Tips For Using VPNs With Paypal

There are different things to consider when using Paypal and a virtual private network (VPN) at the same time. Which VPNs work best with Paypal? And which ones can you pay for with Paypal?

The Paypal-VPN Problem

What is up with Paypal and VPNs? Some people are upset that Paypal doesn’t seem to always like the usage of VPNs. They argue VPNs provide security, and Paypal prevents them from using a more secure way of handling their Paypal account.

Actually, it’s good to be aware that Paypal officially restricts the use of an anonymizing proxy. Consider whether you are willing to violate their terms of use.

Geo-spoofing is of many uses of VPNs. By connecting to a server in another country to have access to Netflix there, for example, it will seem to Paypal that a user is in a different country, as the computer’s IP address is not visible. Paypal may then get alarmed that an unknown person is trying to sign in from elsewhere.

On the other hand, using a VPN might be desirable to prevent being hacked when using public Wi-Fi and filling out bank details.

And what about using Paypal when traveling? Will Paypal be suspect?

What’s more, what about paying for a VPN with Paypal? Which VPN can you still buy with Paypal? The reputable provider Nord VPN doesn’t accept Paypal anymore, for example.

What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Paypal And VPNs?

How you want to deal with Paypal is up to you, but here are some options to consider in different situations.

Are you traveling? Use a VPN to connect to a server in your home country. This way Paypal might be less suspicious of you signing in from abroad. Make sure you get a VPN with servers in your own country.

When at home, use a VPN that offers split tunneling. This allows a user to route some of their traffic over a VPN, and some over their own IP address. For example, when using a torrent client, have that traffic go through a VPN. Then at the same time, using split tunneling, access Paypal outside of the VPN.

Of course, it’s possible also to shut down applications and turn off the VPN and then go to Paypal, but doesn’t it sound like a hassle? Plus, you might forget to do it. Later in this article, we will list VPNs that offer split tunneling.

Another option, if you don’t mind taking a risk, is to just to turn on the VPN as always, use Paypal, and see what happens. This might, however, lead to blocked accounts and having to prove your identity with a photo ID.

In contrast to that, an option is to choose and limit your banking on public Wi-Fi.

To see which recommended VPNs you can pay for with Paypal that offer split tunneling, check these out.

Best VPNs For Paypal


This provider offers split tunneling, enabling the usage of Paypal outside of the VPN when it used for purposes such as torrenting. PureVPN lets you pay using Paypal.

Click here to visit PureVPN


With 24/7 customer support by live chat, Express VPN offers steadfast help in case you don’t understand how to use the split tunneling feature on ExpressVPN apps. ExpressVPN accepts Paypal.

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In Conclusion

If you want to use Paypal and also use a VPN, consider getting a VPN that offers split tunneling, because Paypal restricts the use of proxies in their terms of use. The options for paying for a VPN with a Paypal account could be on the decrease because of the ideological conflict, but at the moment PureVPN and ExpressVPN are a good bet.