Best VPNs For Malaysia

Malaysia is an exquisite country; however, it can hardly be considered netizen friendly. It’s imperative to find inventive ways to unblock certain websites when you live in Malaysia. In situations like this, VPNs are the go-to resource which allow internet users to bypass online censorship and geolocation-based restrictions.

The Malaysian government has a history of restricting online content, and there are strict laws in place to control web activity. Scores of websites are blocked in Malaysia and users invariably find themselves using other solutions to access online content.

VPNs can be of tremendous assistance in this regard. They cloak your browsing activity on the internet and also allow you to access content in different geographic areas. This instructive guide is geared towards discovering the best VPNs for use in Malaysia.

Internet Restrictions in Malaysia

The Malaysian government has labeled certain online content as threatening or provocative and thus block access to it. However, these broad labels are really subject to personal interpretation. The government has used its broad powers to block certain news sites and political reporting online.

For example, Sarawak Reports was blocked in 2015 after a news story broke about Prime Minister Najib Razak being involved in a graft scandal. Various other news sites have been blocked by the Malaysian government including Asia Sentinel, Medium, The Malaysia Insider, Tabung Insider, and the Malaysia Chronicle.

In 2015, the Malaysian government even banned Jingoo Fotopages. This Instagram-style website focuses on images of Malaysian events with each photograph carrying a brief explanation. The authorities have also banned various blogging sites such as Din Turtle and OutSyed The Box. In 2016, the government blocked several other sites including The Pirate Bay, various dating sites, online gambling sites, and others, though a change in government restored many sites.

Owing to these restrictions, several political websites have moved their base of operations to the United Kingdom. This makes it much more difficult for the Malaysian government to prosecute dissenting voices. While people in Malaysia are unable to access those websites, people in other countries can.

Top VPNs To Use In Malaysia

If you’re inside of Malaysia and want access to blocked content using one of the VPNs listed below is your best option.


PureVPN ranks highly among VPN providers, among its many strengths are providing internet freedom and anonymity. This VPN provider features 750 servers in over 140 countries. Malaysian users can access 2 high-speed streaming servers in the country.

Plus, it boasts some 80,000 IP addresses. PureVPN is a cost-effective solution for users, with a 7-day money back guarantee. Plans start at $10.95 per month. There is also a 1+1-year plan priced at $2.92 per month.

Features of the PureVPN premium bundle:

  • Split Tunneling
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Wide devices compatibility range

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NordVPN routinely found among top VPN providers. It offers top-tier security, in addition to double-hop servers which allow for ‘double’ encrypted traffic.

NordVPN also features a Kill Switch which protects users in the event of VPN failure. Plus, the no-logs policy ensures maximum privacy protection at all times. NordVPN features servers spread across 62 countries, so users will have no problem accessing restricted online content. For example, there are currently six servers in Malaysia allowing users to access content which is limited to Malaysian IPs. For detailed insights of NordVPN, feel free to read our review.

The NordVPN knowledgebase offers useful insights and instructive guides on how best to use the service. This makes it easy to rectify minor issues on your own. Clients can easily contact customer support via email or live chat functionality for more complex technical issues.

NordVPN offers cost-effective monthly subscriptions, but you can save a lot more money by subscribing to a long-term plan. This VPN service also offers users a 30-day money back refund; so, there is no risk in trying.

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ExpressVPN features ironclad security and a Kill Switch for additional protection. Thanks to a no-logs policy, it has great privacy features too.

ExpressVPN outranks NordVPN in availability because it has servers in 94 countries. While the total number of servers is less, the country count is greater. ExpressVPN also has servers in Malaysia, if required. We encourage you to read our ExpressVPN review for further details.

This VPN service has no bandwidth limitations and ranks as the fastest of the VPN services. Unfortunately, it has slow server switch times, which tends to be a bugbear. On the plus side, ExpressVPN is user-friendly and once it has been installed, it performs every function you need.

ExpressVPN is somewhat pricey, yet we believe that it is worth the sticker price for the service you receive. Customers can save money by opting for long-term plans. The 30-day money-back guarantee will put your mind at ease if you’re scared of commitment.

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IPVanish is great for anonymity, maintaining privacy, and providing speedy VPN services.

The only time it stores any user data is when you register an account for the first time. After that, all of your online browsing activity is hidden, including your choice of servers and your session history.

IPVanish utilizes 256-bit encryption technology on the OpenVPN protocol. This is its default. It also uses SHA 512 authentication, and a DHE-RSA 2,048 key exchange and perfect forward secrecy. In other words, if your account information is intercepted, hackers will not be able to decrypt any of your previous data to see your internet browsing history.

IPVanish features an internet Kill Switch to block all traffic to/from your device if your connection is interrupted. On the server side, IPVanish shines. There are some 850+ servers across 60 countries, including Malaysia, and they feature optimized stability and speed.

Unfortunately, IPVanish is incompatible with Hulu and Netflix. Luckily, it allows  BBC iPlayer.  IPVanish also works well with Kodi since it allows users to easily download the Android APK to their device. The user interface works well with remote control on Kodi devices without a mouse and keyboard.

It features apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as full functionality on Mac operating systems and Windows PCs.

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VyprVPN has been in the industry for over seven years. It is operated by Golden Frog, the company behind Usenet. It is a great service for torrenting, with sturdy encryption and rapid speeds.

One area of concern is its logging services policy. According to VyprVPN, the following information is stored:

the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, connection start and stop time and total number of bytes used.’

This data is only stored for 30 days and it is used to improve the quality of the service provided by the VPN. The company does not log the content of communications or traffic details.

That being said, this VPN service is regarded as one of the strongest on the market, particularly for encryption parameters. It successfully unblocked China’s Great Firewall and it continually buttresses the efforts of state-appointed engineers who are seeking to restrict access to online content. VyperVPN is also a great choice for BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix.

This VPN company runs whole data centers. This is in stark contrast to other services which either outsource to third-party vendors, or rent their data centers. The stability of the VPN connection is pretty much assured and VyprVPN operates with minimal downtime.

The VyperVPN premium version grants users access to the Chameleon™ protocol. This technology scrambles OpenVPN metadata to prevent deep packet inspection from being recognized. It also prevents bandwidth throttling. VyperVPN currently operates 700 servers, with several in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Customers can download and install apps for Android and iOS devices, and full services are available for Mac and Windows operating systems.

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The Malaysian government appears to be following a repressive policy vis-a-vis online activity. High-ranking government officials are prone to corruption. In an attempt to cover up their malfeasance, they have sought to impose stricter controls over the freedom of information. The government is able to carry out these measures under the guise of maintaining moral standards and preserving peace in a diverse country. Unfortunately, it has extended its hand too far and introduced repressive legislation on personal freedoms.

VPN usage in Malaysia is not illegal. Many people deem it necessary to subscribe to VPN services to combat the scourge of government overreach. Any of the VPN services for Malaysia listed above will enable you to enjoy unrestricted internet freedom.