The Popularity Of VPNs Is On The Rise

The use of VPNs has been on the rise for the past 10 years. In 2016, it was estimated that the VPN market generated $15 billion in revenue. This year the expected revenue is $23.6 billion and by 2022, it is expected to reach $35 billion.

Why The Use Of VPNs Has Risen

The way people use the internet and gain internet access has changed. People are no longer tied to time spent in front of their home or work computer. People access the internet using smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles like the Xbox One, and even watches.

VPNs are restricted in certain countries but this has not dampened enthusiasm for using the service.

With the increase in ways to connect to the internet has come a increase in digital threats, a trend the public has become aware of. Recent figures have disclosed that 25% of all interest users have downloaded and used some form of VPN during the past month.

With internet users being mobile and being able to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots never have they been so vulnerable. Often free hotspots are unsecured and this leaves users wide open to be exploited by hackers. It is these hotspots that hackers target, with around 400 million of them around the world and 60% of mobile traffic using them.

Hackers are not just a danger to mobile internet users, the same threats exist when using the internet at home and when at work. With reports of personal data being stolen almost on a daily basis, including from big companies like Facebook and Equifax, millions of internet users are turning to VPNs for protection and their numbers on the rise.

How People Are Using VPNs

According to the firm Go-Globe, while safety and security online are the main reasons people use virtual private networks, this is certainly not the only reason.

  • Around 50% of the people who choose to use a VPN use it to gain access to restricted content
  • 34% use a VPN when browsing news websites or social media websites
  • 31% said they used a VPN to remain anonymous when browsing the interest
  • 30% use VPNs to access websites when they are at work
  • 18% use VPNs for protection from the prying eyes of the government
  • 17% use VPN to use the Tor web browser.

VPN User Statistics

Go-Globe was able to compile information on not only on how VPNs were being used but also who is using them.


It appears that more males than females use a VPN, with 62% of users being male compared to 38% of females.


There is also a stark difference between generations with 68% of VPN users being under the age of 35.


The growth in VPN usage is being driven by the rise of mobile devices with 42% of mobile users using a VPN on a daily basis compared to 35% of desktop users.

Some Of The Most Popular VPN Providers

There are numerous VPNs out there but some of the most popular include:

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In Conclusion

The use of VPNs will continue to increase in popularity over the next decade and beyond thanks to the numerous benefits, including security and privacy, and the ability to overcome geo-restrictions.

The protection provided by VPNs will be thrust into the spotlight again and again as more exploits, hacks, and personal data theft are exposed.

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