Can’t Wait For Ingress: The Animation?

In 2018 Ingress: The Animation, based on the popular Ingress mobile game, series was released in Japan, but it isn’t available globally yet. Using a VPN to Japan will get you early access.

Why We Want To See Ingress The Animation ASAP

The Ingress anime series follows special police investigator Makoto, who has special powers. He investigates the deadly explosion of a laboratory researching Exotic Matter (XM), a substance that can influence human minds. A horrific vision appears to him after touching the sole survivor’s ring and suddenly he is part of a massive conspiracy.

Ingress: The Animation is based on Niantic’s augmented reality mobile game by the same name. Where players using their mobile device as a scanner and interact with their physical environment, it was the forerunner of Pokémon Go.

Ingress players have responded to the Pokémon Go hype generally with “we have been doing this for years already”. They had been going out in the real world with their game, claiming portals that are usually associated with places like public art, parks or memorials.

It can be said that Ingress has had its share of controversies, such as users getting into fatal accidents, or having approved portals in Nazi concentration camps that were later removed from the game. Still, there is no denying the lasting impact the game Ingress has had on our culture.

Wondering what all of this looks like and how the game has been translated into these series? All you need is a Netflix subscription and a VPN with servers in Japan.

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Watch Ingress On Netflix With A VPN To Japan!

Ingress: The Animation series is due to be released on Netflix widely on  April 30th. However, it’s already available on Netflix Japan (with English audio!).

Can’t wait and want to check out the Ingress: The Animation? Signup with a VPN that has servers in Japan and you can overcome the geo-restriction. We have selected a few that are suitable for your Ingress viewing needs.

Best VPNs To Japan

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This provider is a winner when it comes to the amount of servers it has in Japan. Finding a server that isn’t too crowded won’t be a problem, which is great for watching Ingress: The Animation.

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In Conclusion

In order to watch the Ingress: The Animation series a subscription to a VPN with servers in Japan is necessary.