How to Stream the 2020 NBA Playoffs from Anywhere

The 16 spots for the playoffs are nearly locked in and anticipation is mounting. Once again, the Golden State Warriors are flexing their muscle and their star-studded lineup looks set to take home the championship once again. Get a VPN, sign up for a service and watch!

Beginning April 13, the NBA’s top 16 teams will slug it out again to determine which teams will be champions of their conference and earn a spot in the NBA Finals.

Over the last four years we have become familiar with the Golden State v Cleveland rivalry come finals time, but with Cleveland not making the playoffs this season following LeBron’s move to the Lakers it will be interesting to see how the Eastern Conference will play out.

This year the main contenders for the Eastern Conference are the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. The Bucks, starring Giannis Antetokounmpo have been dominating the Eastern Conference this season, but the Raptors have shown consistently over the last few years that they’re not here just to make up numbers.

In the West, most think Golden State seems to have it sewn up, but with a strong Denver Nuggets and the Houston Rockets running hot, it may be a more open conference than most think. Possible 2018-19 MVP James Harden has seemed undefendable of late, so perhaps his golden run of form can help the Rockets to a surprise Finals spot.

With all this season’s action coming to a climax, you would be livid to miss out. But unfortunately, that may be the case for the some who find themselves outside of the US. Below I will show you how you can stream the playoffs from anywhere worldwide with a VPN.

Who Will Be Streaming the Playoffs?

Unfortunately, in order to watch the Playoffs you will require some sort of subscription service.

Here is a list of all major NBA Playoff TV broadcasters worldwide.


BT Sport (UK)

BeIN Sports (Middle East)

NBA League Pass (worldwide, blackouts only for the US)

Foxtel Go (Australia)

For some though the subscription service won’t work overseas due to broadcasting rights, resulting in geoblocks. I will show you how to navigate around the geoblocks in order to utilize your subscription service from anywhere in the world.

How to Stream the Playoffs Abroad

In order to navigate around the geoblocks all you need to do is use a VPN. A VPN makes it seem like you are accessing the internet from a different country to what you are in. This works by connecting to a server from any country of your choosing, resulting in your IP address appearing to come from there.

You can download a VPN online with just a quick google search. However, some are better than others. I personally recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN have a huge list of servers providing, which they are constantly updating. This allows them to stay one step ahead of providers that blog VPNs, so you will never have the issue of being blocked out.

You should know which country the broadcasting rights are attached to for each of your streaming services, but if not, look at the list above.

Ready For The NBA Playoffs?

So, what are your thoughts on the season?

Do you think we will see Golden State ascend to the champions of the Western Conference again, or will there be a surprise by another team? Perhaps someone hungrier for success in this era of Golden State dominance.

How about the East? The Bucks have been the dominant side, and Antetokounmpo seems to be going from strength to strength.

My guess will be a Golden State – Milwaukee Bucks Final.