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Does Instagram Work in China in 2020?

Updated Sep 22, 2020 Instagram has become immensely popular since its 2010 launch and reports around one-billion active users every month. The photo and video-sharing mobile platform, while a way for friends and family to stay connected, has evolved into space where people can establish businesses; where celebrities and politicians can be more intimate with…

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Russia, China and Turkey: Which Country’s Firewall is Toughest and How to Crack Them All

It comes as no surprise that repressive countries like Russia, China, and Turkey are doing everything in their control to restrict online connectivity to a handful of government-sanctioned websites. Experts routinely cite many reasons for censorship, including a fear that government authority will be challenged by outside forces, fear that people will start thinking differently,…

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China Increases Censorship and Surveillance With Yet Another Regulation

The People’s Republic of China has some of the most rigorous rules against internet freedom and their users’ privacy. For many years now, people that reside in this territory have had trouble accessing some of the most used apps and websites due to their government increased censorship. Now, another problem arises, one that only deepens…

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