have presented a comparison of the two services to give you idea of what they offer so that you can decide which one is most suitable for you.

Tunnelbear Vs Windscribe: Which is better?

Tunnelbear VPN and Windscribe VPN are two of the most popular “free VPN” providers. The two serves are both free in the fact that they act like limited trials that allow you to test their VPN services before eventually subscribe for the paid service. The two VPNs have paid and free VPN plans and come with a lot of useful features. We’ll compare the two and give our verdict regarding which one among the two is the best:

Pricing structure

Tunnelbear’s pricing structure begins with a free plan that gives you access to only 500MB in a month. The next price plan is $9.99 a month, but if you wish to subscribe for a yearly plan, you’ll need to pay $49 upfront to cover you for 12 months. Tunnelbear supports all standard payment methods and Bitcoin and they have a strict refund policy. Tunnelbear, in fact, are not likely to give you refunds by any means, which is quite bizarre.

Although, all amounts you paid are not refundable, you may be able to get consideration from the company for specific subscriptions but this depends on the case in question and only granted if the company thinks it is worth it.

Windscribe on the other hand, allows users to use up to 10GB of free services ever month in comparison to the 500MB by TunnelBear. This is a better offer. Their monthly subscription is also cheaper and $9 every month while their annual plan goes for roughly 48 to 49 dollars. Windscribe also accepts Bitcoin and other standard payment options. Their refund policy is like that of Tunnelbear, a bit erratic. Acceptable refunds are limited to 3 days of usage or if you have not used up to 10GB.

Windscribe only supports written refund requests when forwarded to their support desk. Users can request a reimbursement without explaining their reasons. However, that refund will only be respected if the users have not violated any of the company’s Terms of Service and/or if the request for a refund is sent after using the service for more than three days or if you have used the service for a global traffic volume that exceeds 10 GB.

Overall, with regards to the amount of free data given every month and the rate of monthly subscription, Windscribe wins. It also has a better refund policy.


Here, we are going to compare which of these two service providers provide the best features with regards to their apps, extra services provided, and in the end their general use capacity.  Tunnelbear, comes with a simple, fun-filled and easy to use user interface. Tunnelbear comes with many fun animations. However, the settings inside the app are rather basic. Granted, it comes with a kill switch and a few useful features like Ghostbear, a new feature that lets you probably circumvent school firewalls by altering the VPN traffic to appear like regular traffic. Nonetheless, the app is not great for power users when compared to a VPN like TorGuard.

The Windscribe app is basic like that of Tunnelbear both in appearance and in functionality. Windscribe provides a few options for power users who are looking to get additional settings to configure because it provides the capacity to alter firewall properties, utilize a proxy, and distribute the VPN to a hotspot. You can also customize your OpenVPN version, and check debugging mode.

All in all, Tunnelbear and Windscribe have related app features but Windscribe gives users the ability to make use of more settings with proxy and connection configurations. On the other hand, Tunnelbear’s “Ghostbear” feature that permits users to conceal their VPN use is really good.


Both Windscribe and Tunnelbear put a limit to the amount of data you can move around with their free plans. Nevertheless, regarding the speed of transmission, the Windscribe offer is better.

Tunnelbear speed performance is a bit average and falls around 84 MS with a 6.34 Mbps download speed and 3.41 Mbps upload speed. The Windscribe speed is faster and 16 MS, and comes with a 109.76 Mbps download speed together with fast upload speed. Clearly, Windscribe VPN is a faster option.

Customer Service

Both companies have great customer support offered through tickets. Nevertheless, none of these two companies currently offer live chat support.

Extra Features

Tunnelbear doesn’t come with any additional features. Apart from safeguarding the user’s traffic through encryption and concealing the IP, users can’t torrent or watch Netflix on it. Windscribe allows users to watch Netflix via their proxy extension and torrent with the VPN app. Windscribe is also the best in terms of the extra features it offers.


With regards to the privacy and customer service, there is not much difference between the two services. Both companies do not keep log of users activities, they have good customer services and offer great customer support.

When you compare their pricing, speeds, and extra features, Windscribe offers a better service for the money. It comes with faster speeds, torrent and Netflix capacity and a larger monthly free data allowance. The Tunnelbear speed is lower, the monthly data allowance is smaller, and it doesn’t support Torrents or Netflix. Nevertheless, both offer related apps that come with similar functionality. The overall, winner in the comparison is the Windscribe VPN service!