Best VPNs For Mexico

Regardless of whether you are residing in Mexico, vacationing in the country, or you plan on visiting in the near future, internet security is something you should pay attention to. Mexico is not a country with heavy internet restrictions, but it’s still better if you use a virtual private network (VPN) every time you connect on the internet.

A VPN will keep you protected on the internet and help you bypass most online restrictions. With a VPN service, you will be able to access your desired online content. This will be especially important if you are on vacation in Mexico and don’t know the language well enough to enjoy the local content. You won’t have to struggle to follow Telenovelas but instead can watch your TV shows from back home.

Despite not having the most intrusive rules when it comes to internet censorship, Mexico still has a way to go with internet freedom. The country has a history of increasing online censorship and surveillance by the government.

Mexico’s Internet Policies And Censorship

Using the war on drugs as a justification, the government has increased its surveillance over internet users in Mexico.

In 2014 a new Telecommunications Law imposed more intrusive surveillance measures over the citizens through their internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile networks. Providers became obliged by law to share their users’ data and location to the authorities. Companies can keep information on the users for two years, and they are legally required to give this data to the authorities if needed.

In 2017, a new law was introduced, the Internal Security Law provides the military with the freedom to perform domestic intelligence activities. These operations remain secret to the public, but some revelations indicate that digital spying technologies have been abused in the process. For instance, Pegasus, a spyware program made for government use to battle ongoing problems such as terrorism and criminal groups in Mexico, is believed to have been used to target civil society.

In terms of censorship, although the country doesn’t directly ban content on the internet, Mexico has made demands for the removal of certain content in the past. These removal requests were directed towards social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

From this perspective, for Mexican citizens owning a VPN would be the right move for protection from surveillance and censorship.

Your Perfect Travel Companion

When you are traveling to Mexico you will want to use a virtual private network. Presuming you don’t know Spanish, or at least not enough to comprehend everything they say, a VPN will make you feel closer to home.

A premium VPN knows no borders. As long as the VPN service provider has a server where you originally live or a nearby location, you will be able to watch local sports’ tournaments, your local news, etc. Instead of being redirected to Mexican websites with content you hardly understand, you can watch an episode from your favorite TV show on Netflix in just one click.

That means you get to enjoy the diversity and beauty of the country, but the moment you get back to your hotel room you will also be able to appreciate content in a language that is familiar to you. No more watching Telenovelas without being able to understand a word they are saying.

How To Choose The Best VPN?

To choose the best VPN for Mexico, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Privacy Policy

For starters, it’s important to make sure that the service provider is not keeping any information on you or your online activity. This means the VPN you choose should offer a zero-log policy. Be careful, however, as it’s easy to get tricked by the false promises of many VPN providers. Read the privacy policy carefully word for word.

Security Features

When you are facing censorship or government surveillance, the best thing is to go for a provider that has implemented the latest security standards. VPNs with outdated protocols and low encryption are not a good choice for you, and will not guarantee your protection.

Moreover, look for features that can enhance your online security, such as a Kill Switch, split tunneling, leak protection, NAT Firewall, malware blocker, etc.

Speed and Server Range

One of the biggest challenges for VPNs service providers is the speed. Usually, the higher the protection, the lower the speed will be. However, some providers managed to keep both the speed and the performance on their servers.

On the other hand, sometimes your chances of finding a server with a good speed depend on the number of servers and their location. Make sure you search for a VPN that has many servers and server locations, as well as a large number of IP addresses at your disposal.

Best VPN Choices For Mexico


If you are looking for good server coverage and speeds you can rely on, ExpressVPN is definitely one of your best choices. The provider also has excellent security and privacy features that will keep surveillance out of your way. ExpressVPN is the leader in the industry so it comes at a slightly higher price. This and the fact that you get only three simultaneous device connections are the only drawbacks.

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CyberGhost, if you are looking for a trustworthy provider, this should be one of your first choices. Unlike ExpressVPN, CyberGhost can be used on seven devices at the same time and is slightly more affordable. However, it covers a significantly lower number of locations than ExpressVPN and the speeds are slightly lower.

It does, however, offer a total of 19 servers in Mexico.

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NordVPN is well priced and provides excellent service. The servers are relatively fast and well distributed so you will be able to access the content you want, which is what makes NordVPN one of the best choices not just for Mexico, but any other country in the world. It also has a three-day free trial, which is enough time to see whether this service provider fits your needs.

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