Best VPN for the Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2018

Ever since 2010, when the first Samsung Tablet was released, this useful gadget has become a loyal companion to many offices, households, and Android-lovers all over the world. It’s a simple, yet a very capable device, loaded with useful features. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is actually a line of tablets that put slick tablet power in the hands of everyday consumers for a reasonable price. However, there is a downside. Not particularly for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but for tablets in general. As with every other device, they are not an exception when it comes to security risks. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also susceptible to online threats and should be protected by all means.

The best way to do this is by owning a VPN.

All devices that can be connected to the Internet can easily become compromised. If a hacker possesses the right skills, in a matter of moments your sensitive data could be at huge risk. No matter which network you are using, even a private one, if someone wants to get access to your device, there are ways in which this can be done. Your connection will be compromised and with that all of the information on your apps.

It means that everything you have on your Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used against you.

These tablets are equipped with some basic security features, but they are not enough to keep you safe if someone is really after you. After all, when connected to the Internet, you constantly use apps that keep your information channeling through the web. So you need to look for an alternative solution, something that will keep you completely protected. And this is where VPNs come at handy.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself on the Internet nowadays. The term has been around for two decades now, but it has gained popularity in recent years. This is due to both the technological advancement of Virtual Private Networks and the need for online protection. Technology serves many purposes, however, it’s most commonly used for unlocking Geo-restricted or censored content. Nevertheless, with the proper security protocols and encryption, a VPN can become a real life-saver in all kinds of compromising situations.

It will hide your real IP address and encrypt all traffic coming from your device. This leaves no place for hackers to get into your valuable information, nor any type of ISP (Internet Service Provider) surveillance.

That’s why a VPN is the key factor for your every device, including your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Nevertheless, another reason for purchasing a VPN is to be able to access restricted content, including some of your favorite shows or movies. As mentioned before, VPNs are mostly used for their ability to bypass blocked content, so taking this advantage comes included in the price.

However, it’s hard to choose the best VPN, mostly because there are so many options on the market nowadays. With the rise of security and privacy breaches, the number of VPNs on the market has noticed a rapid growth. Now, not only is there a huge choice, but it’s also very hard to distinguish the good from the bad ones. Not every provider wants to keep you protected and safe, some are a total rip off. So remember to be extra careful.

Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2018

To make the choice easier for you, we narrowed it down to these three VPNs that can do the job well. No matter which one you decide to choose, your Tablet will be safe, as well as everything on it.


It’s one of the few providers on the market that really wants to provide you with the best service at an affordable price. NordVPN boasts with features such as double-layer security, kill switch, excellent encryptions, thousands of servers, and the ability to unlock any type of blocked content. It’s also perfect for first-time users because of its great and easy-to-use interface.

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ExpressVPN stands as one of the top providers, despite its slightly higher price. After all, you will be getting top-notch services for the money you are investing in it. This VPN not only has some of the best security features, but it’s also one of the few providers that can currently bypass the Great Firewall of China or the Netflix ban. It’s fast, secure, and worth every penny.

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If you want to hide your IP address, browse the Internet safely, and access your favorite content all over the world, CyberGhost is a perfect choice for you. With servers all around the world and a great performance, this VPN is a trustworthy choice for thousands of users. Bottom line, you won’t be making a mistake by choosing it.

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After you’ve made your choice, the next thing to do is to set up the VPN on your Android device. It’s simple and easy even for a first-time user. However, if you need help, these VPN providers offer handy guides for installing their software on all devices. Now, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to subscribe to the VPN provider. It means choosing a price plan and creating an account. Then, make sure you choose the Android software and download it on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Connect with your credentials and choose a server and the security protocol.

You are now ready to go. Enjoy!