Best VPNs for Steam Gaming

If you are a gamer, you certainly know what Steam is. However for those who are just starting their adventure in the world of Dota 2, Resident Evil, or CS:GO, it’s necessary to learn a thing or two first. For example, why a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an invaluable companion to your Steam gaming.

Steam is a large platform for gamers where they can purchase their favorite games as well as in-game items. Basically, it’s a paradise for gamers that consists of thousands of games of any kind, that can fit the specific needs of every gamer.

Developed by Valve Corporation back in 2003, Steam, or as they like to call themselves ‘The Ultimate Online Game Platform’, has more than 150 million users currently, and the number is going to increase in the coming future.

So, if you are one of them, or plan on becoming so someday, why not learn how to make your experience the best possible?

VPNs and Gaming

A Virtual Private Network can be in many ways helpful for your online experience, particularly when it comes to gaming. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using a VPN with your games.

Reduces lags and pin times

If you are a PC gamer, in particular, you know just how important your internet speed is, especially for first-person shooters that need to react as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you’ve been a gamer long enough, you also know by now that this is not always the case. With a VPN you will get better latency, and the shorter connection routes between you and the gaming servers will provide you with reduced ping times and less lagging, therefore a much better experience.

Protects against DDoS attacks

The game industry is vulnerable to DDoS attacks. This stands for distributed-denial-of-service, and it happens when more compromised systems are used in order to bring down the whole network. A good VPN will keep you guarded not allowing you to become a victim to this cyber attack in any way.

Keeps your data safe

One of the most appreciated properties of a VPN service provider is its ability to keep your data safe. The software works in a way that it creates a safe tunnel between you and the VPN server and encrypts everything that passes through. No matter what you do on the internet, whether it’s simple browsing or playing more demanding games, you will be worry-free and secured as long as your VPN is on.

Allows you mobility

Owning a VPN is excellent when it comes to mobility. Regardless of where you are at the moment, you can still play with your friends by just connecting to a server in your country (if your VPN has one). This tool will replace your real IP address with another one, allowing you to use gaming servers from anywhere.

Best VPNs for Steam Gaming

With everything being said, let’s look at the best choices when it comes to VPNs for Steam Gaming. Here are our top picks. They were chosen according to their speed, performance, and the security level they offer.


No matter what you need a VPN for, ExpressVPN will always have the best deals for you. In this particular case, the provider checks out pretty much most of the requirements for Steam gamers. It’s one of the fastest on the market, it’s incredibly reliable and will keep you protected at any time. Among the many advantages ExpressVPN has to offer, some of the best are the extensive list of servers in 90+ countries around the world (making it easy for you to play no matter where you are), the strong security features, and its easy-to-use interface.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN still has not included Dedicated IP addresses in its extensive list of features, but you should not let this discourage you. If you are not 100% sure whether this provider is the right fit for you and the games you have on your device, sadly there isn’t a free trial that you can try out. There is, however, a good 30-day money-return guarantee, which is equally helpful for concerned gamers.

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If you are searching for both speed and security for a decent price, right here is where you can find it. VyprVPN has many attributes that make this service provider the right choice not only for you as a gamer, but for anyone that wants an improved internet experience for a low price. VyprVPN was developed by the Swiss security firm Golden Frog. The VPN provider stands out for many reasons, and two of them are its privately owned servers, and the proprietary protocol called Chameleon. Combined together, these two features will guarantee you excellent speeds and improved security, while at the same time can bypass even the strongest restrictions and censorships.

On the downside, VyprVPN has no refund policy. However, it does have an excellent free trial which will be just about enough to see whether this VPN fits with your gaming needs. With more than 200,000 IP addresses that are at your disposal once you purchase this provider, VyprVPN is certainly a great alternative even for the most demanding users.

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Buffered VPN

Buffered is not among the most popular VPNs but it definitely deserves a place on this list. Why? Because it has showed great performance, especially by providing better latency. Buffered VPN can greatly improve your ping times and make your overall gaming experience much better. This provider, compared to the previous two, has a lower server count, and a more average set of features. Nevertheless, this does not make it inferior in any way.

If you want to check it out for yourself, there isn’t a free trial, but a rather good money-return policy which lasts for 30 days from your purchase.

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If you have any questions regarding the topic, or you want to share your experience with a specific Virtual Private Network, make sure you post a comment in the section below.