How To Bring The 6 Nations To Any Nation

The annual competition has begun again. Rivalries must be settled once and for all…until next year.

Six colossal, titanic, and magnificent nations find themselves at odds on the battlefield once more. Yes, it’s the 6 Nations. England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, and Italy are in the midst of their yearly battle to determine who is the best at rugby (Europe’s version of American football (which anyone reading who needs clarification on that will most likely know by the singular title “football)).

For the uninitiated, the 6 Nations tournament is a century-old tradition that started as a friendly competition between the home nations of the United Kingdom. Bonded over their shared love of rugby the competition expanded to include France in 1910 and Italy in 2000.

Watching the 6 Nations is a great introduction to rugby as well as a jolly good example of the sport being played at its highest level. However, as easy as it might be to watch if you are from one of the titular six nations, the matches may elude you if you’re trying to log in from afar.

How Can You Access The 6 Nations Matches From Beyond The Six Nations?

A necessary feature for watching the 6 Nations is a VPN with a UK server. You could also manage with a French or Italian server, but as you’re reading this article in English, we’ll assume you’ll want your rugby commentary in English as well, unless you want to convert those French lessons into something useful. With 160 server locations, we recommend ExpressVPN as a good option for any language.

Once you’re logged into a UK server, there are two great options to catch the games. Using either TVPlayer or TVCatchup, you can access all British programming as it happens. From there find the channels for the BBC or for ITV and you can stream all the matches to your heart’s content.

Do You Need To Use Both The BBC And ITV?

As two of Britain’s biggest broadcasters, the BBC and ITV agreed to share the hosting of the 6 Nations fixtures. If a game is being played in France, Scotland, or Wales; it’ll be broadcasted on the BBC. The other matches played in England, Ireland, and Italy; are being streamed by ITV.

Here are the fixtures for this year’s 6 Nations

Week 1

01/02: France – Wales BBC

02/02: Scotland – Italy BBC

              Ireland – England ITV

Week 2

09/02: Scotland – Ireland BBC

               Italy – Wales ITV

10/02: England – France ITV

Week 3

23/02: France – Scotland BBC

              Wales – England BBC

24/02: Italy – Ireland ITV

Week 4

09/03: Scotland – Wales BBC

             England – Italy ITV

10/03: Ireland – France ITV

Week 5

16/03: Italy – France ITV

             Wales – Ireland BBC

             England – Scotland ITV

What are your predictions for this year’s competition? It seems the English team is in mighty form, but does pride come before a fall? Last year England was the team to beat and came out fifth with Ireland crowned champions and secured the Grand Slam. Let us know what you think in the comments.