The Best VPN Services for Unblocking Sky Go Abroad

Updated August 7th, 2019

Live TV and catchup-service Sky Go is a bit of an institution in the UK. It makes keeping up with what’s on the box simple. Whether you’re focused on the footy with the new season underway, or you prefer having the oldies like Father Ted and Fawlty Towers on repeat, you can’t beat good ol’ British tele.

Unblock Sky Go when abroad with these VPN services

But going abroad often means we miss the match, or even more agonizing, the Love Island final – if you’re into that. As the institution that it is, Sky Go only works within the walls of the UK, though it makes for the perfect journey companion. Long times spent in hotel lobbies and airport lounges are the ideal times to see what’s on back home. And if there’s something you need to tune in to, it’s never hard to find a public Wi-Fi spot and a place to sit for the duration.

All countries place region locks on their content, partly due to distributors having individual licensing agreements with separate nations. It’s the reason why sites like Netflix provide users different content based on their location, and why services like iPlayer can’t be accessed from outside the UK. Or, at least they’re not engineered for it. There are a couple of ways to browse region-locked content from abroad, and they come with other benefits too.

For anyone abroad wanting to use Sky Go, a VPN is the most efficient way to do it.

What is a VPN and how can it Help?

A virtual private network, or VPN, creates a secure connection for browsing the internet and is one of the few ways of actually unblocking regional content. Using a VPN offers enhanced security, allows users to hide their activity in public Wi-Fi zones, like hotels and schools, makes torrenting safer and gives access to region-locked content across the world.

By first directing your traffic through a VPN’s server, governments, ISPs, and hackers are all unable to monitor and document user traffic. Total privacy from this bunch is a luxury in itself, but using a VPN allows us to take back some internet freedom. That means no more personalized data sold to third-parties, no hacks or ransoms, and no interfering.

What to Look For

Using a VPN for streaming means looking out for a few things. All the best providers offer great performance and protection, it’s just that some of them have optimized their services so users can watch Sky Go abroad, as well as other on-demand options.

Servers: How many servers a provider has and where they’re located will affect the quality of streams, as well as overall VPN performance. Having thousands available is handy, but not essential. As long as the provider has upwards of a few hundred, and has a nice spread across your entertainment hotspots, in this case, the UK, then that’s enough for keeping up with TV away from home.

Streaming Features: All services aimed at offering the best streaming will most likely have their own exclusive features. Whether it’s enhancing connection speeds, circumventing region locks or through optimized servers, decent providers will have this information pride-of-place on their websites.

Protection: Depending on where you’re located, accessing region-locked content—or even using a VPN—can lead to trouble with the government. Be sure to choose one that offers high-end, 256-bit AES encryption, as well as other features like an automatic kill-switch, DNS protection, and a no-logging policy. If your provider doesn’t log your activity, it’s likely they’re not going to give in to ISP and government pressure either.

Two of the Best VPN Providers for Sky Go Users Abroad


As one of the most reliable for streaming, NordVPN is up there with the most popular choices. Incessant buffering and throttling no doubt garner a lot of users for the provider, given their commitment to uninterrupted viewing. NordVPN has no limit on speed or bandwidth, and even offers unlimited server switching. It has nearly 6000 servers worldwide for plenty of flexibility and comes with its own SmartPlay feature – designed for securer access when streaming.

For keeping its users protected, it employs military-grade encryption, an automatic kill-switch, DNS-leak protection, Onion Over VPN and its exclusive CyberSec technology. And just like all decent providers, it doesn’t have a logging policy.  

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For anyone wondering how to watch Sky Go abroad – VyprVPN has you covered. Just like NordVPN, it comes with unlimited speed and bandwidth, alongside zero throttling and limitless server switching. VyprVPN has just 700 servers in comparison, but it’s one of the only providers that owns and operates its own network and infrastructure, without any involvement from third-parties. And for battling internet censorship, Vypr has its exclusive Chameleon technology that works to make region-blocked content like Sky Go more available.

Its security protocols include: VyprDNS, public Wi-Fi protection an automatic kill-switch and a zero-logging policy.

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