Top Five VPN Services For Travelers 2018

You probably love traveling and are looking for the best VPN to use for watching you favorite Netflix shows abroad. You certainly need the best services. A VPN allows you to use your laptop from whatever place you are and blocks any problems arising from your location, making your browsing smooth, and at the same time protecting your device. This article will provide a collection of VPNs which can give you the best services regardless of your location.

What Makes a VPN the Best for Travelers?

To be honest, there is no silver bullet for determining the best VPN to use. The process of choosing the best VPN usually requires a combination of several factors which when combined make the best. One of the factors to consider is the speed. Therefore, the list we’ve come up with has a consideration of the speed of the VPNs to ensure that you operate at a rate that suits your needs.

Another factor is the presence of a server. It is imperative to ensure that there is a server of the VPN in wherever place you are traveling. Once you consider this factor, you will be assured of getting the best service from your VPN. Security is also considered since you might require the sending of confidential messages and therefore, you need to protect your sensitive data. The above are the factors that we considered while choosing the best VPNs. Let’s check on each of them below.


This type of VPN has always ranked at the top among various VPNs. The VPN works best when it comes to the use of Netflix and multiple platforms of entertainment. It is thus one of the best VPNs for travelers because it allows fast access. ExpressVPN also has numerous servers from which you can choose. When it comes to security, it guarantees top-notch safety of your data, and therefore you should always consider it as a first choice. The application of this service never fails and you are less likely to try another one after using ExpressVPN. This stellar VPN offers 4096-bit encryption which guarantees the kind of security you just as a traveler. The only drawback is that it is expensive but it is definitely worth the price.

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There is a huge reason as to why TorGuard is one of the best VPN services. TorGuard is known for having speedy services, and its servers are one of the best. With TorGuard, you don’t need to worry so much about money if your budget is limited. Consider this VPN service if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Normally, it comes with enough security and therefore, you should not be worried too much about your data getting breached as it is always safe with the TorGuard VPN service. Therefore, whenever you are traveling, and you are in need of a VPN service, you can still consider using TorGurad.

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NordVPN is another great service on the market. As far as the speed goes, it is the best when compared to the rest because it has a rate which doubles all the other services. Moreover, NordVPN has six simultaneous connections, and this means that you can connect several devices such as mobile phones or tablets thus making it one of the most convenient VPNs.  The service has many servers situated in various regions around the globe, and so, you can use it in different countries as you travel. The service is affordable and easy to use.

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This is one of the VPN services which has improved a lot over the last one year. CyberGhost has made tremendous efforts in ensuring that you get improved service. It will allow you to have reasonable access to the European networks when you decide to travel there. You will have a chance of choosing online profiles which can help you behind the scenes. Therefore, it is most suitable if you are new to VPNs. The service is also secure and offers excellent services for video streaming. If you want a VPN service, you can consider the CyberGhost because it even provides a trial version.

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Vypr also managed to get on the top 5 list. However, it has slower speeds compared to the other 4 services. That said, it is suitable for any person looking for a VPN that’s easy to use and who wishes to travel to the US or UK. The servers will enable you to stream Netflix without any difficulties. You will have the advantage of watching Netflix movie comfortably. There is also excellent customer support, and security is usually guaranteed. Without a question, we highly recommend VyprVPN to those visiting the United States or the UK.

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The above are some of the best VPN services that you can choose from whenever you want to travel. We came up with the list after considering the most important factors which we discussed above.