The Top 3 VPNs For Playing Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the hot new shoot-em-up that’s threatening to dethrone Fortnite as the biggest first-person online battle royale in the world. Within two weeks of its release, the developers claim over 25 million people have played it.

VPN for Apex Legend - a PlayStation joystick with a box of Apex Legends in the background

Made by Respawn Entertainment, the company that brought us another knockout shooter hit, Titanfall, Apex Legends is the game to be playing this spring.

Naturally, an online battle royale style first-person shooter is going to need you to play online. There’s a few reasons why you might want a VPN to play Apex Legends.

1. Lagging is causing you to unfairly lose within the game
2. You want to play against players from different locations to your default server
3. Your ISP won’t connect with Origin

Reduce Lag And Ping

Rapid responses are absolutely key to online multiplayer especially for a face-paced game like Apex Legends. Sometimes that Pathfinder is moving faster because he’s cheating, other times you’re setup is simply lagging.

Lag is anathema to the online gamer. If you’re covering behind some rubble while an onslaught of machine gun fire volleys above your head, it’d be infuriating for your game to lag and you not see your enemy dart from behind their cover to deliver a finishing blow right to your head. With unkempt lag it’s possible that could all happen before their character has even shown up on your screen.

Lag isn’t just a pest of online gaming, it’s unfair.

Because lag is such a plague for the online gamer, you’re going to want a VPN that can keep up with your internet speeds. But more than that, a VPN doesn’t just need to match your internet speeds, it can actually actively solve your lag issues.

One of the reasons your game may be lagging is because of your ping times. This is the reaction time of your internet connection. With a VPN you can alter the servers that you are connecting to. By manipulating the location of the server, you can find a server to connect to with the lowest possible ping, thereby reducing the lag on your game to an absolute minimum.

Change Location

Beyond just lag reduction through minimised ping times, the ability to change your location through the IP manipulation that VPNs afford can give you far more options on who you’re playing.

Apex Legends will automatically place you in a server closest to your actual location. However, you might want to play against people from the other side of the world. Perhaps you’re gaming from Europe at a time when most Europeans are asleep but South Americans are awake. With a VPN you don’t have to worry slow matchmaking.

Get Around Your ISP

Finally, one problem some users are coming across is that they can’t connect to the Origin Server.

Origin is the platform through which Apex Legends is run and you can’t get into the game without accessing Origin. This could be for many reasons. One of the most regular reasons that games are hard to access on your device might be because of region blocking.

This is when a game is not available in certain countries because of licensing or other legal issues. It also might be because your ISP has its own firewall attached, stopping users from accessing game content. A good VPN will solve all of these issue.

Best VPNs for Apex Legends

So which VPNs do we recommend the most?

At the top of our list has to be ExpressVPN. No other VPN gives you a better combination of options and usability. With over 2,000 servers and some of the best VPN protocols, ExpressVPN is our VPN of choice for playing Apex Legends.

After that we’d recommend NordVPN. This VPN has less protocol options but we can highly recommend it for serious online gamers. With NordVPN you are guaranteed to have access to any game around the world with killer reaction times.

Our third candidate is Ivacy. A strong all-rounder VPN. This one is slightly cheaper than the other two but still packs a punch in servers and its ability to bypass firewalls blocking your gaming experience.

Don’t let lag and connection issues hold you back. Get a VPN and conquer the leaderboards!