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Remote Access VPN or Site-to-Site VPN?

Remote Access VPN or Site-to-Site VPN?

A VPN is the right arm of any savvy internet user. They’re used by people the world over for a variety of reasons, but everyone shares one reason in common: safety. Be anonymous, and access services online that are unavailable in your country. It makes sense, right? Well that’s just a couple of driving points for anyone who’s on the fence, but it’s important to know that people use them for different reasons, and how that affects their decision when choosing the right service.

Businesses use them so their employees can communicate privately between office locations; so remote workers can securely access the company’s digital resources; and most importantly, so it all happens safely and securely. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a key aspect to communication. With calls made through the public internet they become much cheaper – but also vulnerable. That’s why a VPN is especially important for businesses; both large and small. If you’re not using a VPN for your VoIP communications, click here to learn how it will benefit you.

Accessing geo-restricted content; whether that’s exclusive on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, or even online gambling sites; is one of the more popular reasons for personal VPN downloads. Another more common one for the home user is discreet torrenting. While illegal, P2P sharing is common practice for a large portion of those with an active VPN. Uploading… downloading… either way, choosing the right provider – and the correct type of VPN for you – will ensure your online presence remains private.  

If you’re about to select your own provider, or you’re maybe looking to change to something with more support, you should know the differences between the two types of VPN; and which one is right for your day-to-day requirements.

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