Best VPNs for Snapchat Users in 2018

Snapchat is one of the top three most used social media platforms among millennials. This multimedia messaging app, with a net worth that is estimated in tens of billions of dollars, emerged as a simple idea by three college friends.

Despite many obstacles and failures, they managed to place their product on the market and make a boom in the social media world. Before Snapchat, the two most used apps were Facebook and, then, the newly established platform – Instagram. But the youth needed something different and Snapchat gave it to them.

This simple app, which makes photos disappear, was just what millennials needed. The concept for some people sounded strange, even creepy, but young people were quickly drawn to it. They used Snapchat for communicating with their friends, for sending silly pictures or even flirting. The thought that the photos they send would not be compromised, nor seen by anyone else, gave them a sense of security and privacy. This was the main reason behind the app’s success. Nowadays, over 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day.

However, because of how much time people spend on these apps, Snapchat was blocked in schools, universities, and workplaces. Of course, the reason behind this is to force students and employees to stay focused on their work. Nevertheless, that means that you won’t be able to use the app, even if you’re on a break.

But this is not even the worst situation. Imagine not being able to access Snapchat at all?

Some countries, including China, have blocked this app. Unless you have a VPN, there is no way of accessing it. The ban on this messaging app can be for political or religious reasons. Nevertheless, this is just another limitation on freedom of speech, and it’s a shame that it still exists in some parts of the world.

How Can You Unblock Snapchat With a VPN?

Unblocking Snapchat in schools or at your workplace is quite easy. Sometimes, all you need to do is shift from your school/work network to your mobile data. However, for a more efficient outcome, you can always go with a Virtual Private Network. This tool can be of help in many different ways. In this case, the most appealing feature is the VPN’s unblocking technique, which will ensure that you can access the app no matter where you are.

This means your school, your office, or your college campus. Additionally, VPNs are excellent when it comes to keeping your privacy at a high level. The traffic that goes through your device, in this case, your smartphone, will be entirely encrypted. In other words, nobody will be able to sniff into your privacy and what you do online.

But this is the simple part. If you are dealing with a complete ban on the app in your country, you will probably need to put extra effort into the resolution. Countries that have a history of banning social media platforms, usually have advanced protection as well. This means that not every VPN will be able to help you. What you are looking for is a superior provider with excellent unblocking techniques.

Before I get to that, let me explain how VPNs work around restrictions.

When you sign up to a provider, you get to choose from the variety of servers they have on offer. Once you connect to one of them, you “borrow” one of their many IP addresses. The servers are spread out across many locations and depending on your needs, you will be able to choose your preferred country or region. In this case, if you want to access Snapchat, you can connect to a server where the app is accessible, for instance in Europe or the USA. With the newly acquired IP address, the Internet perceives you as if you were located in that particular region. If you try to connect to Snapchat from China and choose a German server, the IP address that you will be given is going to present you as a German user and grant you access to the platform.

With the Great Firewall of China and other governmental restrictions, this is slightly more complicated. Nevertheless, if you are using a reliable VPN service provider, your chances of unlocking apps and censored websites are much higher.

Best VPNs for Snapchat

Depending on your situation, you can either go with a cheaper app that offers an average performance, enough to unlock Snapchat in your school or workplace, or with an advanced provider that can bypass strict Geo-restrictions and censorships.

For the first option, you can go with a provider that offers the basics. You won’t need any advanced features if you are a student. The focus should be on the price and the servers.


The provider offers a free plan, which allows you to use up to 10GB of data per month for free. Additionally, Windscribe has many servers in their free plan that should serve you just fine when you try to unlock Snapchat in your school or at work.

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TunnelBear offers less data, 500MB total, but the main focus is on their great security features. Besides, with such a creative and easy-to-use interface, this VPN provider is excellent for users of all ages. The VPN has just enough servers to unlock Snapchat and is ideal for these occasions. For more data, you can get their premium account, which is very affordable, considering all the great features that come with the plan.

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Unlike the previous two, Proton has no data limit, which means that you can use it as much as you want. However, the provider limits you in other segments, such as speed, locations, and devices. With ProtonVPN you will be able to choose between 3 locations (all of which support Snapchat), and you can be connected to only one device. On a more positive note, ProtonVPN has excellent privacy features.

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If you are dealing with a more severe restriction, especially one coming from your government, these three suggestions won’t do. You will need a more serious provider, one that offers superior techniques and only the best security features. Our top three picks are the following:


With much experience in the field, NordVPN is one of the few that can bypass any type of restriction at the moment. You will have thousands of servers at your disposal, all of which have exceptional speeds. Besides, NordVPN has an excellent no-logging policy and provides its users with double security. All in all, there is not much that this VPN cannot do. The best thing is that all of this comes at a very reasonable price, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-day free trial.

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ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted providers on the market at the moment. Their exceptional customer support and unique features only add more value to this provider. Needless to say, with ExpressVPN you will be able to reach Snapchat no matter where you are, thanks to its unblocking techniques and countless servers all over the world. The provider is not one of the cheapest on the market, but keep in mind that we are talking about one of the best VPNs in this industry. If you are not sure whether it’s the best fit for you, ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back policy.

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This Hong Kong-based VPN service provider is one of the best options if you want to access Snapchat from China. With this out of the picture, there’s not much that PureVPN cannot do for you. Besides, with a server list covering more than 180 locations all over the world and millions of users, you can’t go wrong with this provider. PureVPN is actually very cheap compared to other providers, and it has a 31-day money-back guarantee.

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These VPNs are the best choice not only for accessing Snapchat but for your overall Internet experience. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below!