VPNs For Playing Pokémon Go In Countries Where It Was Banned

Updated September 22, 2020

Pokémon Go is a mobile game that Niantic rolled out July 2016, which had trainers tracking Pokémon on Android phones and iOS devices in augmented reality.

Despite the game being almost three years old this year, it still has more than five million people zipping around trying to “catch ’em all”. The Pokémon Go Fest: A Walk in the Park was held in Chicago in July 2018 and was a sold out event, within hours, proving that the game remains popular.

Pokémon Go Did Not Appeal To Everyone

While the augmented reality game was touted as a way of combining gaming with exercise, as it involved people walking around, not everyone thought the game was a good idea. Some even think that Pokémon Go might be dangerous to play

In the United States researchers pointed out that the game was behind an increase in car crashes and accidents. Detailed police reports suggested the game was involved in 12,000 reports in Indiana in the United States during a six-month period.

In the United Kingdom, police received various reports linked to Pokémon Go. These included children walking on railway lines while playing, thieves stealing phones while gamers were playing, drivers playing while driving, cars pulling to a stop in the middle of the road when playing, and driving down one-way streets while distracted.

Along with this, there were many reports worldwide of people tripping and falling while playing Pokémon Go because they were distracted.

Some Countries Banned Pokémon Go

Iran was the first country to impose a ban on Pokémon Go in 2016. The game was prohibited in Iran over security fears. Additionally, Pokémon Go was also said to have images in it that were forbidden, and the game also went against the rules on gambling in the country.

Other countries soon followed and placed restricted the popular game. A few notable instances are included below.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia banned Pokémon Go for being addictive, having negative effects on child development and encouraging gambling.


Egypt considers Pokémon Go to go against Islam and have banned the game to protect the development of its citizens.


The game was said to have a bad effect on Bali government agencies, so government workers have been banned from playing.


In Tukey, Pokémon Go was said to negatively affect mosques’ prestige as they were being used as pokéstops.


While not strictly banned, police in Australia said the game went against common sense and pushed for a ban.

With bans in locations around the world, millions of people are understandably upset. However, there is a way to download Pokémon Go onto a handset and play it even in countries where it is banned. This is by way of installing VPN software and running the app before downloading Pokémon Go.

How A VPN Allows You To Play Pokémon Go In Banned Countries

A VPN allows people in countries where Pokémon Go is prohibited to download it from the app store. This is possible because the VPN provides the person with a virtual location.

An example of this would be if you live in Saudi Arabia where the game is banned you could sign up for VPN and download it onto your phone and choose a server based in the UK or USA. This leads the ISP and anyone else snooping on your activities to think you are in the country of the server of your choice and not your actual location.

The Benefit to Using A VPN In Countries You Can Play Pokémon Go

You can still benefit from using a VPN when playing Pokémon Go even if you are playing the game in a country that allows the game.

As the game is played on the go, it can be tempting to sign into Wi-Fi hotspots instead of using your data plan. Wi-Fi hotspots pose security threats but with a VPN installed on your phone, you have added security protection.

Popular VPNs To Use To Play Pokémon Go

You could use just about any VPN provider to play Pokémon Go providing they offer servers from a country where playing Pokémon Go is allowed.

The providers listed here have apps for Andriod and iOS that are easy to install and use. All come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you won’t lose anything by giving them a try.


ExpressVPN is a good choice for playing Pokémon Go whether you want to play in a country it is prohibited, or you just want to remain safe when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.

The VPN is reliable and offers superb speed, which is ideal for catching Pokémon when out and about. Servers are available in more than 87 countries, including the USA and the United Kingdom, two countries where you are allowed to play Pokémon Go.

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NordVPN is another VPN provider that offers fast streaming and access to more than 5100 servers worldwide in 61 countries, ensuring there is a server available in countries where the game is legal to play.

NordVPN offers advanced security and complete privacy without logging any details, making it ideal for using with a banned app like Pokémon Go.

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Ivacy offers secure downloading, streaming and privacy.

Ivacy offers virus protection built-in, great for when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots when playing Pokémon Go. It has a smart connect feature making it easy to connect when on the go and access to more than 1000 servers located worldwide in more than 100 countries.

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Now, get a VPN then go out there and catch ’em all!