The Best VPNs For Multiple Devices

If you’re in the process of choosing a VPN provider it’s always a good idea to check how many simultaneous connections it can support. Your VPN subscription will usually cover multiple devices, but the number of devices covered in that subscription will vary from provider to provider. As many VPN providers come with a limited number of connections, you’ll need to think carefully before you make your decision. Whether you want to watch TV abroad or keep up with the news at home, it’s important to protect all of the online-compatible devices you own by ensuring they’re always connected to a VPN. 

Why You Need Multiple Devices Covered

If your desktop computer is connected to a VPN provider but your spare laptop isn’t, you’re running the risk of your personal information being compromised. The same applies to game consoles too. Yes, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles are all at risk from DDoS attacks. If you think your video game consoles don’t need protection because you only use them for playing online games, think again. 

As well as protecting your information, you may have multiple devices in your household that you want to be connected to individual regions. Or, if you’re a small independent business that’s slowly starting to expand its headcount, it could be time to upgrade your VPN so it can offer unlimited simultaneous connections. Choosing a service that allows you to have multiple devices connected at once will save you money as you won’t have to pay out for another subscription. Here are our recommendations for the best VPNs for multiple devices. 


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections using one subscription 
  • Fast connection speeds 
  • 1000+ servers across 60+ countries 
  • Impressive security and privacy options with a no-logs server policy

Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections, which means you can connect all of your computers, video game consoles, mobile phones, and other devices all at the same time using just one Surfshark subscription. Obviously, this does mean sharing your log-in information across these shared devices, so we’d only recommend using Surfshark if you own all of the devices that you’re connecting to your VPN and/or trust those using them. 

As well as being able to support unlimited simultaneous connections, the price of a Surfshark subscription starts at just $1.99 a month for a 2-year plan – that’s incredibly cheap in comparison to other brands. If you do choose Surfshark as your provider, you’ll be able to choose from over 1000 networks across 60+ countries. The connection speeds are decent but can be slow in comparison to some of the top names in the industry.

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  • Five simultaneous connections 
  • Some of the best connection speeds 
  • 3000+ servers across 90+ countries 
  • Unparalleled customer support 

What ExpressVPN lacks in the number of simultaneous connections available it makes up for with its unparalleled global reach and customer support. It’s a significant improvement from the three simultaneous connections it offered back as far as June 2019, however. Five connections isn’t a weak number either when you consider the number of users that ExpressVPN has to cater to. It is one of the largest and well-known VPN providers out there, after all.  

Its native app support is some of the best available and means you’ll be able to access and edit your VPN settings on a variety of different platforms. You’ll struggle to find many VPN providers that offer access to so many server locations too, giving you access to geo-restricted content from all over the world. With phenomenal speeds and added security as a result of not having to abide by data retention rules – alongside all the other benefits that ExpressVPN has to offer – you can expect to pay a little more for your monthly subscription plan. Prices start from $8.32 a month. 

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CyberGhost VPN 

  • Seven simultaneous connections 
  • Streaming-optimized servers
  • 5500+ servers across 90+ countries
  • Amazing value 

CyberGhost VPN is simple to use and offers optimized connection speeds that’ll never struggle with 4k or HD video content. All of its 5500+ servers support streaming and file-sharing optimization too and it comes complete with a ton of security-enhanced features. CyberGhost boasts military-grade encryption, meaning even the smartest criminal hackers will struggle to decrypt your files (if they’re ever able to access them in the first place). On top of that – and in addition to automatically blocking advertisements and websites that can’t be trusted – Cyberghost also operates with a no-logs server policy, which has been tested and verified by our experts. 

You’ll be able to use the CyberGhost app on a variety of different platforms such as PC, MAC, iOS, Linux and Android. If you ever find yourself struggling with the VPN, you can always access its 24/7 customer support team. You can access seven simultaneous connections from a very reasonable starting price of just $2.75 a month. 

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  • Ten simultaneous connections 
  • 1400+ servers across 75+ countries
  • Enhanced privacy support 
  • One of the longest-serving VPNs 

IPvanish is one of the best VPNs for multiple devices as a single subscription supports up to ten connections at any given time. While it doesn’t offer access to as many servers in comparison to other VPN providers, there’s a good reason for this. IPvanish is one of the few VPN providers in the world that owns and operates all of the servers that it offers. This means its customers are able to benefit from enhanced security and privacy as it ensures no third parties will ever have access to your information. It also operates a no-logs server policy. 

IPvanish uses military-grade encryption and kill-switch protection, which is designed to protect your information from accidental data leaks. Apps are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Prices start from just $6.49 for a monthly subscription which is a decent price for the additional privacy benefits it offers to users. Unfortunately, the only thing letting IPvanish down is its customer support. Unlike other VPN providers, you’ll have to raise a ticket to have any queries resolved, and it can sometimes take a number of days to get the reply you need.

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