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What is a Kill Switch, and Which VPN Services are the Best for it

A VPN makes a home or business network private. It provides your computers, tablets and smartphones a secure, encrypted connection to shared and public networks. It gives access to anonymous browsing, secure use of torrent clients, the sharing of corporate resources, and access to geo-restricted content; as well as many other positives. But what happens if your VPN has issues and disconnects? When the penny finally drops, and you realise you’re not connected anymore, it could already be too late. The ‘Kill Switch’ is a feature many of the best providers offer to protect you from that.

The kill switch is an important component to cyber security for both corporations and individuals around the world. Should a failure occur with your VPN, it immediately ‘kills’ your connection to the internet – preventing a default connection to the public IP. This safeguards its user from exposing their devices’ connection online, and maintains privacy.

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