Best VPNs With a No-Credit-Card Free Trial in 2020

Most well known virtual private network (VPN) providers offer 30-day money-back guarantees, but where are the real free trials that require no credit card?

Beware Of Free Trial Phonies

Most VPN providers we’ve come across offer a 30-day money back guarantee. But that involves filling in credit card info, at the least, and a lot of the time, up-front payments.

Why is a 30-day money back guarantee not ideal?

…Because upon honest self-reflection, we all have forgotten to cancel a subscription at some point in our lives. When signing up, we are sure we will be canceling later. But life catches up with us. Human nature isn’t all logic and rationality.

As competition increases and prices drop, VPN providers have been limiting their free trials, so keep on reading to find out where the REAL risk-free trials are.

Choosing The Right VPN

Trials aside, when choosing a suitable VPN, it’s necessary to know what your most important requirements for use are. What is the main reason for getting a VPN?

There are all kinds of VPNs, some put the focus on protecting, others on speed and unblocking content.

On websites of VPN providers, all kinds of promises are made, from ‘the fastest speeds’ to the ‘best privacy policies’. But how to know whether they actually deliver?

Wouldn’t it be better to try a VPN for free, and then decide, to have a real ‘try before you buy’?

When finding a VPN that suits your needs, make sure to test the servers, their speed, and check for any leaks. If a VPN provider leaks your information, there’s no trusting it with your privacy. There are a few types of leaks to keep an eye on – DNS, WebRTC or IPv6.

Which VPNs Offer No-Credit-Card Free Trials?

We have found the following VPNs with free trials that don’t require a credit card or payment.


This VPN provider is not the most well-known. Nevertheless, CactusVPN seems to have a big base of satisfied customers. CactusVPN keeps absolutely no logs, they owe this to their location, as the VPN is based in Moldova, a European country that is not yet in the EU. This means that they are free from many internet restrictions. The VPN doesn’t offer many servers, however, the main focus is set on their security features.

CactusVPN has both a free trial and a great 30-day refund policy. Their free trial lasts 24 hours and is not restricted in any way.

Click here to visit CactusVPN


ProtonVPN is great for privacy. It is compatible with the Tor anonymity network and they offer their own encrypted email service called ProtonMail.

Try premium VPN service ProtonVPN for free for seven days. ProtonVPN even has a free service with no data limits. It is limited to one device of your choice and with three server countries available.

When logging in with ProtonVPN, take care to enter a username and not an e-mail address. Reviews on Google Play indicate difficulties with logging in, so just pay extra attention to registration and logging in.

Click here to visit ProtonVPN


Unfortunately, SmartyDNS only has ten countries with servers to connect to. However the trial gives full access to its service and has no data limits, so it could be a way to try out all the uses of a VPN one might be looking for. Whether that would be for accessing Netflix in a different country, for gaming, or for use with a Smart TV. Try out SmartyDNS  free for 3 days.

Click here to visit SmartyDNS


Cyberghost is one of the better-known premium VPNs and offers a free trial for one day. CyberGhost has over 3600 VPN servers in over 60 most popular countries, so access to geo-restricted content will be all yours. They offer protection for up to seven devices, so with a trial, it is possible check out different usages. Cyberghost has a strict no-logs policy, so no need to worry about information storage or who will know about what website visit.

Click here to visit CyberGhost

In Conclusion

When thinking of signing up for a VPN subscription with a money-back guarantee, it is of the essence to take our human nature into account. Sometimes that means going for a risk-free and credit card-free VPN trial. If a 30-day money back guarantee seems just fine though, we highly recommend ExpressVPN. They have a no-questions-asked refund policy. As with all VPN choices, do what’s right for you!