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A Complete Guide to VPN Encryption

Updated May 11, 2019 A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a privacy and security tool that encrypts all data transmitted between a device and a VPN server. The simplest way of understanding encryption is by thinking of a lock. With the right key, it’ll open. The lock, or encryption, is used to protect the data of your online activity, whether it’s making purchases or using personal log-ins.

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7 Encrypted Cloud Storage Services That You Should Know About

Cloud services have become a popular data storage option for small businesses. They offer economical solutions for data storage and their popularity means there are plenty of alternatives. However, a problem with cloud storage is the apparent lack of security. To counter this, a number of businesses have begun offering encryption-based cloud storage services. Here…

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Why is using a public Wi-Fi dangerous and how to protect yourself?

The Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport, at your university, the library, or your favorite coffee shop might be dangerous, compromised, or even malicious. It’s because most of these are public connections, and the keyword describing a public Wi-Fi is definitely “unsafe”. This means that if you are accessing, receiving, or sending sensitive information, the same…

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