Game of Thrones Final Season Is Approaching – How to Watch It from Anywhere in the World

The Wall has fallen and the dreaded Great war is about to begin. In six long episodes starting this April, our favorite TV show Game of Thrones is finally returning on the screens with the eighth and final season. If you want to avoid spoilers and witness firsthand the epic fight against the White Walkers, with all the drama that’s about to happen, and see whether your favorite character survives, keep reading this article to find out how.

Based on the book series written by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones has already released 7 amazing seasons and took by storm millions of readers and TV show fans all over the world. In an extensive list of awards, the show has won dozens of Emmys and has been nominated for two Grammies.

The chances are you are already addicted to this medieval fantasy drama, and if you are not, you can easily catch on the previous seasons before the final one premieres. To do that you need to get access to HBO, the original broadcasting network of the TV series.

Watch GoT in the US

US citizens have it easy. HBO is an American cable and satellite TV network provider, therefore they can easily access it if they already haven’t. There are no restrictions whatsoever, and you can choose one of the options listed below to access some of the most favored movies and TV series currently.

Cable or Satellite TV

If you have cable TV at home, or for that matter satellite TV, HBO can be accessed as a regular pay-TV plan. This way you will get HBO channels in the good old fashioned way, for just a few extra bucks per month.

HBO Go and HBO Now

There is a difference between these two that has many people confused. For starters, you get HBO Go for free if you have already paid for the provider through cable or satellite TV. HBO Go allows you to watch content from your laptop or your phone, as long as you use your pay-TV account credentials when logging in. On the other hand, HBO Now is a streaming platform, for those who don’t have cable or satellite TV but still want to access it. It subscription costs around $15 per month.

HBO Add-On

More recently, many services that can be used as a more convenient and cheaper cable replacement have emerged, especially in the US. To watch HBO from one of these alternatives, including Sling TV or DirecTV you can just pay a few more bucks and get the programming plans as an add-on.

Amazon Prime Video

It’s a popular video on demand service that allows its subscribers to also add HBO channels for $15 per month, which is similar to the previous options. Nevertheless, it’s still helpful and a great alternative for people searching for ways to watch Game of Thrones.

Watch Game of Thrones from Anywhere in the World

What seems to be the problem with the above is that some of the alternatives are available in the U.S only. That means they are blocked outside the country’s borders, leaving millions of people with little to no options. Many of them, in order not to miss out on anything, go for illegal streaming services or torrenting, a lot of which have terrible quality and buffer constantly.

To avoid this, and still get to enjoy Game of Thrones in a perfectly legal way from anywhere in the world, there is a simple solution – Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Unfortunately, not everything works with HBO. The provider geo-blocks its content and uses advanced tools that can detect many VPNs, and proceed by blocking your access. However, some of the top-rated providers in the industry can still successfully avoid getting detected.

In conclusion, to watch Game of Thrones from anywhere in the world, without buffering and getting annoyed by bad quality videos, you need to get a hold on a good VPN service provider first. That means one that has fast servers, especially in the USA, that can avoid restrictions of any kind and will protect your real identity. For that purpose, you can browse through the following suggestions, which are all tested and have proven to work perfectly when it comes to HBO and its geo-restriction.

Best VPNs for HBO

If you want to bypass any geographical restrictions it’s important to have a good VPN. If you can’t choose one on your own and need assistance, we can help you with that. All you need to do is check out the following suggestions.


ExpressVPN is a pioneer in this industry. The provider has been long enough on the market to recognize what the audience needs and deliver it to them. With an excellent server distribution to almost 150 locations all over the world, you won’t be missing out on anything, including the crucial last six episodes of Game of Thrones. ExpressVPN will cost you an additional few bucks per month, but you can also try the provider’s service through their exceptional one-month refund policy. If you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN, you can go for the other mentioned options at any time.

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With a nice range of servers, excellent speeds, and great security features, VyprVPN is well deserving of a place on this list. If you are searching for ways to bypass geo-restrictions of any kind, this VPN is the right choice for you. With its unique technology, the provider has endured the market’s enormous competition and remained among the most popular and trustworthy providers out there for quite some time. With VyprVPN you won’t experience buffering, and both bandwidth throttling and blocked content will remain a thing of the past.

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Last but not least, NordVPN is also considered to be one of the most advanced and useful VPN service providers in the industry. The best thing about it is that you can make use of their 3-day free trial and see for yourself whether the company really delivers everything they promised in the first place – a large number of servers and server locations that can bypass restrictions and censorship, excellent speeds, double security, zero log privacy policy, and many other basic and advanced features. If you are a first time user, NordVPN can be an ideal choice for you thanks to its simplicity and affordability.

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If you have any questions, or you require additional help in setting up your VPN, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also do that by simply leaving a comment in the comment section below.

Brace yourselves, winter has come.